News and analytical reports of the week (09–16.11.2009)

Latvia, Estonia: housing prices in capitals are growing. Australia: more new buildings will appear in the country. USA: an empty office building is rented for $1 million per month.

In September, the cost of housing on the primary market Canada increased by 0,5% regarding August. September price increase was the largest month-on-month since January 2008 of the year.

In October, prices for apartments in Sweden climbed to 1%. The value of private houses over the same period decreased - also by 1%. According to experts of the Association of Real Estate Agents, Record low interest rates and the prevalence of demand over supply led to an increase in residential property prices in Sweden.

The cost of standard-type apartments in Riga grew in October by 3% in comparison with September, reported by one of the leading Latvian real estate agencies Latio. The average cost per square meter in standard apartments in Riga is now € 515.

In October in Tallinn was concluded 545 deals with apartments at an average price 12 949 KRONE (€827,5) for quarter. m. Compared to September, the average apartment price increased by 5,7%.

Average cost of residential property in 70 largest cities China increased in October by 0,9% regarding September. Housing prices in the country's primary market increased by 0,9% regarding September and on 4% - annualized. On the secondary, this indicator increased by 0,4% and 4,6% respectively.

According to the National Association of Realtors USA, in the third quarter, the cost of housing in the country compared with last year decreased in eight out of every ten American cities. Sales volumes compared to the second quarter of this year increased by more than 11%, up to annual level 5,3 million objects.

Home sales volumes in the primary real estate market Kiev by the end of the current year will not exceed 400 deals, whereas in the pre-crisis years they were 10-12 thousand. transactions annually. At the same time, developers are in no hurry to reduce prices., and in September-October, the cost of housing decreased by only 0,2%, to 15,4 thousand. hryvnia ($1918) for quarter. m.

Number of building permits for residential buildings, issued in Australia in September, increased by 2,7% the previous month. In the segment of private construction, this figure has been growing for eight months..

In the third quarter, the number of permits issued and the volume of work performed in the construction sector Denmark fell on 31% year on year, to the lowest level in the history of maintaining such statistics.


News Corporation, owned by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, uploads over monthly $1 million to rent an empty office complex in Los Angeles. The company planned to move the office of its MySpace social network there., since the number of users of this service has grown steadily. Accordingly, the need to expand the staff of this network also increased.. However, since then, MySpace has lost its leading position in the social media market. (palm went to Facebook). apparently, in this regard, the company no longer needed to increase the number of its employees. Moreover, she could not find subleasers, to whom this building could be leased.

Author: Alex Lakhov.

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