Visa and residence permit in Thailand

Buying property in Thailand does not provide visa exemptions and the right of permanent residence in the country. How can I get a residence permit Thai? What documents are needed? As can be issued a visa to buy a house or apartment? All this and many other topics in our material.

Entry visa to Thailand

Document issued to persons, who wish to visit the Kingdom of Thailand, in the following cases:

  • entry into the territory of the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism purposes (category «TR»)
  • a medical examination or treatment in the Kingdom (category «MT»)

Required documents:

  • Passport or identity card valid for at least six months
  • Copy of the main passport page
  • filled (in English) visa application form
  • Photo size 4x6 cm
  • The confirmation of the entrance to the Kingdom of Thailand and the exit from the Kingdom of Thailand (confirmed air ticket, fully paid)
  • Confirmation of financial status (equivalently $580 per person and $1160 single-family)
  • Sponsorship letter for those, who do not have a financial confirmation (Copy of passport and a copy of the confirmation of the financial sponsor)
  • Certificate of employment (for working)
  • A letter from the medical institution of Thailand, medical record, certificate (for the category of "MT")

for minors:

  • Birth certificate (or original and copy, or a certified copy of)
  • Notarized consent of one / both parents, if the child is traveling unaccompanied by one / both parents (or original and copy, or a certified copy of)

consular officer reserves the right to request any additional documents, that it deems necessary.

visas valid for a period of three or six months. From the date of entry of foreigners on this type of visa will be allowed to stay in Thailand not over 30 days or 60 days.

the, who wish to stay in Thailand longer or change their type of visa, must fill out a form on the website to allow the Immigration Service Bureau. You can do it personally, visit the relevant department.

Address: Soi Suan Plu, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok 10120
Telephone: 02-287-3101-10

Buying property in Thailand does not provide benefits for a residence permit and citizenship.

A residence permit: terms and conditions

There are several ways to get residence permit Thai:

  • Register your company (entity) for business. Clearance takes two weeks, thus need $3-5 thousand. associated costs. Thus it is possible to obtain a work permit. In this case, you will be the owner to 49% shares of the company, as director of office, a 51% shares necessarily belong to Thais. It is a formal question, law firms give on it a full consultation and support. Mandatory requirement - the business should not be unprofitable.
  • Buy an existing business with an already listed company. Ownership and management to buy a business in the previous paragraph.
  • To get a visa for a year and work permit, working in a Thai company.
  • Make a retirement visa. 50 years - the retirement age in Thailand, in which you can obtain such a document valid for one year. It is also necessary to have an account in the bank about $25 000.
  • Conduct training of their minor children in Thailand. The annual visa for the child and the parents provided. Further, it can be renewed, without leaving the country. This is the least expensive way, it will require funds within $1-2 thousand.
  • become a student. Student Visa has no age restrictions. for instance, you can enroll in a language course. Costs are similar to the previous item.
  • Visa through investment. It is the most time-consuming and financially costly way. Should apply to the Committee of Investment of Thailand (Board of Investment) with a lot of evidence, calculations and confirmations of your business plan, subject to compliance with certain requirements of investment activities (starting a business, supported by BOI with the amount of investment in the economy more than $ 1 million).
  • Get a long-term visa through marriage to a citizen of Thailand. Female, register their marriage with a citizen of Thailand, He is entitled to receive long-term visa. the man, otherwise, can only rely on a family visa for a maximum of a year, annual renewal without leaving the country. After three years of marriage and having children, you can try to apply for a residence permit. This visa does not give permission to work, it is prepared separately.
  • Enter public service in Thailand.
  • Indicative list of documents required to obtain a residence permit:

    • Application Form
    • International passport
    • Copy of passport
    • Three color photos (3,5H 4.5)
    • Document, proving your financial status, which allows you to stay in Thailand
    • Document, confirming the presence of your property during your stay in Thailand
    • reference, confirming the purpose of your visit to the country (marry, receive education, a work device etc.)
    • Criminal record in the Kingdom.


    Obtain citizenship is possible through 10 years of residence in the country. A requirement for citizenship is the exam on the knowledge of the Thai language and history. Thailand does not recognize dual citizenship, that is, from your home country passport will have to give.

    Detailed information about immigrating to Thailand - the official website of the Immigration Bureau of Thailand.

    Royal Thai Embassy in the Russian Federation
    129010 Moscow, B. Spasskaya Street., 9.
    Tel.: (495) 608-08-56
    fax machine: (495) 690-96-59, 607-53-43

    Honorary Consulate General of the Kingdom of Thailand in St. Petersburg
    199053 St. Petersburg, IN., Bolshoy Prospect., 9
    Tel.: (812) 325-62-71
    fax machine: (812) 325-63-13

    Kingdom Honorary Consulate-General of Thailand in Vladivostok
    690091 Vladivostok, str. Shchedrin, d. 10
    Telephone: (4232) 267-366
    fax machine: (4232) 269-980

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