Reviews about the rest in Agadir

Layfhaki, how to save money and protect yourself

Beware of helpers

In the evening we got lost in the medina of Fez. A Moroccan walked ahead, turned around. Sometimes shouted something. We wandered around the map (in the medina of Fes more 9000 streets, and about half is on google maps), the guy was not paid attention. At one of the dead ends, he stopped and demanded money. The crowd instantly swooped in. There are three of us: I, husband and girlfriend, but there are more, and they cornered us. We didn't play daredevils, raked out the change and gave 20 ie (128 ₽). Helpers raised a howl and demanded € 10. The husband could not resist, отодвинул их и вывел нас.

The riad owner commented on the situation as follows: helpers always surround, push, scream and scare. No real harm done: in the medina they will quickly find out about it, they are afraid. But I still recommend that you be careful and not lead to conflict..

In the medina of Fes and Marrakech, ask for directions from sellers in closed shops. They cannot walk you, and therefore, don't have to give money for help. Any other Moroccan will be a helper. There are fewer helpers in other cities.

Don't drink open source Moroccan water

And don't buy unlabelled bottles from vendors in the medina (there is tap water). Refuse water in a glass in a cafe. Usually it is brought free before meals or served with coffee.. The best solution is to buy water from stores.

Не пытайтесь ловить такси на главных улицах или около торговых центров

The lowest price, which taxi drivers will call - 100 ie (641 ₽). Step on 100 m, and the price will drop to 50 ie (320 ₽), and at the bus stop - to the standard.


Leather bags can be bought in Morocco, silver jewelry, paintings, homemade shoes. Any price named by a Moroccan can be reduced by 3-10 times.

At the same time, it is better to photograph on the market and on the medina from under the floor.. Local residents believe, that photography steals the soul, and demand to delete the photo, даже если не попали в кадр.

Одевайтесь с осторожностью

They don't like people in branded clothes on the medina. Riad owner recommended wearing things with little or no logos, so as not to offend sellers, которые торгуют подделками известных брендов.

In general, in Morocco, attention is paid to the appearance of foreigners. I went to Morocco with an unusual coloration

In Casablanca and Marrakech, no one was interested in me, but in other cities I made a splash. Residents outside the walls of the medina divided into two camps: men looked disapprovingly, came up and said something in French. Women and children watched with delight, asked to touch me. We found, that men do not welcome such freedom of morals. Women perceive unusual appearances, as protest and courage. Children are just cool.

Here the color washed away, but still caused a lot of reactions. A photo: КсенияТроицкая

In the medina, all people were wary and moved away. The owner of the riad told, that I am mistaken for a genie from folklore. It's dangerous to talk to me.

Get ready for local customs

Moroccans love to give gifts, including at your expense. I had an anniversary on the trip. We came to the restaurant, recommended by the landlord. He warned the staff about my holiday. It was unexpected and pleasant, when all the restaurant staff came to our table and sang Happy birthday. Совместно с арендодателем они подарили мне именной торт.

Gift cake. A photo: Xenia Trinity

I was so moved, what treated everyone. When the bill was brought, I found out, that the "gift" cost 200 ie (1282 ₽). Landlord asked impatiently on WhatsApp, did you like the surprise. In the future, we have repeatedly encountered "gifts" for little things. And the main thing: it's really sincere, albeit strange.

What money is in Morocco?

Dirham or dirham - the main monetary unit of Morocco (abbreviation Dh). Currency of the same name has a turnover in the UAE, but it's different money! Produced 20, 50, 100, 200 ie, coins - 5, 10 and 20 centimes, 1/2, 1, 2, 5 and 10 dirkhamov. Coin with the designation 1/2 (not 50 centimes, namely 1/2) I saw for the first time and took home as a keepsake 🙂

Coin 10 dirkhamov

coins 5 and 10 dirhams are very similar, and at first we counted the required amount for a long time. by the way, you can pay only in dirhams, well, maybe for an expensive excursion they will still take you in dollars or euros.

Interesting, that the dirham is considered one of the most stable currencies against the dollar.

We have a separate detailed article about prices in Morocco..

Getting ready to go through customs

Morocco has its own customs regulations, permissions and prohibitions, which must be observed by all foreigners, entering the kingdom.

In addition to the generally accepted bans on the import of pornographic products, weapons and drugs, there are things, which import restrictions may shock tourists. These include photo and video equipment. This refers to professional recording devices, that is all, which is larger than a "soap dish".

Professional recording device

To film your loved ones during rest and leave a memory for the family archive, necessary in advance, in Russia, obtain special permission to use such equipment in the kingdom. There is no ban on the import and export of foreign currency. Large amounts just need to be declared. But such operations with local currency are prohibited..

Be careful when transporting art, items, of historical value. A special permit is required for their import and export from the country..

Observe these rules for those, who doesn't want legal trouble, and also plans to visit Morocco again. Any serious violation is subject to significant fines, immediate deportation and a lifelong ban on re-visiting the kingdom.

Food prices in Morocco

The basis of Moroccan cuisine - dishes, cooked in tagine, special pottery, as well as harira soup, salads, kebabs and sweets. Popular drinks include Moroccan mint tea, fruit juices, mineral water, coffee.

Examples of typical food prices in a cafe in a tourist area:

  • Moroccan salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, bow) — 15 dirkhamov (although the vegetables in the store are very cheap, cm. prices are lower).
  • Salad (potato, bow, cucumber, a tomato, beet, rice) — 20 dirhamlv.
  • Harira soup - 10 dirkhamov
  • Omelet with cheese / mushrooms - 15-20 dirkhamov
  • Tajin (with vegetables or chicken or beef or mix) — 40-50 dirkhamov
  • Cous cous (with the same ingredients) — 50 dirkhamov
  • Kebab - 40 dirkhamov
  • A glass of tea with mint or coffee - 10 dirkhamov
  • Mineral water - 10 dirkhamov
  • Orange juice (freshly squeezed) — 15 dirkhamov
  • Pomegranate, banana, etc. juice - 20 dirkhamov

Menu at a tourist restaurant in Fes

Cheaper seats can be found, it tastes even better, где тажин будет стоить 30-35 dirkhamov, cous cous - 35-40 dirkhamov, tea - for 7-8 dirkhamov, апельсиновый сок — 10 dirkhamov, other juices - 15 dirkhamov. Here are some menus, eg.


You can often find a set of menus for 50-80 dirkhamov. This includes vegetable salad or soup, tajin to choose, tea with sweets. Large portions, so we sometimes took one set for two, or a set + some dish. It's very hard to eat it alone..

Fast food menu

Even more budget places - fast food, and they also sell a salad of fresh vegetables along with the usual sandwiches and fries.

  • Omelet / Chicken Sandwich - 8/15 dirkhamov
  • Hamburger with cheese - 15 dirkhamov
  • French fries - 5-7 dirkhamov
  • Salad - 10 dirkhamov
  • Juice (not natural) — 3 dirkhama

Where to change money in Morocco?

With the exchange of money in the country everything is clear and simple, there is no black market, Only official exchangers in banks. And, in the non-touristic towns and districts of the course is not very different from bank to bank, but in the center of Agadir, Marrakech, Fez and other popular cities makes sense to look at a few suggestions. Exchange rates in slightly worse airports, than in the center.

What money to take in Morocco? By exchanging accept dollars, euro, pounds, Franks, Many Arab countries currency. Nobody heard about rubles 🙂

note, that the banks are closed very early, work with 09:00 to 16:00 (and sometimes up to 15:30) on weekdays, Saturday and Sunday off. During Ramadan closes in 14:00. The list of the largest banks:

The list of the largest banks:

  • Attijariwafa Bank
  • Banque Populaire of Morocco
  • BMCE Bank
  • Société Générale Morocco
  • BMCI
  • Credit Morocco

How to get around Morocco

We rented a car, but a month before the trip I had to give it up.

The most favorable conditions offered by the distributor . Peugeot car 301 (machine) for € 35 / day, unlimited mileage, delivery to Casablanca airport from Marrakech - € 45, return - free. При покупке страховки за €8/сутки оставлять залог в €500 не требуется. Менеджер Фарид быстро отвечает в WhatsApp — общаться с вами будет именно он. No prepayment. To confirm the intentions, asks for a copy of the rights and passport. Given the characteristics of the Moroccan movement, это выгодная сделка.

Despite the excellent intercity roads, driving in the city is difficult and nervous. People, donkeys and horses, motorcycles and cars mix on the road, create chaos and emergencies. If you have little driving experience, ditch the car in favor of public transport.

Another good distributor with similar conditions - . They answer long and short, enter the database instantly. We did not wait for an answer to the question for several weeks and rented a car from MLB (which was eventually abandoned in advance in favor of public transport). On the day of arrival, we received SMS from , that the car is waiting for us. Do not allow this and clarify to the last. Good, the distributor was complacent about our refusal and canceled the booking, which he himself created. According to the Moroccans, there are no problems with the rental itself, only with communication.

Parking in Morocco is nominally free, but you still have to pay: local guys will take "tribute" for "protection"

Parking place is not important. Such people can be found even in a vacant lot far from settlements - this is a business

Needless to say, that no one will follow the car and this payment should be taken as a donation. The fare is 3-15 Dh (19–96 ₽). Especially cunning entrepreneurs wash car windows and wheels, while you are away, and after they demand before 50 ie (320 ₽). You can not pay, if you are a morally stable person: a crowd of teenagers gathers to refuse, grab your hands and do not allow you to go to the car. Run after you and threaten.

If you are renting a house in the medina, parking lots will be outside its walls. They are public, but the owner of the riad is still entitled to € 1–2. For what, we did not understand.

But someone manages to park in the medina. A photo: Xenia Trinity

The easiest way to get around the city is by bus, trams (in some cities) and taxi. Buses run on schedule, they are big and new. Fare - 5 ie (32 ₽). Pay immediately after login. If you're at the end of the bus, transfer money through people - the ticket will be returned back. Travel by tram will cost 6 ie (38 ₽). Tickets are sold at the machine at the bus stop. After purchase, go to the platform through the turnstile.

Trams in Casablanca. A photo: Xenia Trinity, December 2019

Tram tickets. A photo: Xenia Trinity

The city taxi is called PETIT TAXI and costs 15-30 Dh excluding the number of people (96–192 ₽). There is a counter, but Moroccans prefer to bargain with foreigners when boarding. It turns out about the same, if you don't let yourself be fooled. Cars of different colors in every city. for instance, in Fez red, and in Meknes - turquoise. There are grand taxis - old Mercedes. They act as a minibus and cost Dh 4–6 per person (25–38 ₽). We met them on intercity transportation and only once in the city.

Taxi in Meknes. A photo: Xenia Trinity

Taxi in Marrakech. A photo: Xenia Trinity

Taxi in Fez. A photo: Xenia Trinity

We traveled between cities by train. They are operated by the national operator ONCF. Comfortable trains, clean, tea is delivered every half hour, coffee and sweets from the dining car. Budget price - tea - 10 ie (64 ₽), coffee - 15 ie (96 ₽).

Train fares depend on distance, can be checked on . Tickets are sold at the box office, easy to buy on the day of departure. There are vending machines for self-purchase. However, only in Casablanca devices, you can select a future travel date. In other cities, it is possible to buy tickets only for the current day.

Train tickets with prices and directions, A photo: Xenia Trinity, January 2020

Buses run between cities. Major carriers - CTM and Supratours. The buses are new and comfortable.

Feature of auto- and railway stations in that, that you will not be released on the platform, until the boarding time comes - 15-20 minutes before the departure of the transport. An employee is on duty at each entrance. It regulates the fullness of the platforms, it is impossible to make a mistake and board the wrong flight.

Railway station building in Rabat. A photo: Xenia Trinity

Railway station building in Casablanca. A photo: Xenia Trinity

Prices for excursions in Morocco

Prices for excursions depend on the agency and program, which is included in the tour, on the quality of service. If this is an individual tour, then the prices will be higher, than the group.

for instance, we gave on 500 dirhams per person for a two-day desert excursion from Marrakech. The price included a transfer round trip (go far), camel rides, some optional excursions on the road and back, overnight in Berber tents, dinner + breakfast. The price is not high compared to other agencies, but we were not satisfied with the quality of the organization.

The standard price for such a tour is 600 dirkhamov.

More examples of excursions from Marrakech - the most popular base for tours:

  • to the Sahara desert (Merzuga) For a three days - 920 dirkhamov
  • From Marrakech to Fez for three days - 1400 dirkhamov
  • to Ouarzazate and Ait Benhaddou for a day - 250 dirkhamov
  • to the Atlas mountains - 220 dirkhamov
  • to Essaouira - 230 dirkhamov

Which connection to use in Morocco

Internet in Morocco is bad. There is no Wi-Fi in the snack bars 90% cases. The cafe has, but the password will be given, if you ask. Waiters enter it themselves on your device.

In the apartments, hotels and riads have internet, but the speed depends on the day of the month: beginning with 20 numbers it is minimal, there is almost no Internet in the last days of the month. The logic is: the more money in the account, the higher the speed. At the end of the month, the money is almost spent, lowest speed.

We bought a sim card at Casablanca airport. We settled on - the largest provider in Morocco. 5 GB of traffic without calls and SMS cost € 5. This was enough for 2 weeks of using instant messengers, maps and translator.

Two more providers in Morocco - and (opens to loud music).

You can buy a SIM card in any major city. A minimum of 2-3 offices are found on each major street. Ask a consultant to set up the Internet for you. You do it yourself, probably, can't. To activate, the seller inserts his SIM card into your phone, changes settings. After inserting your SIM card and dialing a few commands, which are not in the manual.

Morocco: rules for legal stay in the kingdom

Relax, study, live and work - it is in this sequence that you can indicate the most frequent goals of travel to Morocco. Excellent tourist area, reputable universities and successful business schools attract students and holidaymakers from Russia.

In addition, a visa to Morocco is not needed for walks and excursions.. And here are the unusual Arab traditions and culture, as well as the difficult situation on the labor market, who will have to face those who want to go to the kingdom to work or permanent residence, do not look so attractive. However, the services are in demand in the market.

To get to Morocco, you need to go through a number of bureaucratic procedures for obtaining visas or obtaining documents permitting legal stay. This package should be different for each category of travelers.. We sort it out in order.

It looks like a visa in Morocco

Russians rest in Morocco without worries

For Russians, the Kingdom turns out to be not only the easiest resort in terms of collecting the necessary documents and obtaining visas, but also at the cost of a legal residence permit. None of this is required..

IN 2015 году для посещения Марокко было достаточно взять с собой заграничный паспорт и заполнить непосредственно на таможне или на подлетах к стране, in the airplane, migration card. Правила сохраняются и 2020 year - the kingdom is again included in the list of visa-free countries for residents of Russia.

However, the rules, extending to our residents, do not work for Ukrainians, as well as residents of other CIS countries. Im, like other foreigners, you need to apply for a full-fledged visa to visit Morocco.

International passport

The main requirement for a foreign passport is that it must be valid. Moreover, the period of validity may expire no earlier than six months after departure from the kingdom. This is a very common rule., which operates in almost all countries of the world.

Such a document should be in the hands of not only all adults, but also in children. Moreover, as those who have reached the age of 14, and very small. You need to take care of issuing passports in advance. The term of their production in Russia ranges from 1 to 4 months, involves the collection of various certificates, documents and payment of state fees.

Migration card

Migration card - ordinary document, to obtain the form, it is also not required to provide any certificates or approved documents. A sample can be viewed on the Internet, download, print and take with you as an example to fill out.

Sample filling out a migration card when visiting Morocco

It is worth remembering, that you need to fill out the card for each family member, including children, have reached the age of 14 or are very small. All information must be entered in printed Latin letters, as legibly as possible. A pen with black or blue paste is suitable for this..

Additional documents

They are not mandatory, but are desirable even when crossing the Russian border.

  • If you are traveling with minor children and both parents, there is nothing to worry about. But if someone travels abroad alone - mom or dad - with a child, then from the second representative you need to obtain written permission to take the child out of the country. Moreover, it must be notarized..
  • Return flights, tickets to a third country or a confirmed booking can also come in handy. Seldom, but Moroccan border guards can still request these documents, and you better be ready to present them, how to start exploring the country with troubles at the airport.

  • Before the trip, it will be useful to go to the bank and ask for an account statement, which can confirm your financial solvency. Such a document is also not always requested and not from all tourists., however, customs officials have the right to ask for documentary confirmation of such information.

Documents such as a voluntary medical insurance policy for those traveling abroad, as well as a tourist voucher or confirmation of a hotel reservation or an invitation from friends and relatives, worth taking with you at will. There are no strict requirements from the Moroccan customs on this matter.

To work in Morocco

Work visa in Morocco must be issued by all Russian citizens, who are going to work in the kingdom or run their own business. This distinction is fundamental, since each type of employment requires its own document.

Work Visa

Can only be issued then, when the vacancy has already been found, and the employer is ready to take you to the state. According to this document, foreigners are allowed to be hired workers or specialists, but necessarily in a Moroccan company or foreign, registered on the territory of the kingdom and operating under internal rules.

Morocco has a very high unemployment rate, which is kept at the level from year to year 20-25%. Hence the strict rules for foreign workers. Government authorities are very closely monitoring the, so that local or permanent residents are employed first of all, and only in the absence of suitable candidates is it allowed to hire foreign employees.

To apply for a work visa, you must provide:

  • Statement, where to indicate complete data and a request to issue a document.
  • Make and attach 4 Photo. admitted cards, made during the previous six months.
  • Letter of invitation from the employer, executed according to all the rules of the country.
  • Certificate from the previous place of work.
  • Checks or receipt, confirming payment of visa.

international passport, which you will also hand over along with the rest of the documents, must be valid for the entire period, which obtained a visa, as well as it should be at least one blank page for affixing stamps.

Business visa

Needed in that case, if you are going to do business: organize your own business or establish business and partnership relations with Moroccan companies on behalf of your Russian employer.

This will affect the cost of the issued document and the difference in filling out the questionnaire.

In addition to the application for a visa, you must also provide:

  • 4 Photo, they can be done in the previous six months.
  • Letter from potential future business partners, to which you fly with an offer.
  • Letter of recommendation from a Russian company-employer, whose interests you will represent in the kingdom.

  • Hotel booking confirmation, renting an apartment or other variant of your place of residence.
  • Visa payment confirmation.

Passport must be valid for the entire period, which obtained a visa, as well as it should be at least one blank page for affixing stamps. You will also provide it to the consulate.

Prices for hotels in Morocco

Hotel prices strongly depend on the season, причем в разных частях страны погода отличается в разные месяцы. for instance, in Agadir the most season is in July-August and prices are the highest, but at the same time in a desolate part of the country- low season, and discounts can be expected.

The most expensive housing of those cities. where we have been - in Agadir. It's hard to find a cheaper option there 25-30$ for a double room. The city is more focused on package tourists. In Casablanca, too, with inexpensive housing strained.

Chefchaouen has a small selection of guesthouses, therefore prices are also high - mostly from 25$ per room per night. Get ready to pay for a decent riad 35-40$.

In Fez, Marrakech, Essaouira the choice of places is very good and the prices are low, many hostels and great competition. The bunk can be found behind 5-7$ (more 10$), number - for 20$.

Breakfast is often included in the price. Usually these are rolls, Moroccan mint tea, cheese, olives, the juice, sometimes just rolls and tea.

We plan a trip on our own

Coming here as a tourist or for work, length of stay and lack of operator support matters. You need to be prepared for the realities of life in a real non-tourist kingdom. It plays a role here as the standard of living in Morocco, and features of the Muslim state.

the cost of living

Most of the population lives on one salary. This is a little more 40 thousand. This money is enough for all needs.. They will be enough even if, if you have to rent a house. Wherein, if you plan to live in Morocco for a long time, and then get citizenship, enough even to save money and buy your own apartments.

Meals will cost about 15 thousand, if you cook yourself and buy food in markets or in stores. Lunches and dinners in cafes and bars will slightly increase this indicator.

Housing cost

Traveling to Morocco on your own, will probably have to solve the problem of housing. The most expensive option is a hotel room. The amount depends on the location and availability of stars. If you take not the most luxurious fund and level of service, then riyad will cost you 1700 rubles per day.

Renting an apartment will be much cheaper. Budget options are located in the south of the state - within 10 thousand rubles a month. The farther north, the more expensive - 20 thousand.

Typical apartment furnishings in Morocco

If you buy your own home, will need about 2 million rubles. This amount will include your own home, most often from the secondary market, but with excellent renovation and all furnishings.

Transport system

You can move around the country by your own car, rented or use a taxi. A relatively inexpensive form of transport. Although the cost of the trip is regulated by some price framework, as a result, it turns out to be very subjective. Drivers love to haggle, and the fleet is not equipped with taximeters, therefore, for the same mileage, you can be charged as 500 rubles, and 2,5 thousand.

Public transport runs, but the system is not very well established. Large intervals in motion, not very extensive network. The huge disadvantage is the fact, that the main users are the poor. But it comes out inexpensive, as in public transport of any country.

Video about the adventures of a young couple in Morocco

ATMs and credit cards

ATMs are ubiquitous. I recommend to withdraw money at ATMs, located in the offices of banks (the list above). so it is safe, and in case of any problems you can contact the staff.

The maximum withdrawal amount is usually 2000 ie. Your bank will charge a fee for withdrawals (check before you travel, how many), plus commission Moroccan bank.

Bank cards are accepted in the larger hotel chains, expensive restaurants, travel agencies (there is usually another Commission 5% for payment card). For the budget traveler Morocco remains a country of cash, so buy house dollar / euro and me on the spot to dirhams.

large supermarkets (Marjan, Carrefour) accept cards, we paid with no problems.

Transit visa in Morocco

Morocco can be scheduled as not the only country on the list of states, to be visited for vacation. for instance, it can be successfully combined with Tunisia, Spain and France. Transit Moroccan visa for Russian residents is not required, however, you will have to take care of obtaining the relevant documents in other countries.

Visa to Tunisia not needed for Russians, arriving for excursion purposes. Spain and France in the list of visa-free countries on 2020 year did not hit, although rumors about their desire to remove restrictions on our vacationers have been circulating for a long time. Therefore, before planning a vacation, need to get a Schengen visa. Then other EU countries will open before you..

Souvenirs in Morocco: prices

Morocco is a shopper's paradise, handicrafts and bright colorful things. Here you will find all, anything.

Prices in Morocco for souvenirs

It is difficult to say specifically about prices for souvenirs, some sellers do not write price tags, someone writes, but expensive (then to bargain for a normal price). Plus the end result is always the result of bargaining. Depends on your skill 🙂

  • Magnets - 5-10 dirkhamov
  • Travel leather bags (depends on the size) — 250 dirham medium bag
  • Kettles - 70-300 dirkhamov (and much more, depends on the material)
  • Argan oil, 50 ml - 40 dirhams on average

Conditions for visa-free visits to the country

You can come to Morocco and not apply for a visa in advance. But you need to be prepared for that, that the purpose of the trip will be strictly defined and it is highly undesirable to go beyond such permits.

Three months is quite enough time, to have time to see most of the sights, get to know the culture and national characteristics of local residents, look, what is real non-tourist Morocco.

This will be enough for beach tourists, who rest exclusively in hotels and move with a professional guide or strictly in the tourist area. The same is for those, who independently plans a trip to Morocco and organizes a tour for themselves. You can go round and round this state in three months.

How much money to take in Morocco?

In this part of the talk about our expenses.

Initial data: two people, 15 days, a route to Casablanca, Chefchaouen, Tangier, Fez, Marrakech, Agadir, Essaouira and Casablanca Leisure. Expenses quote for two.


25000 rubles back and forth (for two), flew Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul. Flights found on .


We came 1450 dirkham (10100 rubles), but it was a lot of movement, as you can see from the route. We traveled on buses and trains, sometimes in a taxi in the city, but mostly by public transport. Could save, moving between cities on cheaper buses, but we had a bad experience such "savings", did not try again


30400 rubles. 14 nights + one on the train.

We do not parade, and filmed in the main room in traditional houses - Riad, which are located in the medina - the old town. used Airbnb (we have there bonuses), but to get the lowest prices and a wider selection, I recommend , which compares prices from several reservation systems.

On the whole, 20$ on the day it is possible to remove a good room for two, a bed in a hostel - for 6-7$ person. But the prices depend on the season.


2065 dirkham (14450 rubles). the cost of food in the middle of Morocco, I can not give cheap food. At one time rarely gave less 70 Dhs for two. Inexpensive cafe there, but it's a fast food, or are in the non-touristic areas.


gave 1000 dirkham (7000 rubles) for a two-day trip to the desert with an overnight stay in a tent. The museums did not go, full flavor of Morocco - in the streets, and it's very cool.


350 dirkham (2450 rubles). Nothing major has not bought (Tipo leather bags, Dummies, rugs). although there was a great temptation. So the little things ... cosmetics, magnets, African dress.


80 dirkhamov (560 rubles). Initially bought a sim card 1 GB Internet and calls for 50 dirkham, but it turned out, that it acts only three days. then he bought in addition 3 GB internet for 30 ie.

in total: 90000 rubles we spent for two with flights from Moscow for the 15-day trip. Yes, could and less, opportunities to save many.

When to go and what to do

Holidays in Morocco is very diverse. In addition to the classic beach option for tourists there are many excursions. Where to go in Morocco? The choice is huge. Professional guides will not only tell and show the main attractions, but also be acquainted with the special features of the country, cultural values ​​and rich history. It is best suited for this purpose in March and April, October-November and winter: comfortable temperature, not hot and not cold.

In Morocco, it snowed, winter is cool enough

In winter, the tourist flow has not dried up, but simply changing kind of vacationers. Come to Morocco from December to March are interested in ski slopes and trails presence friraydnyh. Such fun to taste like a noisy youth companies, and wealthy couples, coming to rest actively. Best snow can be caught from January to February, in other months willingness runs depends on the weather.

Alternative seasonal snowboard and alpine skiing - surfing. Waves in the kingdom there all year round, and therefore the surfing season is all 12 months. Even when Russia's mid-winter, splash in the ocean with the board very comfortable. Where better to go for a vacation in Morocco, if you go to surf, you can look at the pages serfshkol, including Russian, which are in abundance on the coast of the kingdom. Depending on the season, it is possible to do this north of the capital Rabat, Tangerine, Agadir, Marrakech.

Classic beach season begins in Morocco, as in Russia, end of May, but it takes a little longer - until October. Velvet is the time from late August to late October. This is the best time, to rest in the kingdom with the children.

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