Good country Bulgaria: which fell most resorts

According to experts, five years before the crisis, Bulgaria was listed among global investors almost led Shortlist. Today, sales across all regions have dropped significantly, and demand is far from being up to par. However, for home buyers there is an encouraging plus - unprecedentedly low prices, even at famous resorts, not to mention their near and far surroundings, interest in which is noticeably increasing.

If a couple of years ago 70 thousand. the euro would hardly be enough for a close off plan (at the initial stage of construction) apartment in the backyard of the capital, today this amount will be enough for a 100-meter apartment in a decent area of ​​Sofia. However, this is just a vivid illustration of, what's going on in the market, because the lion's share of potential buyers is interested in the Black Sea coast, Where, by the way, there are more impressive examples. So, registered cases, when coastal prices were down to 250-300 euros for 1 quarter. m. “It's just that developers are often in a hurry to sell apartments in new buildings”, - analysts explain.

The cost of houses on the coast fell by at least a quarter, but there are few such offers on the market. According to experts, only those, who is in dire need, put houses for sale today. And the prices for them are unlikely to fall further: already today they are more competitive, than prices for new apartments.

According to some observations, on a number of coastal areas, prices are trying to resist the general trend. First of all, this applies to the southern coast and is connected, apparently, with a fall in the number of sentences. On the northern coast (outside the largest tourist areas) prices, it happens, decline to the mentioned minimum, what, of course, increases the attractiveness of the region for home buyers. However, everything in order and with all stops at the points least attacked by tourists, but increasingly attractive to real estate hunters.

From North to South

In the vicinity of the northernmost point of the coast - the quiet and full of historical artifacts seaside town of Kavarna with a population of 12 thousand - a square meter in a new residential complex with its own infrastructure is estimated from 800 euro. At the construction stage, such an offer may look like 20% cheaper. However, let's make a reservation right away: buying unfinished buildings in Bulgaria is just as dangerous, as in Russia. there is evidence, that construction loans are issued by Bulgarian banks on the security of land, ie. the construction site itself. Bankruptcy of a construction company, as practice shows, will mean the dismantling of an unfinished building with the subsequent resale of the land by the bank to another developer. Before "deceived depositors" the bank, of course, is not responsible.

New house in the countryside, area 150 quarter. m, with land, can offer for 650 thousand. euro. But keep looking, because the chance to find the same, albeit with a smaller area, but in 4 fold (!) cheaper.

Neighboring Balchik, except for long beaches, interesting for mineral springs, the summer palace of the Romanian Queen Mary and the largest botanical garden in the Balkans. The finished residential complex on the first line here is estimated at 1096 euros for 1 quarter. m, but something like that, but already in the city, It will cost 650 euro per meter. A little further from the center and the sea - and the price of a "square" decreases to 514 euro. Even luxury apartments can noticeably lose in price due to the 300-meter distance from the coast (from 650 Euro / sq. m), but the proximity to golf courses can inflate prices up to 1900 euros for 1 quarter. m.

Kranevo is a typical resort village, suitable for both family, and for youth recreation, located on the outskirts of Albena and Golden Sands. Prices for apartments in a new building on the first line start from 898 euro per sq. m. An apartment in a residential complex with its own infrastructure will cost almost twice as much. The more attractive offers like: "Furnished two-storey house in a cottage village, 350 meters from the beach, price - 177 thousand. euro ».

Nature Park, mineral springs, relief seashore, bays, cliffs… Silence and tranquility distinguish another resort - Saints Constantine and Helena. Apartments in a new complex with rich infrastructure are estimated at least 1420 euros for "square" (perhaps, the proximity of the Varna Botanical Garden affects). The cheapest offer - from 890 euro. for comparison: in neighboring Varna the price of an apartment in a new building - from 1590 euro per meter.

In the village of Priseltsi, what is south of Varna, unlike most seaside resorts with apartment buildings, mansions offered. Prices start at 250 thousand. euros per home. Moving even further south, you find yourself in the fish and grape paradise of Byala, with its white beaches. Here we offer apartments in a residential complex under construction on a sunny hill at prices from 800 euro per meter, and at the final stage of construction. IN 10 minutes from the sea the price is reduced to 730 euro. New housing in neighboring Obzor will cost even less - from 570 euro, true, no longer in a residential complex, but in an ordinary house.

Sveti Vlas opens the southern coast of Bulgaria, famous for the largest yacht marina in Bulgaria. Hence another price level. Apartments in a new residential complex on the first line - from 2500 euro per meter. In an ordinary house, located a little deeper, much cheaper - from 727 euro. For those who risk investing in unfinished construction 1 quarter. meter promises to cost 450 euros and above.

The balneological resort of Pomorie is also intensively built up with residential complexes. The minimum price on the first line is 1180 Euro / sq. m, and when moving inland - 700 euro.

In the vicinity of tourist Mecca (Sozopol) you can choose an apartment on the shore based on 1000 euros for "square". In the same region, you can find a type of housing that is quite rare for the investigated coast - a townhouse: 135-meter apartment offered (under construction!) by price 189 thousand. euro.

The southernmost settlements on the Bulgarian coast of Primorsko, Lozenets and Tsarevo are much more focused on a relaxing family vacation, than the traditionally developed tourist north coast. The most reasonable housing prices are best found in Tsarevo (from 614 euro). Here, almost already standard coastal offer of apartments is diluted by about a third with offers of houses, quite convincing: new two-storey house 245 quarter. m is estimated in 160 thousand. euro.

View from different angles

Attractive prices are not the only thing, what determines the interest of buyers in the seaside areas, located outside the main tourist cities. As Alexander Abramchuk noted, Manager of the Department of Foreign Real Estate, Center 2000, quiet places on the coast are very popular with those, who prefers passive rest and who does not like dense buildings. by the way, such proposals began to take place after, how Golden Sands and Sunny Beach turned to concrete.

Natalya Zavalishina agrees with him, CEO of Miel DPM: “Not all buyers want to buy real estate in the disco-club Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, although there are enough offers along the entire coastline - from the Romanian to the Turkish border, there are still significantly more of them in large tourist cities. There is still a slight difference in the sentence structure. In Sunny Beach or Golden Sands, where there are many residential complexes, you can buy apartments in different price ranges. Depending on the distance to the sea and the level of the complex itself, you can find 30 thousand. euro, and 300 thousand. In small towns, usually 3-4 complex, and the choice is much smaller ".

Among the most interesting offers outside the areas of special tourist attention, realtors name Sozopol, Tsarevo, Overview. The more interesting is the point of view of buyers from among those, who prefers to see once, than flipping through the real estate catalog a hundred times. "In my opinion, the only interesting thing on the coast is, what is south of Burgas. There are still islands of untouched nature and original way of life.. it, eg, Ahtopol and Sinemorets, not too overgrown Primorsko, Kiten, Tsarevo. Not bad Chernomorets, charming, although already overpopulated, Sozopol, - Oleg Levyakov shares his observations, Professor at the International Academy of Business. - The rest of the coast is built up almost everywhere with large residential complexes with apartments. Will a little, mainly near Varna ".

"On the other hand, residential complexes in terms of infrastructure are well equipped, - notes Natalya Zavalishina. - Usually, there is a restaurant, 1-2 mini-market. Necessary medical care provided. The objects are offered in a wide variety: and fashionable complexes, cost 1600-1800 euro per meter, and more budget options for the price 800-900 euro ».

It is enough to move a few kilometers inland from the coastline, To make sure, what zones, which, in the likeness of Spain or France, could be figuratively called the "second line", in the sense that buyers are interested in, it simply does not exist here. “Basically it is a monotonous flat-agricultural area., not romantic at all, similar to our Chernozem region, - continues Oleg Levyakov. - IN 10 km from plague, north of Varna, building something, but… Laid out in situ corn golf courses, the ruins of elevators in the areas of the projected development still look rather depressing ".

According to those, who have already purchased property in Bulgaria, for foreigners, interested in local real estate, only the Black Sea coast and the southwest with its three mountain groups can be really interesting: Rila with the famous ski resorts Bansko and Borovets, Pirin, with the picturesque spa resorts Sandanski and Melnik, Rhodope - almost the Bulgarian Alps: here and Velingrad, and Pamporovo, and Batak, and Chepelare. “There is also a pretty area of ​​Stara Planina, where is Shipka and Veliko Tarnovo, - adds Oleg Levyakov, - but this is already a hinterland with a very weak, even for Bulgaria, infrastructure ".

Author: Alena Zhuravskaya

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