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ATMs and credit cards

ATMs are ubiquitous. I recommend to withdraw money at ATMs, located in the offices of banks (the list above). so it is safe, and in case of any problems you can contact the staff.

The maximum withdrawal amount is usually 2000 ie. Your bank will charge a fee for withdrawals (check before you travel, how many), plus commission Moroccan bank.

Bank cards are accepted in the larger hotel chains, expensive restaurants, travel agencies (there is usually another Commission 5% for payment card). For the budget traveler Morocco remains a country of cash, so buy house dollar / euro and me on the spot to dirhams.

large supermarkets (Marjan, Carrefour) accept cards, we paid with no problems.

Cashless payments

Morocco – modern country, in spite of the Islamic tradition, and quite rich, so much difficulty with the payment bank transfer no. In any large supermarket, cafe or restaurant will gladly accept your credit card.

ATMs are also quite a lot of, but only in major cities. In small communities, this may be difficulties. Not everywhere is non-cash, and if there, the foreign bank cards can not accept.

Terminals in large stores accept credit cards even with foreign currency, because the conversion happens automatically in dirhams. It is very convenient and practical.

In contrast to Europe and America, Morocco can not pay the bank transfer in taxi, public transport, On the market, and in many small shops, too. It is best to always carry a sufficient amount of cash, to avoid problems with payment. Especially when it comes to provincial towns and villages.

What currency to take with you in Morocco, Morocco

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Short story

History of the national currency of Morocco as interesting, as well as the historical path of the kingdom. Despite, that the current currency in the country was used recently, the history of the monetary system in this country is very old.

For a long time, up to 1921 of the year, the country used currency, which was called the Moroccan rial. Then he was replaced by Franc, as the country was then the French colony. only in 1956 the Kingdom of Morocco was a sovereign, gained its independence from the French metropolis.

At the same time has been changed and the national currency. Since 1956 by 1960 gg. Morocco used the Spanish peseta, which it was due to the union of the French and Spanish Morocco.

IN 1960 g. the country finally acquired unique national currency, which was named Moroccan Dirham.

On price tags in stores, usually, the abbreviation “ie”, which is a shortened version of the name of the dirham. So do not be surprised, seeing the letters on the check.

Exchange rate

Currency Morocco freely exchanged for currency exchanges. Its rate is quite stable, though low. It is set by the state, therefore virtually unchanged. Small fluctuations associated with a number of types of exchange factors, the overall situation in the economy, in the world, and so the foreign exchange market. d.

To date, the course of the Moroccan dirham against the ruble is approximately 5,2 rubles for one dirham. Consequently, for one ruble can be obtained about sixteen centimes. The course of the Moroccan dirham against the ruble, and even to other currencies, relatively stable. This balance is maintained for a long time.

Moroccan dirham against the US dollar exchange rate is estimated at about nine and a half dirhams to the dollar. Respectively, one contains only Dirham 0,11 dollar.

Approximately the same situation in the currency pair dirham / euro. The course of the Moroccan dirham against the euro at the level of 11 AED for one euro. Thus, in about one AED 0,09 euro.

As for trading on “Forex”, The Moroccan currency is not there enjoys great demand. But local traders often prefer to sell the national currency.

Where to change money in Morocco?

With the exchange of money in the country everything is clear and simple, there is no black market, Only official exchangers in banks. And, in the non-touristic towns and districts of the course is not very different from bank to bank, but in the center of Agadir, Marrakech, Fez and other popular cities makes sense to look at a few suggestions. Exchange rates in slightly worse airports, than in the center.

What money to take in Morocco? By exchanging accept dollars, euro, pounds, Franks, Many Arab countries currency. About rubles nobody heard

note, that the banks are closed very early, work with 09:00 to 16:00 (and sometimes up to 15:30) on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday off. During Ramadan closes in 14:00

The list of the largest banks:

  • Attijariwafa Bank
  • Banque Populaire of Morocco
  • BMCE Bank
  • Société Générale Morocco
  • BMCI
  • Credit Morocco

How much money to take in Morocco?

In this part of the talk about our expenses.

Initial data: two people, 15 days, a route to Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Tangier, Fez, Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira and Casablanca Leisure. Expenses quote for two.


25000 rubles back and forth (for two), flew Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul. Flights found on Aviasales .


We came 1450 dirkham (10100 rubles), but it was a lot of movement, as you can see from the route. We traveled on buses and trains, sometimes in a taxi in the city, but mostly by public transport. Could save, moving between cities on cheaper buses, but we had a bad experience such "savings", no longer have to try


30400 rubles. 14 nights + one on the train.

We do not parade, and filmed in the main room in traditional houses - Riad, which are located in the medina - the old town. used Airbnb (we have there bonuses), but to get the lowest price and large selection recommend hotellook.ru , which compares prices from several reservation systems.

On the whole, 20$ on the day it is possible to remove a good room for two, a bed in a hostel - for 6-7$ person. But the prices depend on the season.


2065 dirkham (14450 rubles). the cost of food in the middle of Morocco, I can not give cheap food. At one time rarely gave less 70 Dhs for two. Inexpensive cafe there, but it's a fast food, or are in the non-touristic areas.


gave 1000 dirkham (7000 rubles) for a two-day trip to the desert with an overnight stay in a tent. The museums did not go, full flavor of Morocco - in the streets, and it's very cool.


350 dirkham (2450 rubles). Nothing major has not bought (Tipo leather bags, Dummies, rugs). although there was a great temptation. So the little things ... cosmetics, magnets, African dress.


80 dirkhamov (560 rubles). Initially bought a sim card 1 GB Internet and calls for 50 dirkham, but it turned out, that it acts only three days. then he bought in addition 3 GB internet for 30 ie.

in total: 90000 rubles we spent for two with flights from Moscow for the 15-day trip. Yes, could and less, opportunities to save many.

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