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To the west of Agadir is the city of Essaouira, as if descended from the pages of a fairy tale. Tours begin with a tour of the Medina – the old part of the city with its winding narrow streets. Initially, Essaouira served as an obstacle to the invasion of foreigners into other Moroccan cities.

Tourists will definitely be led past the fish market, passing which, they will be near the gate. Behind them a wonderful view of the bay opens, which creates a picturesque contrast between city and beach. Vacationers need to be prepared for a large number of merchants, since Essaouira remains a city, trade value.

Merchants vying with each other to offer their goods, therefore rarely leaves Essaouira without a souvenir. Its unusual lively atmosphere attracts creative people, therefore this city is the center of Moroccan art. Surfers come to Essaouira, because all conditions are created for comfortable skiing.


This is not just a Moroccan resort, meeting all modern requirements, but also the business center of the country. Casablanca surprisingly combines oriental palaces and modern skyscrapers with shopping centers. The sightseeing tour starts at the Royal Palace, but only the facade of the building is allowed.

  • Vacationers can also visit craft shops and the olive market.. The tour continues in the Habu quarter. There is a large number of historical sites: Imperial Alley with bookstores on both sides, Notre Dame de Lourdes is a beautiful church, famous for its stained glass decoration.
  • But one of the main attractions not only in Casablanca, but the whole Arab world – Hassan II mosque, inspection that is only allowed outside. This mosque is the second largest after Mecca. This landmark is a symbol of Casablanca.
  • Every city in Morocco – unique and has something to see. But they are all united by a special oriental atmosphere., even in Casablanca, despite its rapid development. Often tourists choose excursion tours in the desert, because it's not safe to visit her on your own. Camel rides are popular. Most often, such trips last two days with an overnight stay in the desert..

Going on vacation in Morocco you need to remember, what is it – Muslim country with its own way of life and traditions. But they do not greatly interfere with enjoying your vacation.. But some may be annoyed by too intrusive guides.. Many cities in Morocco are considered some of the most beautiful in the world..


It is the most visited city in the country due to its prime location. It's on the ocean coast, and mountain ranges reliably protect it from the sultry desert winds. Therefore, there is no hot weather in Agadir, and in winter the thermometer rises to + 15 ° С.

After walking through the old part of town, tourists visiting the mosque of Muhammad V. This is the largest mosque in Agadir, made in the Moorish style. But tourists are attracted to this city by, that there is no such pressure of Muslim customs on visitors. But a special oriental atmosphere is still there: most of the hotels are stylized as magnificent Moroccan houses, and street bazaars transfer to another special world.


Lovers of scenic landscapes will love this small town. Immuser is called the center of Paradise Valley – the most beautiful place in Morocco. The town is on top 1 600m, and on the way to it you can admire beautiful views.

Rocks, small islands of dwarf palm groves, waterfalls – tourists will see all this, who visited Paradise Valley. The most famous waterfall – “Bridal veil”, named after, that streams of water fall down the snow-white limestone slopes of the mountain. Immuser is not known for historical sights, but with its natural beauty.


Come to Morocco and not visit Marrakech – means not to visit this country. This city is considered the heart of the eastern kingdom. They come there, to admire the unique architecture, combining Islamic traditions and features of Arab culture. The main feature of Marrakech – this is the color of the streets, because of which it got its name “red city”.

One of its most famous landmarks – the minaret mosque of Qutubia, the tallest building in the city. This mosque – acting, but only Muslims can visit it. During the excursion, the Saadian Tomb will be shown, which is a beautiful architectural ensemble with high walls. Behind them is a necropolis, where all representatives of the Saadian dynasty are buried.

It serves as a bazaar in the daytime, and turns into a theater in the evening and at night. There you can watch dance and acrobatic performances. And local healers will offer miraculous herbal preparations. Marrakech – this city, which will take you to another fairytale world of the East.

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