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BUYER: Anna, economist from St. Petersburg
THE PROPERTY: apartments in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

What kind of apartment did you buy??
This is a 68-meter two-room apartment with sea views. Cost - order 50 thousand euros. They are located in Sveti Vlas, three minutes from the beach, on the territory of a new fenced-in residential complex, surrounded by a park. Although the sea is close, the place is quite quiet - you don't feel the resort bustle.

What is the purpose of the purchase? Do you use your apartment like this, as conceived?
Our goal is a long stay at sea with a child in order to maintain health, moreover in economy mode. All family members take turns with the child, everyone manages to visit twice a year for a couple of weeks. Our complex is ideal for a children's holiday: there are platforms, many Russians live with children. Significantly: each family member will be able to relax in our apartment as much, as much as he wants, and not for how many days in the hotel he had enough money.
It was originally planned to take a month or two annually, but in the end we ourselves live throughout the season. Anyway, we will take only "ours", not through agencies, as we furnished the apartment "for themselves", and there is no desire to settle just anyone.
Why did you decide to buy property in Bulgaria, not in Russian resorts?
We were interested in Russian Sochi, however, there are some "troubles". Personally, it's hard for me to find a common language with the local population and guests of the resort, I don't feel at home in Sochi. In Bulgaria, we used to be on vouchers, and we really liked it here. Here is a culture and language close to us, well-developed and long-established infrastructure, as well as a completely European mentality. How real estate buyers Bulgaria got us interested, At first, because of the affordable price. Secondly, she is closer, than many other similar directions.
Have you thought about buying a home in other countries of the world?
Yes. Turkey is also nearby, but it is much further culturally. Montenegro - further and more expensive. Egypt was thought about due to its very long holiday season, but still settled on Bulgaria.
Why did you choose Saint Vlas?
In our opinion, Saint Vlas is the best region in Bulgaria. Two airports are located nearby: Burgas is very close, and Varna is further two times, but by Russian standards not far. The famous Sunny Beach is on the way to Burgas, an area with a developed infrastructure of entertainment and acceptable medical care - just five minutes by car or 15 minutes by bus.
In Saint Vlas, like in Sunny Beach, the sea is warm and clean, and its depth increases slightly with distance from the coast, meters to eleven. In the same Tsarevo, the water is much colder., because there the sea reaches 60 meters almost immediately behind the bathing area. The beach in Sveti Vlas was created artificially, washing and pouring sand. It turned out to be very wide, although slightly inferior to Sunny Beach.
And the main thing: the mountains, conifers and, respectively, Mountain air. There is a lot of all this in Saint Vlas. This is a place for the rehabilitation of allergy sufferers and asthmatics. There has been a sanatorium for asthmatics here since socialist times.. Of course, this is 30 years ago it was great here, and now the sanatorium is in an abandoned state. But the healing nature has not disappeared anywhere.
By the way, in Sveti Vlas, all the hotels "huddle" to the sea. But the locals live a kilometer from the sea on the lower, steep mountain slopes. The thing is, that the significant proximity of the sea and salty air are not always good for permanent residence - this is what Bulgarians themselves believe. But for relaxation, the proximity of the sea, it seems to me, perfect.
Is it convenient for you to live in Bulgaria? Sanctify, you are welcome, domestic issues: purchases, nutrition, medicine…
Yes, life in Bulgaria is very easy. And cheap! If you need, eg, score, then in Sunny Beach you can find seven large supermarkets. In one of them, called "Mladost", you can buy anything at all, from bread to towel dryers. Of the national Bulgarian products, I especially fell in love with olives., cheese, wine brand "Targovište". I advise everyone to try! If you are lazy or have no time to go or go to the supermarket, then you can run to the nearest hotel, in which, probably, there will be a small shop, where not only food is sold, but also some household goods. Although the assortment, of course, not very big.
Anyway, food is easy to prepare at home. (We cook more often seafood - the meat is frozen here, I do not recommend it.) This is especially useful, if you are resting with a child. Though, basically, in Bulgaria it is not scary to feed a child even in a restaurant. Every private house tries to be a hotel, and restaurant: in private houses with several guest rooms, you can relax very mentally and inexpensively or at least dine. But think about health: while cooking at home you can keep yourself and your family on a verified diet - this is the complete opposite of Turkish gastronomic tourism.
Medicine in Bulgaria, as far as i can tell, quite decent. Children often take rubbish from the ground into their mouths, catch an infection and lie with a temperature. They are treated normally here. As for serious health problems, to them, thank God, did not have to experience. Still, they came here to improve their health, not spoil.
Among other things, I recommend getting to know the locals (we have a furniture supplier, hotel manager) and then keep in touch. Connections are very important here.
How do you relax with children in Sveti Vlas?
A child in St. Petersburg is much more boring, than here. The store is full of toys, there are many Russian-speaking children around, with whom he spends a significant part of the time. I communicate with their mothers and other neighbors.: they are mainly residents of Moscow and, less, Petersburg. In addition to women's conversations, there is also material entertainment: swimming in the sea, food and so on.
How Russians are treated in Bulgaria?
A familiar Bulgarian came from a supermarket and said: “Again the Russians come in large numbers! They bought everything in the shops - there are not even trash buckets ". it, certainly, exaggeration. Let the Russians buy Bulgaria, but Bulgarians are happy about it, because they can make good money on Russians.
How was the search for an apartment? What would you advise to those, who chooses real estate in Bulgaria?
The search for an object for purchase must be done personally. No offer on the Internet will correspond to reality on 100% - there are nuances. You should take a regular tourist trip on the coast of Bulgaria for two weeks (the best is Sunny Beach), and ride-watch.
But on some sites there are "enticements" at a too low price or offers, where there is some understatement. for instance, village Kosharitsa, according to the assurances of individual realtors, is a full-fledged Sunny Beach. In fact, these are houses far away in the valley, where the air is not healthy, you need to go to the sea on a crowded city bus. In general, if you are not interested in Saint Vlas, and Sunny Beach, consider, that he is only good in the northern part, the south, closer to Nessebar, makes a depressing impression of total cheapness and outrageous savings: house on house stands, a little green, everyone is eating shawarma.
Choosing a property in Bulgaria is like meeting a girl. The buyer must interest the seller with his personality and the good purpose of the purchase. for instance, should be explained, that he has no money nowhere to go, I really need to improve my health, yours or your child. Then you will begin to offer not options "for everyone" "with a view of the mountains" (in fact, "On the road and carriageway" - there are a lot of them on the Internet), but reserved "for their" apartments.
What you should pay attention to when choosing a complex or other housing in Sveti Vlas?
Spa salons are an attribute of the most prestigious hotels and residential complexes. Even if their level is hardly high by St. Petersburg standards, but this is a sign of greatness. Our spa complex has. note, what the walls are made of: obviously, that brick is more reliable than drywall. The difference in architectural level is striking: some complexes look like Khrushchevs. Do you want to live like this? I doubt. It will be safer to contact a large developer company, the service level of the complex will be much higher. However, inquire in advance, how much will it cost to maintain an apartment.
What do you remember from the process of acquiring and arranging an apartment?
I remember the fact, that the owner of the apartment does not own the land, where his dwelling stands. It looks risky at first glance., but in practice it is not a problem. Also consider, that the notary will have to pay in excess of the stipulated payment 500 euro, which will be indicated, as "technical work".
As for the arrangement: don't forget to meet a good furniture seller. It must be a professional Bulgarian designer, not a simple Russian woman, which sells furniture in Bulgaria, not to get bored. You can get acquainted with the furniture seller on the spot in Bulgaria, enlisting the recommendations of sellers or buyers of apartments.
How do you manage to maintain an apartment? Is it expensive?
Inexpensive. The content costs us 900 per year. On average, they pay for a similar apartment in the range from 600 to 1200 euro. The main expenses go to cleaning around the house, garbage removal, lawn care. A small part is taxes, water, electricity. Repairs, replacement and installation of furniture, cleaning of the apartment itself is not counted here.
Is it easy to get a visa to Bulgaria for you as a property owner??
An ordinary tourist receives a single entry visa for that period, which he has tickets for. And the owner and his wives-husbands-children can get a multivisa to Bulgaria for one or two years. Visa for two years is given after confirmation of payment of land tax. In general, it is convenient to travel and not think about a visa. It is convenient to buy tickets for charter flights for a song three days before departure.
You can issue a notary consent to live in your property not only for a relative, but for a friend. the, by presenting this document at the Visa Application Center (together with a copy of the title deed for the purchase of real estate), can get a short-term single entry visa without providing air tickets.
Have you considered buying an apartment in Bulgaria as an investment?
If this is also an investment, then only in family health. Since the whole of Bulgaria is literally lined with built and unsold residential buildings, I think, do not wait for an increase in the cost of an apartment. Probably, if you buy a really nice apartment in a good location (naturally, personally visiting the region), you can count on, that its price will not fall and even increase slightly. Due to insufficient liquidity of housing, I would not spend my last money on buying an apartment in Bulgaria. of course, it's good to keep some property outside of Russia, calmer. This is good diversification.

interviewed: Alexey Konovalov

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