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Air temperature

  • Tangier: +24˚С.. +29˚С
  • Rabat: +26˚С.. +33˚С
  • Casablanca: +25˚С.. +31˚С
  • El Jadida: +25˚С.. +31˚С
  • Marrakech: +28˚С.. +34˚С
  • Entertainment Suveyra: +25˚С.. +30˚С
  • Ukaymeden: +5˚С.. +13˚С
  • Agadir: +28˚С.. +35˚С

The daytime temperature in October in the African kingdom is below + 24˚С.. +25˚C does not go down even in the northern regions. Temperatures rise slightly with every kilometer south., culminating in Agadir, where it rises to + 35˚C and above. Staying here is not recommended for hypertensive and asthmatics. Somewhat inferior in temperature to cities in the inner part of the country (Marrakech). the, who wants to take a break from the heat, worth climbing the mountains (Ukaymeden).

The nights are also warmer in the south, where their temperature is from + 20˚С.. +25˚С, while in the north of the country + 17˚С.. +23˚С.

Water temperature

  • Tangier: +19˚С.. +21˚С
  • Rabat: +22˚С.. +23˚С
  • Casablanca: +21˚С.. +22˚С
  • El Jadida: +21˚С..+23˚С
  • Agadir: +19˚С.. +20˚С

Beach season ends in October, and swimming in the invigorating ocean will not be so comfortable, like before. It is better to choose the central part of the kingdom for swimming. (Rabat, Casablanca, El Jadida), which the cold Canary Current does not reach.

Weather features

October is a good time to visit Morocco. The scorching heat is gone, how much sun do you want. Almost all days of the month are clear. The sun is shining about 10 hours a day, therefore, a protective cream will not be superfluous.

Almost no precipitation. Their level does not exceed 50 mm (in the north), which corresponds 3 rainy days. In the central part and in the south there are more, less than half. 1-2 rain will only lightly beat the dust and freshen the air. So you don't need an umbrella, but things for cool evenings and nights will come in handy.

Interesting autumn events

Autumn vacation in morocco will also allow you to visit many interesting holidays and events. One of the most interesting of them is the date harvest festival, held annually in Erfoud. The holiday lasts three whole days, during them, you can not only taste and buy ripe fruits, but also see national dances, listen to folk music. More modest harvest events are held in other cities.. If you travel to Morocco in October, it will be interesting to visit the folklore show in Marrakech, held in the middle of autumn. Tisse hosts an equestrian festival this time of year, during which the locals remember, that until recently they were real nomads. Purebred Arabian horses, riders in national costumes - visit such an event, certainly, it will be interesting to everyone.

Features of autumn weather in Morocco

October is considered one of the best months to visit this country. It's always sunny here at this time, but not too hot. You can enjoy the sun around 10 hours a day. Will appreciate the weather in Morocco in October and moderate rainfall, it rains infrequently at this time of year, usually short-lived and not abundant. At the same time, the coast is always fresh because of the proximity of the sea or ocean.. Another indisputable plus of autumn holidays in this country is the absence of mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects.. Moderate temperatures and a comfortable climate allow you to enjoy excursions to the fullest. Many tourists prefer to rent a car and explore the cities and different regions of Morocco on their own. And this is an interesting idea for a vacation. Where else on the territory of one state can you see gorgeous beaches?, and snow-capped mountain peaks, and visit the great Sahara desert?

What to do during your fall vacation in this country?

Holidays in Morocco in October allow you not only to enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Moderation of the weather allows you to plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the country, get to know its culture and traditions. Choose excursions to taste or go on your own trip

However, experienced tourists recommend with caution to rent transport in this country.. Weather in Morocco in October allows you to see all the sights, and a lot of them here

These are old cities, unique natural objects and landscapes. The local cuisine also deserves attention., many dishes are sure to impress Europeans. Do not forget about, that autumn is harvest time. Don't trust local delicacies? You can always enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Appart-Hotel Tagadirt 3*

The hotel is located in the center of Agadir, in 250 meters from the beach. The interior design of the rooms is made in a modern style with the addition of some Moorish elements. If you plan to cook yourself on vacation, you can book a studio or apartment with a small kitchen, fridge, stove. However, most tourists prefer to eat at the hotel restaurant., where you can taste international cuisine. Swimming pool, billiard table, mini golf in the garden, table tennis. For younger guests there is a special pool. Price numbers from 2000 rubles.

Water and air temperature

A beach holiday in Morocco in October is sure to leave only pleasant memories.. Average day air temperature +23…+25 degrees, and in the southernmost points of the state it can rise up to +35. Mediterranean Sea also pleases, because the water does not cool below +21…+19 degrees, which is enough for a comfortable bathing. But still, if you are planning a vacation in Morocco in October, do not forget to take warm clothes with you, as it gets chilly in the evenings at this time of year. To navigate in choosing a tour will help you more detailed information for specific resorts. In Casablanca in October afternoon +26, at night +17, and the water warms up +19 degrees. A bit cooler in Agadir, the average daily air temperature here is +24, night +15, but the sea is warmer (+21 degrees). In Marrakech, vacationers can be caught by intermittent rains, normal thermometer readings for October: in the afternoon +27, at night +16, water +20 degrees.

climatic features

The African kingdom is often called a cold country with hot summers. The thing is, that Morocco stretches over several climatic zones. The northern regions really boast snow-capped mountains at any time of the year, but it is better not to go to the coastal resorts in the summer months, hard to bear the heat

Going to vacation in Morocco in October, it is worth paying special attention to the choice of a particular resort, taking into account your own requirements and wishes for the pastime during the vacation. Not all the coast of this country can boast of the same climatic and weather conditions.

Part, washed by the waters of the Mediterranean, considered suitable for recreation all year round, the swimming season here officially ends only in November. But the coast of the Atlantic Ocean is an amateur resorts., as the water stays cool even during the hottest summer months. Are you afraid to make a mistake when choosing a place for an autumn vacation? Book hotels 4* and 5*, check the availability of large heated pools on their territory.

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