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The most popular cities for tourists and property buyers in Latvia are Riga (thanks to the preserved unique spirit of the Middle Ages), as well as the resort of Jurmala. If you want to stay in Latvia for a long time, you can also make a choice in favor of various other cities and regions, each of which has its own characteristics.

Interest in real estate in Latvia has grown after the adoption of the immigration law: buying something for 100 000 LVL (a bit less 143 thousand euros) in Riga, Riga planning area and 7 largest cities of the country and 50 000 lats in other places you can count on a residence permit.

Since it is the residence permit that is the main magnet for Russians, cheap objects often fall out of their field of vision - about 75-80% our compatriots turn their gaze to the center of Riga and the Jurmala coast. However, and in small towns of the country originals from Russia appear, who buy very inexpensive apartments (10 000 euro is a very real price), indulging in nostalgia and getting the keys to a little, but my apartment abroad.

The capital of country Riga founded in 1201 year. It is the largest city in Latvia. Riga has many attractions, most of which are concentrated in the old part of the capital, so called Old Riga. With centuries-old buildings and streets, lined with cobblestones in the city, a special medieval flavor has been preserved.

One of the "calling cards" of the capital is the Riga Castle, laid back in 1330 year. Part of the castle, completed in 1642 year, came to us in its original form. Other attractions include the Dome Cathedral, embedded in 1211 year, which now houses one of the world's largest organs; Swedish gate, built in the 1689 year and now is the only city gate of Riga, preserved in its original form; Powder Tower XIII century, which now houses the War Museum.

Capital of Latvia - center of attraction room 1. And, the closer to the heart of the city, the stronger this attraction becomes. There is nothing illogical about this: the most interesting and prestigious objects can be found in the Old Riga and the Quiet Center. In addition, here almost all the offers are more expensive than the cherished ones. 100 000 LVL. Old houses are being renovated for potential buyers, objects with a touch of history. Less likely to create new projects, in some of which up to half of all buyers – Russians.

If buyers from Russia do not plan to live in the purchased new apartment themselves, they are usually interested in completely renovated options - such, what can be rented without any problems. Especially, that rental rates for Riga apartments have increased by 10-15%. And it is predicted, that this trend will continue in the coming year.

The second largest and most important city in Latvia - Daugavpils. The city is located in the southeast of the country, close to the border with Lithuania and Belarus. The first mention of the city dates back to the XIII century. Among the main attractions of the city is the Daugavpils Fortress, embedded in 1810 year, a monument of urban planning and architecture of national importance; Dinaburg castle, embedded in 1275 year, among the main mysteries of which is the dungeon, the entrance to which was lost as a result of the bombing of the Second World War.

Daugavpils and other regions away from the sea - nostalgic places for those, who remembers Latvia as an abundant land – no queues for sausage and condensed milk – still union times. It is memory and desire to live in peace - the main arguments for buying objects here. Beyond expectations, you are unlikely to get anything here.

The main resort of the country is Jurmala. The fine white quartz sand and shallow coastal waters make the resort popular for families with children.. Among the natural features is a comfortable climate, clean, fresh air and centuries-old pines.

If there are a lot of buyers in the capital of the country from both St. Petersburg and Moscow, then in Jurmala and in general on the Riga seaside Muscovites, deprived of the sea at home, are confidently leading. They visit here mainly in the summer.. The season at the Riga seaside is short, only three months. You can just wander along the calm bay, of course, and in May and September, but from late September to early May Jurmala is a quiet and very calm city, not much like a buzzing summer resort.

Vidzeme seaside of course, inferior in popularity to Jurmala. Here, on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Riga, the infrastructure is not so developed, and the names of the most popular places – Saulkrasti, Mirror, Salacgriva - they will not say anything to many. But interest in the former fishing villages on a quiet, cozy coast is still growing. An indirect proof of this is the interest shown by Russian developers in the region., who are building elite complexes here according to the standards, suits the Russians.

The largest city in western Latvia is Liepaja. In the heart of the city is Rose Square (Rose Square) - outdoor garden, broken into 1910 year. From the tower of the Church of St.. Trinity (XVIII century) panoramic city views. Among the modern attractions is the musical Walk of Fame, opened in 2006 year.

The architecture of other cities in Latvia is also interesting. IN Elgave the Mitava Palace is located (by the previous name of the city - Mitava). It is the largest baroque palace in the Baltics.

In other major cities you can also find castles - or surviving, or their picturesque ruins. Besides these monumental structures, cities are famous for other attractions. for instance, Ventspils - city beach, which was the first among other Latvian beaches to receive the Blue Flag - a symbol of compliance with European Union beach cleanliness standards. In Valmiera in 1928 a spring of mineral waters was opened, now famous across the country. In Jēkabpils, you should visit the ethnographic museum "Selov's yard" (Setu village), reproducing the life of peasant farms.

Vanspils, Liepaja, Baltic Sea coast – exactly here for 10 000 euro you can really buy a normal 2-3 a room apartment just a few minutes walk from the coast. House, where your apartment is located, will be separated from the water by a small forest strip. Wonders? But the demand for such objects is small: such a purchase is terribly far from obtaining a residence permit, and if you buy an object in Ventspils or in the western part of the coast is much more expensive, it will then be very difficult to find a buyer for it.

There are many churches and cathedrals in Latvia. Often in large cities in the neighborhood are Orthodox, Catholic and Lutheran churches.

Each of the regions of Latvia has unique features and unique attractions. If you are interested in a detailed acquaintance with them and a long stay in the country, check out the opportunity to buy real estate in Latvia. For this - our "Market Review".

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