sin city


Shkafoobrazny Marvin keeps at his old mother Gladys gun at home, with whom he occasionally talks. If, of course, at this point he is not busy grinding people into a bloody mess or admires unattainable beauty of Nancy in a local pub.

Ugrjumыj Merv - prostovat, but it can not buy trust, and if you do not become friends with the most sane husky - be sure, that he would give his life for you. He is not very smart, but if you need something, can find someone smarter and ask him. A refuse Marv - dangerous.

Most suitable for the role of Marva actor - Mickey Rourke - found quickly. As he told Miller, after an invitation to audition in a hotel room Rodriguez Rourke fell with some nasty little dog, Twenty minutes of pains, like his crappy things are going, his dog when it peed on the couch Rodriguez, and then he did and dumped, and not talking about the role and samples. So Miller and realized, that before it was a perfect Marv.


Nancy Callahan beauty earns stripper. local know, that you can watch, and touch - no: Nancy safety monitoring rather than protection, as not the most diplomatic person on earth Marv. But no one knows, that this is the baby, he once rescued from a pedophile old cop Hartigan. Nancy has not forgotten its savior - love him more then, until the moment of his release from prison, she would send him encrypted News. Old cop save it again - is the price of his life, Nancy and avenge his lover's long-term pursuers.

family Roark

Roarke - representatives of the local elite power. As in real life, they violate the laws, avoiding any responsibility in the courts, but eventually fully get it from the inhabitants of the city. Cardinal Roark sheltered Kevin cannibal and so imbued with his holy hunting, that he decided to join and also tasted the taste of the local whores. His brother, Sen., beat to death his wife and, of course, not sat, despite obvious evidence. Moreover, Senator covers that same son-pedophile, who for the love of little girls aged cop Hartigan stripped eggs. Priborchik son returns Medicine, but a pervert would pay appearance: side effects from the medications make his skin yellow, and this is the first of the three cases, when Miller novel color appears.


Femme fatale, Striking the spot every man in Basin City. Ava was once together with Dwight, but after breaking up with him, she finds the necessary thread, which includes in addition mode "to think a member of the". This lever it will be able to find not only in Dwight. All the guys next to this woman die: brutal beauty uses them all, breaking hearts and destroying lives - but how can you resist before this buxom beauty? Okay, and if it is played by Eva Green?

Interesting, that Ava Poster by Eva Green called seething shit in the most part of the population chistoplyuynoy: Puritans did not like too candid view chest actress. Bust had to darken; while it is less, of course, I did not become, but this solution is quite satisfied dissatisfied.

Sin City

In Sin City there is a more accurate name - see. signpost to «Basin Sity" inscription; first letters holed by bullets. Like everything as always: crimes, corruption, selling power, dark crannies and a sense of danger, do not leave never. the main thing, Basin that distinguishes from others drowning in the blood of settlements - the area known as "Old Town" governed solely by prostitutes. With the law they deal: girls free service cops and ensure their safety

police, in turn, It does not touch any of the inhabitants of the area and, what is important, allows corrupt women administer their justice

Why so much prostitutes? It's simple. During the gold rush Roark family also bringing women to entertain miners. Then the workers went away, soften the cost nekogo, and women huddled together in a sensual and deadly Quarter.

By the way, There is a real city Basin in Washington State. However, the decision to visit it is not the best in the world: if that will threaten your life, it is the death of boredom. Live in the city less than a thousand people, and all of them - farmers.

Before viewing the new film is strongly recommended to review the first screen version: At first, since its release nine years had passed, and many of the details can be forgotten. Also, attentive viewer will be rewarded: the world of "Sin City" cramped, and characters intersect in it the most non-trivial ways. For those who want to dive deeper into the black and white streets of the city we recommend to visit the nearest bookstore and find on the shelves of a collection of short stories, one-shot'ov nuarny universe "Booze, heifers and bullets ". There you can find a rare guest Sin City: in the two novels is the color, blue and red, one for the story. Moreover, there are two stunning sketches about Marwa: from one you learn, where in the thug pulls a stylish clothing, and in the second - «Silent night» - over several pages unfold only one scene, which you will remember for a lifetime.

Text: Alexei Sokolov

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