Beach albatros resort

Albatros Palace Resort 5* Hurghada , immediately to all

We like big hotels with huge swimming pool and beautiful grounds.

So we arrived. Immediately at the airport bought two SIM cards ,Since the internet is needed and a lot of ,and in hotels all the trouble with Nat. Brought us to the hotel,gave to fill papers and said, ,that if we want a room overlooking the pool,the 100 bucks. My eyes popped climbed. Just how can you call such amounts,when the crisis in the country,Russian there ,hotels are empty. Well perhaps you need not to spoil the reputation of, to be modest. In short, we have refused to. And why -So I was sure ,that still give the normal,but no , It is given on the second floor with a view of another hotel. Okay, we thought and decided to stay there. Number perfectly normal in any hotel , even some of the Quartet, we came across better rates. Well, we have come to rest,we decided to rejoice and etomu.Nomera cleaned every day,water ,round,sprite in a refrigerator set as their closure. But here shampoos and conditioners are sometimes forgotten. cleaner dollar a day left. Simply 18 days and to the left to the right on the dollar a little greasy.

more territory. It is very big and beautiful

, many pools,but all 110 cm depth, on his knees can walk a minus. found 130 but see very little,where we lived. Warm water in the pools . there is a bar on the water,you can even swim on the mattress and drink juice, or land to come and sit down at a table with an ice cream or donuts Superski .

enough sun beds,even though the hotel was 80 % Arabs. Can predupredit.Kogda strong wind,the umbrellas are falling. I fell on the umbrella, and worked as a parachute, I started with the plank bed to pull away. A little scratched.. Well then you need to be on the alert. Board games on the territory of only table tennis., And all the others in the main building on the 2 baksa to play.

Sea how sea. the purest, nice and warm. great beach

,but we did not swim shore,very finely. We went to the pier with masks, We looked at the brazen fish. Swim at you and think that they are something to offer ,want to bite. People razbalovali.Osobo them there is nothing to watch. There is a small rifchik.

Nutrition. One restaurant is closed. All other feed modestly. Hungry of course no one is left, but certainly not 5 zvezd.Tak -like so many Arabs,and all the food for their taste. Fruits very bad,bananas feed,melon for breakfast only finely sliced ,and even they can not be there. Just kind of apples were. Fruits put a big minus. Sweets also complete ge. Even the top four were.. And a lot of spicy food. By the end of our holiday Arabs was not enough, and with them vanished olives. strangely. Quite properly poured save nachali.Spirtnoe, every evening we were given buck,so that we have the same normal obsluzhivali.Vino,beer, too, and various cocktails horoshi.Soki from the package only in bars. There is a bar with freshly squeezed juices,but the bartender was never on the spot. So even juice and nyuhnuli. Coffee is not bad,but on sweets 2.

It offers live music every evening. But only sing in German ,Polish, etc.. but not Russian pesni.Vechernyaya animation is the worst in the history of. Animation on One unit. for 18 days just watching the dregs that they themselves invented us. Very bad. Children akvapar good. Even adults under the bucket to go positive.

Reception in oriental style, very worthy,place a pile for those who need to sit down with vayfay.

We went on an excursion to Luxor. Highly recommend,though a long ride hours 5 there,but interesting. were stopped ,on the road a lot said guide. but only ,so hard in the heat.

And even rolled on the Nile, with a stop at a banana plantation
In short. Albatros Palace shykaren, there even though I managed to find the nuances. If someone was not there yet ,I recommend to see it for themselves


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