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More than alive
The most active segment of the Latvian real estate market for a year is the rental apartment market. In the first two months 2010 the number of transactions on it twice
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News and reviews of the world real estate markets for the week (18–24.10.2010)
The number of mortgage foreclosures in the US has reached an absolute record high. Bulgarian authorities plan to increase the tax on real estate. France expected
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Our abroad: Among the curious Cretans
Crete - a variety of: mountain lakes, river, sea, where turtles live. Serpentine between gorges and cliffs and green meadows, grazing flocks of sheep.
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News and reviews of the world real estate markets for the week (14–20.06.2010)
Spain: Foreigners buy more real estate in the country. Israel: rising prices for housing continues. Named the best high-rise buildings 2010 of the year.
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Personal experience. Investment in family health
BUYER: Anna, economist PeterburgaNEDVIZhIMOST: apartments in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria What you have purchased an apartment? This 68-meter two-bedroom
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Good country Bulgaria: which fell most resorts
According to experts, five years before the crisis, Bulgaria was listed among global investors almost led Shortlist. Today, the volume of sales for all
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Regions of Croatia
If in addition to the mention of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia there is no other associations, it only indicates the lack of tourism "untwisted"
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The crisis in Greece: the time to buy real estate
Cynical as it sounds, but the crisis – the perfect time to invest in real estate – but not all. of course, on foreign housing market
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Australian trend (01–07.02.2010)
Last week the Australian Statistical Office and a number of consulting firms have published data on the country's residential real estate market.
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Greece, map of Greece
Information about the country: location, population, regions, attractions, how to come to Greece, political system, economy, holidays, story.