Winter 2009/2010: where prick skiing?

Who is always happy with winter, so these are skiers: they can't wait for good snow, which covers mountain slopes all over Europe especially for them. For those, who meticulously chooses the best slopes for their vacation, The "owner" has prepared an overview of the ski countries in terms of renting real estate.

Cult resorts

The Alps are the property of several ski countries at once, however, no track, no resorts can be combed with the same brush. Geographic and climatic features, national traditions and even the time of origin of resorts create differences, allowing skiers to take turns "taste" the holiday in each country.

Switzerland is characterized by the most expensive resorts, where the quality of every element of relaxation is raised to the height of the luxury category. As a result, the names of the resorts sound like symbols of high status.: Zermatt, Crane-Montana, St. Moritz, Davos… All infrastructure is like lifts, and hotels, restaurants - for very well-off people. This kind of real estate in Switzerland is not just expensive (from 6 to 50 thousand. euro per sq. m) - it is still not always possible to buy it. The policy of restricting home sales to foreigners was the country's response to the massive purchases of real estate by Arab sheikhs in the 80s of the last century.. Today in Switzerland only 1500 quotas per year, and not in every area of ​​purchase is generally possible, therefore the rent is shown here even to those, who is not constrained in funds. The contingent with high purchasing power provokes particularly high prices for rental housing. So, terraced apartment rental in Verbier on 10 human, in 5 minutes walk from the ski lift, will cost 900 euro per person per week.

Fashionable resorts

In France, alpine skiing is one of the most popular types of winter recreation., which is developing (not without the help of the state) for many years. Today more 80 alpine resorts in France take over 1 million tourists. Some resort names are strongly associated with a very wealthy and stellar public.: Meribel (on high 1550 m), Chamonix (1000 m), Courchevel (1650 m). Last, favored by Russian oligarchs, the French call the "Russian" resort - especially surprising against the background of, that in the French Alps before 80% tourists - French. In Courchevel for a house with an area of ​​150-200 sq.. m next to the lift are asked from 1 million euros, and apartments cost from 6 thousand. euro per sq. m.

Renting a home is an option and easier, and more accessible: throwing on 700 euro per person per week, here you can rent a brand new luxury chalet, designed for 16 human. For those, who counts on more modest prices, there are more democratic resorts: Brid-le-Ben, Saint-Gervais, Kotre.

Italy as a ski country is younger than its famous neighbors: its structures appeared later and absorbed the best developments of Switzerland and France. The western group is formed by the resorts of Sestriere, La Tuile, Courmayeur, Aosta / Pila, Cervinia and Gressoney; the eastern part is represented by the Dolomites. It's expensive to buy here: So, in Courmayeur pay order 25 thousand. euro per sq. m. Rent will be more affordable, especially in less popular places: a hundred-meter house can be rented for 4500-8000 euros for the whole season, from December to April.

Resorts for everyone

Austria is one of those countries, where the ratio "price - quality" pleasantly surprises. Prices here are significantly inferior to Swiss, French and sometimes even Italian. maybe, therefore, the demand for home purchase exceeds supply. In recent years, most developers have focused on the luxury category: in Kitzbühel and Innsbruck it becomes difficult to buy housing at a price lower 6 thousand. for quarter. m. At the same time, not in all regions a foreigner can buy a holiday home: in the lands of Tyrol and Salzburg it is prohibited. Rental price in Austria, usually, not so high, like in Switzerland or France. In one of the best resorts for intermediate skiers, St. Anton, jokes on 18 a person with a sauna and a hamam is rented for a price 550 euro per person per week.

Beyond the Alps, skiers in Europe are attracted by several mountain ranges. These are the Rhodope Mountains - with the Bulgarian resorts of Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo; High and Low Tatras - with the Slovak resorts of Jasna, Tatranska Lomnica, Smokovcy and Štrebske Pleso; mountain system of the Sudetenland, where are the Czech resorts of Spindleruv Mlyn, Garrakhov, Liberec. But Finland does not have its own mountain range, and its hills have a small height difference, to 450 m, but this northern country borders on Russia and has the softest visa regime of all the countries of the Schengen area. The resorts of these countries are united by an orientation towards intermediate skiers and affordable prices., including rent: depending on the country, it can be several times cheaper, than renting similar housing in leading ski countries.

Ride like clockwork

Highest rental prices (+30%) fall at the peak of the season - New Year's holidays, however, there are some peculiarities here too. A ton of European tourists come for the Christmas break, that is, in the last week of December. In France, the peak is also the February holidays., when prices can rise even higher than New Year's; Russians create their own "high season" in March.

The cost of rental housing is influenced primarily by the level of the resort and the proximity to the slopes: the closer, more expensive. In Switzerland, eg, those wishing to live as close to the slopes as possible should choose the chalet, because hotels are usually located further away.

Another important parameter is the total area and capacity. Russians stand apart from Europeans: that category of our ski lovers, what can afford a vacation in the Alps, counts on comfortable conditions and spacious housing. The French, on the other hand, are often ready to live in cramped conditions., just to ride - the so-called "French cabins" with bunk beds are good for them. However, any resort has both unassuming studios of 17-15 sq.. m, and ten-room residences in 300 quarter. m and more - for every taste and budget. It should be borne in mind, that in Austria the choice of luxury residences is small compared to Switzerland; and in France there is a wide selection of not only single apartments, but also apart-hotels.

Comfort level, excluding low budget options, about the same: high speed internet, TV, DVD-player, music Center, dishwasher in the kitchen, coffee maker, microwave; obligatory - washing machine and often drying machine; in houses of a good standard, usually, a fireplace, and the luxury category should have a pool, sauna and jacuzzi. An important difference from the hotel: removable residences, usually, do not have service personnel and do not include food, but this can be negotiated separately.

Payment is usually made in two stages: prepayment before 30%, payment of the rest of the amount - upon signing the lease, but in any case not later, less than a month before the start of the lease. The security deposit is usually 10-20% of the rental price, but can be a large amount - if, eg, the owner especially values ​​his antique furniture.

In the ski areas of Europe, prices on the real estate market are like buying, and for rent - were not affected by the crisis. obviously, skiers remain true to the adage "you love to ride - love and ride" and are not going to leave the slopes.

Author: Victoria Greguolydo

Journal “Owner”

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