How to get from Agadir to Marrakech

About accommodation in Marrakech: where to look and what type to choose

Picturesque riads - one of the landmarks of Marrakech. The riad is a courtyard with a garden, which can also house a fountain, small pool or place for a tea ceremony. If there is noise and noise outside the walls of the riad, inside - silence, grace, birdsong and mosaics on the walls. Средняя цена за ночь на двоих в риаде — около 60 euro. Quite a lot of offers on Booking in the "Riads" section.

On the same Booking you can see more budget hotels and even hostels. But spending the night in a cheap Moroccan hostel can be a dubious experience. Get ready for the cold, broken sockets, lack of toilet paper, mud, dampness and unpleasant odor. So be sure to check the reviews., before booking budget accommodation.

Best value for money - on Airbnb, where for quite reasonable money you can rent a whole house or save a lot on a room.

What area is better to stay in

Medina (Medina)

Medina is the most popular area of ​​Marrakech. This is the old part of town, there is a market here, tourist shops and museums.

  • The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 13 per night.
  • Average price for a double room - about 30 per night.
  • Hostel bed - from 4 euro.


  • City center, from here you can walk to most of the attractions.
  • Quite cheap accommodation.
  • Many shops, restaurants and market nearby.
  • The atmosphere of real Morocco with labyrinths of old narrow streets.


  • Noise, mud, unpleasant odors, crush. Traveler, coming here for the first time, may be shocked.
  • The risk of getting lost and spending several hours looking for your hotel.
  • Taxi will not be able to drive to the hotel door, since the passage through Medina is prohibited.
  • It's boring and even scary here in the evening.

Kennarya (Kennaria)

Small tourist area south of the Medina with cozy restaurants, terraces and shops.

  • The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 13 per night.
  • Average price for a double room - about 45 per night.
  • Hostel bed - from 4 euro.


  • All attractions nearby. In particular, the most popular square of Gemma el-Fna.
  • Quite cheap accommodation.
  • The proximity of trendy cafes and cozy terraces.

Minus: Кенарья, like Medina, - tourist area, so be prepared for the crowds of travelers.

Geliz (Gueliz)

Relatively new area with modern buildings, offices and developed infrastructure. It will suit those, who is not ready to change the usual comfort for authenticity.

  • The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 25 per night.
  • Average price for a double room - about 60 per night.


  • Lots of accommodation options - from modern hotels to humble hostels.
  • Night clubs, bars, shopping centers, cafe with terraces - everything is nearby.
  • It's hard to get lost, transport links are established.
  • Borders Medina in the south, so it's relatively close to the old town.

Minus: machine noise (perhaps, not so annoying, like the cries of the sellers and donkey drivers in the Medina, but still).

Agdal (Agdal)

Area near the center, built up with large hotels for tourists.

  • Minimum price for a double room - approx. 40 per night.

  • Average price for two is about 90 per night.


  • Lots of mid-range resort hotels.
  • Close to the center.

Minus: it's not very comfortable outside, but this is so important, when inside the pool and all inclusive, true?

Hivernage (Hivernage)

The most fashionable and expensive area with luxury boutiques, 5-star hotels, nightclubs and casinos.

  • The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 40 per night.

  • Average price for a double room - about 120 per night.


  • Many opportunities for nightlife and shopping lovers.
  • No annoying street pesters.

Minus: expensive.

Palmerai (Palmeraie)

An oasis with palm trees in the north of Marrakech, where expensive all inclusive hotels are located, golf clubs and swimming pools. For beach lovers here.

  • The minimum price for a double room in the hotel is about 40 per night.

  • Average price for a double room - about 140 per night.


  • You can find a rather profitable accommodation option with meals and a free bar (consider, that alcohol prices in Morocco are quite high).
  • The pool at a resort hotel can be a significant plus (and salvation) in the summer months.
  • Wonderful palm thickets.
  • From entertainment - riding camels and horses.
  • Night life.


  • To the historic center, probably, have to take a taxi (but it's not that expensive and fast).
  • Difficulty finding budget accommodation options.


Bitches (market) — главное место шопинга в Марракеше. Counters with teapots, spices, soap, oranges and ram's heads occupied almost the entire Medina.

You have to bargain in the market half to death, and this is one of the main tourist attractions in Marrakech. You can be proud of yourself, if the price can be brought down by more, than in 10 time.

Going shopping, necessarily take with you small cash: seeing a large bill, the seller may simply refuse to give change.

Pay attention, where locals are bought - even the market in Marrakech is full of Chinese fakes. And be sure, walking around the market, take your money and phone out of your back pockets

And be sure, walking around the market, take your money and phone out of your back pockets.

What to buy in Marrakech

  • Argan oil cosmetics, one of the rarest oils in the world, which rejuvenates, nourishes and regenerates skin and hair. This tree only grows in Morocco.
  • Leather products. High quality Moroccan leather.
  • Babushi - bright, иногда расшитая орнаментом обувь с загнутыми носами.
  • Jelaba - a long robe with a hood and wide sleeves, which is also worn on the street.
  • Teapot, where you can brew Moroccan mint tea.
  • Decorative lamps made of colored glass.
  • Kaftan - traditional women's dress.
  • Dish for making tagine.
  • Ceramics - cups, plates, vases.
  • Carpets.

About transport: buses, taxi, car rental in Marrakech

  1. Moroccans most often travel between cities by grand taxi. The driver will take you anywhere in the country, if you have 6 passengers. Probably, your legs and other parts of your body will become numb during the trip (sitting in front 2 passenger, behind -
  2. For short trips, use the local taxi services. Marrakech Taxis: +212 7 62 91 55 49 / +212 524474935. Cab Morocco: +212 6 08 60 09 40 / +212 524792904.
  3. You can rent a car at the airport (approximate cost - 20 Euro per day), but it's better not to do it. You will run into motorcyclists, carts, donkeys and congested parking lots. Dangerous roads await outside the city.

Deviation from the route. Travel to Imuzzer and Legzira

Agadir is considered to be a place exclusively for beach holidays, and in the pursuit of an even tan, many often forget about, that you can dilute the "seal" rest with excellent excursion routes outside the city. There are many exceptionally beautiful places around Agadir, secluded waterfalls stand out, valleys and mountains in the north, near the village of Imuzzer, and in the south, in the vast Sousse Massa National Park. In created in 1991 the National Park lives about 600 animal species, including, endangered northern bald ibis, best watched in October and November. To get to the National Park you can use, as the services of local tour operators, and by taxi (round trip will cost approximately € 50). Traveling to the distinctive village of Imuzzer by taxi will cost € 30. It is best to plan your trip on Thursday, when the local market opens in the village, where you can buy unique varieties of honey from thyme to cactus, and argan oil. If you have one or two days in stock, who are ready to spend on stunning Martian landscapes, be sure to visit Legzira. These are the most picturesque beaches in Morocco. The places are pretty wild, the nearest settlement of Sidi Ifni is a provincial town, left to the Moroccans in the legacy of Spanish rule. Therefore, you should carefully plan your route to the beach and back., not forgetting about, what do you need to go there, to enjoy the unearthly beauty of places, and the best views, Consequently, and the photos are opened to the traveler closer to sunset. therefore, if it is possible to take a taxi (a full day trip with a visit to the Sousse Massa National Park will cost € 150 for a car with a driver). By public transport (STM buses) from Agadir you can get to Tiznit or Sidi Ifni. The best way to travel from Agadir to Tiznit is by bus, departing from the city to 10.00. Optimal flight back to Agadir in 20.30. Travel time, in one direction, near 2 hours. The cost of travel (There and back again) 70 ie. Then from Tiznit you will have to take a taxi and drive another hour to the beaches of Legzira. Buses to Sidi Ifni from Agadir and back leave only twice a day. Departure from Agadir to 16.00 and 21.15, time on my way 3 o'clock 15 minutes. Departure from Sidi Ifni to 00.30 and 11.30. The cost of travel (There and back again 110 ie). If time is short, то выезжать в Легзиру по маршруту Агадир – Сиди Ифни — Агадир, need in 21.15, in advance for overnight. The next day, after breakfast, take a walk around a deserted city, and then take a taxi to Legzira. Just do not forget to agree with the taxi driver in advance, for him to take you back and forth. And on a flight to 00.30 return to Agadir. If you prefer to watch the treasures of nature at dawn hours, then back to Agadir you can safely leave and 11.30. Or ask the taxi driver to take you not to Sidi Ifni, and to the Berber village of Mirleft (near 20 minutes on the way), from where in 12.00 departing flight to Agadir (ticket price 50 ie). selection, as always, remains for you!

How to get to Marrakech

There are no direct flights from Russia to Marrakesh. The range of prices for air tickets from Moscow in both directions is quite wide - from 200 to 1000+ euro. On average, the flight will cost 400-500 euros.

You can save, taking tickets to Casablanca, located in 300 kilometers from Marrakech. The difference in airfare for the same dates may be greater 100 euro, at the same time, you do not have to sit at airports for a long time during multiple connections.

Option for adventurers - ferry from Spain via Gibraltar to Tangier, Further -.

You can get to Marrakech from another Moroccan city by bus, by train or by grand taxi. More details - in the section "Transport".

What else is important to know before traveling

  • There is no strict dress code in Morocco, therefore, foreign women often do not bother with clothes and walk around the city in shorts and bareheaded. Nobody looks at it.
  • Tourists are not allowed into the operating mosques. Any attempts to enter or look inside will be strictly suppressed.
  • If you want to photograph a Moroccan, it is better to do this with permission - many react somewhat inadequately. Although in Marrakech, locals are already accustomed to the flow of tourists with cameras in their hands.
  • Bring sunscreen with you even in winter - skin burns quickly.
  • Before using the service, check in advance, how much is it. If they want to walk you through the Medina, offer to help with translation or treat them with orange juice - always ask, how much is it. Many people impose their help on gullible tourists and take advantage of the fact, that the person did not specify in advance the cost of the service or the meal eaten.
  • During the cold season (from November to April) count on several sets of clothes per day: it's pretty warm during the day and you can wear a T-shirt, при этом ночью не обойтись без тёплой куртки.

What's going on in Jamaâ El Fna Square?

Djemaa el fna square for locals – meeting place for friends and relatives, for tourists – a storehouse of national traditions and peculiarities of local cuisine. There is an unpleasant stench here during the day, beggars gradually come out of the slums by evening, blind, legless, grandmothers, children, refugees from Syria, сумасшедшая местная проститутка с обнаженной грудью. It all looks creepy, until you reach the square along the main street, past all the holy fools and shameless extortionists, you miss the completely Europeanized Agadir.

Remember an important rule: don't pick up anything, even if they say, what is it “present”. Then they will start asking for payment and may even make a scandal, accusing you of almost theft

Be nice, but don't let yourself be fooled. This does not mean, that all Moroccans are bad people and crooks, most locals will be happy to help you find your way, some will gladly take you to your destination, made a trailer “I'm not helping you because of money”. Not only Arabs live in Morocco, but also African Americans and Gypsies, so many of them are engaged in robbery and deception.

One of the ladies grabbed the hand and started asking questions about tattoos, immediately began to paint with henna, that you don't even have time to come to your senses. Is talking, что нарисует очень маленький рисунок, as a result, paints the entire palm with incomprehensible ugly patterns and sprinkles with multi-colored rhinestones. You tell her, that I didn't ask to paint my hand, and this drawing is completely unnecessary, she starts to tell, that I spent a lot of henna. We give her dirhams and leave, She angrily returns to her gypsy girlfriends in burqa and complains about the greed of tourists.

Other, when you pass, puts a dove on his shoulder and starts to pull his hand, snakes also pop, lizards and all other representatives of the local fauna. You need to have nerves of iron, to repel the attacks of annoying Arabs, Berbers, Africans, Gypsy.

Try not to photograph Arabs, snake charmers, actors, musicians, otherwise a conflict may start, screaming and even fighting.

Many travelers come especially to Jamaâ El Fna Square, to taste national dishes at a low cost.

Мы попробовали кус-кус, vegetarian tajine, legendary soup Harira, kebab mix, Moroccan salad. Only couscous turned out to be more or less tasty, there was one carrot in tagine, a couple of potatoes and pea pods, and the soup turned out to be completely tasteless. Dinner costs about 70-100 dichrams for three, Considering, that in agadir bitch we ate for 30 dirham maximum, and we got much more pleasure from the taste. But be sure to try the boiled spiced snails (5 dirkhamov) – excellent!

Many guidebooks write, what can you eat for 1-2 dirkham, I do not know, what times was it, but now the cheapest – these are snails and tasteless soup (5 dirkham), everything else from 30 dirkham.

You can also watch folk dances on the square, listen to songs, enjoying an orange (4 dirkhamov) or bamboo juice (6 dichrams). For comparison, in Agadir on the market, both of these types of 5 dirkhamov. Мы провели на площади около двух часов, clashing with annoying waiters, snake charmers, fortune-tellers, wizards, musicians, sellers and went to the hotel.

The next morning, silence reigned in the square., мы позавтракали в кафе рядом с нашим отелем достаточно дешево (tea, coffee – 10 dirkhamov, buns, croissants – 3-5 dirkhamov). There are many cafes near the square, where you can enjoy European cuisine, national flatbreads and Moroccan sweets.

Обязательно прогуляйтесь до рынка, which starts right in the square and runs through the whole city.

Не забудьте загрузить в гаджеты навигатор, which will work without internet, because in the Souk neighborhoods you can get lost, on your own, without the help of a map or navigator, you definitely will not leave. Souk – like a city within a city! Here you can profitably buy leather goods (bags, backpacks, jackets, footwear), spice, fruit, national costumes, Motherboards.

By car

Roads in Morocco are in excellent condition, therefore it is a pleasure to travel here by car. The only problem can be a mountain road, since Marrakech is located at the very foot of the Atlas Mountains. For this reason, count your strength, and if you don't drive well, it is better not to risk it and choose another mode of transport.

All road signs are labeled in Arabic and French, but absolutely all designations are clear and without explanation. Here is a free track, but there are also several toll highways in Morocco. true, fares are much lower here, than in Western Europe.

You must adhere to the A-7 route all the time. She, like other roads, is in excellent condition, so you can get there in three hours.

How much is?

Renting a car in Agadir will cost about 30 EUR per day, but most companies still require insurance, which will cost another 7-9 euro.

To travel, you need about 22 liters of fuel. Gasoline is relatively inexpensive here - about 1 euro per liter.

so, for a one-way trip you will need 60-65 euro.

Traveling to Essueira by car

Between the cities of everything 190 kilometers, and you can drive them for 2 o'clock 40 minutes.

There can be big traffic jams in Marrakech, so I advise you to go to the bypass road as soon as possible (better drive on 10 kilometers more, but save a lot of time).

The ride mostly takes the N8 highway. Here is her brief description.:

  • high quality road surface and no damage;
  • two separate stripes;
  • clear markup and a large number of pointers;
  • low traffic.

The final section of the path must be taken along the N1 highway. Roads in Morocco give me only positive emotions. I was preparing for, which will be worse.

The maximum permissible speed on this route is 100 kmh (in places maybe 80 kmh).

How much to pay for the trip

You will have to spend about 180 dirkhamov (19 dollars, 1200 rubles). It will take about 18 liters of fuel.

How to get from the airport to Marrakech

There are no direct flights to Marrakech from the capital of Russia. Most of the routes are via Lisbon or Frankfurt am Main. Menard airport, serving international flights, is at a distance 10 km from the city center. The air harbor has two modern terminals.

Exist 4 ways to get from Menard airport to the center of Marrakech:

  • bus;
  • taxi;
  • transfer;
  • rented car.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages..

Public transport

Tourists can get from the terminal to the city center by buses # 11 and # 19. The ticket price is 20 Moroccan dirhams. Money is transferred to the driver. Movement interval 30 minutes. The first bus goes on line in 7.30 morning, and the last one goes to 21.00 by local time. Travel time is 25 minutes. Route 19 stops near the central city square. In case of arrival at night, it is advisable to take care of renting a car in advance or get to the city by taxi.


The taxi rank is located directly outside the airport building. Taxi drivers offer their services already in the arrivals hall. The cost of the trip is determined by the driver, or payment is made by meter. It should be noted, that local drivers like to haggle. The further from the exit you agree, the lower the prices.

Taxi Marrakech can be ordered in advance via the Internet. It is more convenient due to:

  • fixed cost of travel;
  • meeting at the airport with a sign;
  • choosing a car;
  • the ability to specify additional options (large trunk, child seat, etc.).

A taxi ride will cost about 18 dollars.

Car rent

In terminal 1 there are at least racks 15 companies, who will provide a car for rent. For registration you need an international license and a bank card. The security deposit of the rental will be blocked at the time of booking.

The following firms are most popular among tourists:

  • Budget;
  • view;
  • Hertz;
  • Sixt;
  • Addcar Rental.

You can book a car in advance via the Internet. Upon arrival, a representative of the company will meet you with a sign, where the name will be indicated, will draw up the necessary documents and give the keys. You can return the car at any city office of the rental company. The cost of renting a middle class car is approximately 30 dollars a day.

By train

All passenger transportation by rail is carried out by ONCF. In general, Morocco has a fairly well developed railway network.. Daily from Agadir train station to Marrakech heading off 12 compositions. The first train leaves for 00.45, last - in 19.45. On the way, you need to spend about 3,5 hours.

trains, traveling between cities, ambulances. They're pretty comfortable., all cars have air conditioning

This is important, since there is only one desert around and it will be very difficult to drive without an air conditioning system

The station in Agadir is very nice. There are also clean waiting rooms, and lockers, and cafes, and electronic boards with data on all routes. All information is presented in French and Arabic. In general, trains, and train stations in Morocco bear little resemblance to African public places, everything is civilized enough.

How much is?

Train ticket costs 110 Moroccan dirhams (about 10 euro). For those, who traveled to Europe, the price won't seem too high.

Where can I buy?

You can buy a train ticket at the station ticket office, on the internet or on the train. I would advise you to purchase a ticket on the Moroccan Railways website, which has an english version.

If you buy a ticket from the conductor, you will also have to pay a commission, reaching 20% total ticket price.


The easiest way to find a suitable excursion and guide is on TripAdviser. Trips to the desert and mountains, usually, pass in jeeps with an English-speaking driver. The cost of the tour depends on the number of people and the duration.

Now about the most popular tours from Marrakech.

  • In the desert. Самый короткий тур в Сахару займёт 2 day and 1 night, but you can go for a few nights. Usually, the program includes a road through the picturesque Atlas Mountains, a walk through the Moroccan film studio in the city of Urzazate and the UNESCO monument Ait Ben Haddou, camel riding, Overnight at Berber camp with traditional dinner and breakfast, as well as sunset and sunrise overlooking the dunes.
  • Into the Atlas Mountains. Atlas Mountains and Valleys 1 Day Tour with Palm Forest Access, to an argan farm and a Berber village, where you will be treated to a traditional lunch.
  • К водопаду Узуд. Оазис с пальмами и водопадами среди гор Атласа находится в часе езды от Марракеша. Some guides offer a ride with an overnight tent and an outdoor dinner.

Features of independent travel in Morocco

When planning your trip to Morocco, be guided by the seasons. for instance, when traveling in spring 7 days, dedicate 4 day to Marrakech and 3 days in Agadir (coastal waters have not yet warmed up to a comfortable temperature for swimming, therefore the maximum, что возможно — подышать океаническим бризом). In the summer, vice versa, set aside two days for Marrakech, maximum three, and spend the rest of the time on the coast. but the, who loves exceptional harmony and balance, it is worth going on a trip in early October, when the water and air temperatures are ideal, how to swim, and for excursions.
If you have experience driving in Arab countries, то для путешествия из Марракеша в Агадир лучше всего и не зависеть от расписаний междугородных автобусов. В ином случае воспользуйтесь услугами лучшего наземного перевозчика в Марокко — .

When is the best time to go to Marrakech

  • It's very hot here in summer. The temperature is kept around 35-40 degrees, but it can go up to 48–49. There is no ocean nearby, and the wind is a rare guest. Поэтому в некоторых уголках старого города в июле — августе стоит невероятная вонь. Planning a trip in the summer, book a hotel with a pool, and better away from Medina. In doing so, do not forget, that during the holy month of Ramadan, many cafes and shops may work on a reduced schedule or not work at all during the day.
  • In winter, you can face the opposite problem. Yes, daytime temperature - 19-20 degrees. But at night it can be impossible to sleep because of the cold (8-10 degrees), since many houses and hotels lack heating. Booking accommodation in winter, accurate, how are things with heating.
  • If a beach holiday doesn't interest you, the best time to travel to Morocco is from October to November and from March to April. The heat is not so noticeable, at the same time, you can go to the mountains or the desert with an overnight stay and not get numb from the cold after sunset.
  • Traveling out of season, take a light windbreaker with you, a jacket or raincoat for day walks and autumn clothes with lining (preferably windproof) to relax in the evening.
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