Alicante Airport, El Altet

Airport history

This terminal has the official name - El Altet. It was built and opened in 1967 year. This aero complex was built to replace the old air gate., which have been used to service flights since 1936 of the year. The terminal is located in the area of ​​the same name (hence the name). In the early 70s, passenger turnover increased sharply here.. Number of passengers, served per year, reached 1 million. This increase in passenger turnover has led to the need to build another terminal. The airport area has been increased, and also expanded GDP up to 3 km. More, than through 20 years the airport was reconstructed again. A new building was built here, in which office space for air carriers was equipped. The new building also has a Mission Control Center and a Business Center for various companies., in particular, serving the airport.

What to visit in the city?

In Alicante, it is not at all necessary to limit your vacation to the hotel territory and the beach. The city has a huge number of interesting and beautiful places, as well as cultural attractions, which every tourist should see. One of the most popular walks among both locals, and tourists alike, is the Esplanade boulevard. Palm trees, beautiful floor finish, numerous restaurants and cafes, street musicians - all this makes the atmosphere in this area unique and unforgettable.

You can also highlight 1 evening for a walk along the embankment, which bears the same name as the city. The embankment is lined with 3D tiles: the floor looks like a lot of volumetric cubes or three-dimensional pyramids. Take a walk on the pier, which goes far out to sea. A walk like this will bring you peace., relaxation and positive emotions. There are cafes and restaurants on the waterfront, SPA-salons. Local restaurants offer traditional Spanish seafood dishes.

Alicante airport inside

The seaport in the city is one of the main and central symbols of Alicante. This port is very large and beautiful. Here you can see different types of yachts, boats, small ships, which look great against the background of water and blue sky.

For those, who is interested in architectural monuments, worth a visit to St. Mary's Basilica. This church was built many centuries ago. She is the oldest in the city

Therefore, this structure attracts the attention of many tourists and is one of the main attractions in the city.. The basilica is located in 5 walking distance from boulevard Esplanade

The Santa Cruz neighborhood is the oldest neighborhood in the city, where can you see, what Spain was like many centuries ago. Ancient stairs have been preserved here, narrow streets, low houses, many of which were built 100 years ago and more. Here are deserted streets, where you rarely meet a person. Therefore, this place is very contrasting compared to other busy areas of the city..

Also being in Alicante, worth seeing the fortress of Santa Barbara. This is the castle, which is at the top of the mountain. Now tourists are given the opportunity to climb the fortress on foot or by high-speed elevator. The second option is paid. In this castle you will learn the history of the city, and also see the costumed performances of local residents, which through the show tell about the history of the city.

On foot

To reach the hotel, it is not necessary to use transport. You can reach the city on foot. This option is especially relevant for those, who has a minimum of luggage with them and arrives at the airport in the early morning, when the buses don't run yet. In this case, there are two options - pay 30 euros for a taxi or save this money and get to the desired point on foot. You will have to walk a little over 2 hours. Worth considering, that there are sections on the way, which are completely devoid of lighting. Therefore, walking is not recommended in the dark., as it is easy to get lost here.

Alicante airport

Airport and parking map

On the website of the Alicante air port, you can see a convenient interactive airport map. Terminal locations, parking lots, bus stops, taxi stands, restaurants and cafes, the shops, waiting rooms, Wi-Fi zones, runway strip, departure and arrival hall, transit area - all this can be seen on the diagram of Alicante airport.

If the passenger arrives in his own car, then you can leave it in the parking lot, located near the first terminal. More 2000 parking spaces, temporary and long-term parking - everything for the convenience of passengers. also in 5 minutes from Alicante airport there are paid indoor parking, working 24 hours a day, the cost of the service will cost approximately 15-19 EUR per day, hourly parking is also possible.

Alicante airport shared indoor parking


Alicante Airport has been completed 4 May 1967 years to replace the old La Rabassa. On the very first day, the first landing of the "Convair" aircraft was made, owned by the air carrier Aviaco.

In the end 1969 Iberia, one of the most popular airlines in Spain, joined the airport, making Alicante your hub (hub airport). Regular flight routes have been created from Alicante to Madrid and from Alicante to Barcelona. This provoked a sharp increase in passenger traffic, t. to. all people, forced earlier to go to the airport of Valencia and from there by land routes to get to Alicante and Costa Blanca, could now do it directly.

In the early 1970s, the numbers reached 1 million people, forcing the government to build a new passenger terminal, who started his part-time job in 1972 year, serving international flights only. 1974 the year was marked by the introduction of domestic routes to the new terminal.

TO 1978 year, passenger traffic again reached a record level in 2 million people, what was the reconstruction of the terminal. In the 1980s, for technical reasons, the length of the runway was increased from 2700 m to 3000 m. The complete restructuring was completed only in 1996 year, increasing parking spaces for aircraft to 60 thousand. quarter. m, and the throughput of the terminal is up to 9 million passengers.

IN 2004 year, due to the decline in popularity of the main airline of the airport Iberia, low-cost air carriers have become popular, which is why Alicante was soon designated as a hub for EasyJet, and 2007 for Ryanair.

2011 the year was the year of the opening of a completely new passenger terminal, completely replacing them 1 and 2 terminals, used up to this point. Throughput has reached 20 million people a year.

In the same year, Ryanair became Alicante's leading air carrier, increasing its presence to 11 airliners, 62 routes and serving more 3 million passengers. However, by October, the company was forced to cut half of flights due to disagreement on the use of air bridges of the new terminal. (previously used asphalt surface, but after reconstruction the airport began to demand safer operation).

TO 2014 four leaders of the airport's air carriers have been determined - this is Ryanair, EasyJet, Vueling и Norwegian Air Shuttle.

23 June 2016 Alicante registered its busiest day, sending 347 flights (about 3 flight per minute) and about 58 thousand. human.

Car rental at Alicante airport

Prices for car rental at Alicante airport start from 40 EURO PER WEEK! But be careful with the conditions, this price may not include unlimited mileage! Also, be sure to read the reviews about that company., in which you are going to book a car (see reviews not only on rentalkars, but also, eg, on Google)

Pay attention to the deposit, which will be frozen on your credit card, as well as for the franchise (cost of, which in case of damage to the car is not covered by insurance, but paid out of your pocket). Anyway, I recommend taking out insurance for a franchise - through the website of rentalkars or directly at the company's office. Do not forget that, what do you need as a national driving license, and international

Take the time to spend a little time studying all the conditions, so as not to waste time and nerves, if suddenly something goes wrong during the rental

Do not forget that, what do you need as a national driving license, and international. Take the time to spend a little time studying all the conditions, so as not to waste time and nerves, if suddenly something goes wrong during the rental.

That's all, enjoy your holiday on the Costa Blanca!


How to get from Alicante airport to the city at night? Buses run only until evening. If you are arriving or departing on a night flight, the best solution would be to order a taxi. You can do this by phone. In this case, it is better to order a car in advance on the website of the corresponding service.. With such an order, the driver will meet you at the airport, who will have a sign with your name in his hands. You can find a free car with a driver on the nearby streets near the airport at any time of the day.. Therefore, problems with finding a car, which takes you to town, should not arise. If you don't have enough free time to explore the sights of the city, you can see the city while taking a taxi. A driver with extensive experience in this city will show you the most popular tourist spots, the best sights and tell a lot about the city. If you don't have time for a full excursion, then the role of a guide can be performed by a taxi driver. Travel to the city will cost about 30 euros depending on the specific address.

Hotels nearby

Hotels near the airport are convenient not only for, whose plane leaves early in the morning or late in the evening, but also for ordinary vacationers, because Alicante is a great resort with sea and beaches.

El Plantío Golf Resort - a truly luxurious hotel

A bit further, in 3 km from the terminal, расположился двухзвездочный отель Pensimar – весьма удобный и комфортабельный. Guests are welcome here cozy, nicely decorated rooms, Free Wi-Fi, economical prices and a nearby beach.

Another hotel near the airport - El Plantio. This is a truly luxurious hotel, where is the golf course, spacious terrace for sunbathers, pool, children playground. The restaurant is open, offering like a regular menu, and dietary.

Find out more about these and other hotels near the Alicante airport - their location, card, photo and guest reviews - .

Airlines and flights

Alicante airport receives a large number of regular and charter flights of different airlines, like spanish, and foreign. Here are some of them:

  • Aer Lingus;
  • Air Europa;
  • British Airways;
  • Danish Air Transport;
  • Iberia Regional;
  • Ryanair;
  • Luxair;
  • KLM;
  • Volotea;
  • Vueling;
  • Thomas Cook Airlines;
  • Scandinavian Airlines;
  • first Air;
  • TUI Airways;
  • Windrose Airlines;
  • TAROM;
  • Flybe;
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle;
  • Finnair;
  • Blue Air;
  • Lufthansa;
  • Swiss International Air Lines;
  • WOW air;
  • Atlantic Airways;
  • blindly;
  • Monarch Airlines;
  • Edelweiss Air;
  • Ukraine International Airlines;
  • aeroflot;
  • VIM-avia;
  • Russia;
  • S4 Airlines;
  • And many others.

A significant proportion of flights to Alicante airport are tourist flights - over 80%. Almost all of them are from the UK, Germany and Holland. However, this does not in any way limit the airport in the variety of existing flights and cities., to which they go.

Of the Russians, Moscow can be attributed to them., St. Petersburg, etc.. d.

transport accessibility

Very good transport links to the airport. It can be reached in several different ways..


Main taxi company, serving the airport - Radio Taxi Elche. With its help, travel to Alicante will cost from 19 euro, to Benidorm from 70, to Calpe from 85, to Denia from 115 euro. Minimum acceptable price - 4,25 euro.

By bus

There are two types of buses operating at the airport: local and intercity. Locals connect the airport with the city of Alicante or Elche, their cost from 1,5 Euro fare.

Intercity travel to neighboring cities and their price will be from 2 to 10 euro.

A rental car

You can rent a car in the arrivals area of ​​Alicante, where almost all popular companies in the industry are located. It will cost from 400 euro.

Online flight scoreboard

Отследить актуальные рейсы поможет табло прилета Аликанте онлайн на сайте аэропорта. Прибытие транслируется во вкладке Arrivals:, а отправление — во вкладке Departures:

Информация предоставлена в формате таблиц, containing such data:

  • direction;
  • operator name;
  • flight number;
  • arrival / departure time;
  • flight status.

The time interval of the flights shown is indicated above the table.. Там же можно выбрать другой отрезок времени текущую дату или расписание на предыдущий и последующий дни.

note! Упростить и ускорить поиск поможет применение фильтра по авиакомпаниям. Для его настройки следует кликнуть на соответствующую кнопки над таблицей

By bus

Since this terminal is a three-story building, should know, that there is a way out not only for 1 floor. In particular, if you need to come to the bus stop, exit on the third floor. The stop is located next to the exit from the building of the air complex. You can get to the central part of the city, by buying a ticket for bus number C-6. This bus from Alicante airport to Alicante runs every day. Departures from the airport every 20-25 minutes. Final stop - Plaza puerta del mar. The bus takes passengers directly to the city center, to the area between the city beach and the seaport. It runs on schedule with 06:40 am to 23:00. From the center, the last bus leaves for 22:20. This must be taken into account, if you are returning home from Spain on a night flight and want to get to the airport by public transport. The first bus from the center goes to 06:00 morning. You do not need to buy a ticket in advance. It can be purchased at the entrance to the bus from the driver. travel costs 3,85 euro. The road will take 30-40 minutes.

Also from the airport you can get to another city. Buses run here in different directions. You can take the bus to Murcia. It runs from 09:00 am to 22:00. Bus in Elche (it has the inscription Elx or Elche) walks with 07:00 am to 22:00. It departs from the airport every 60 minutes, and from Elche to the airport - every two hours. There are also buses from the airport to Torrevieja and Arenales del sol.


At the moment, Alicante airport uses only one new terminal, rebuilt 23 Martha 2011 of the year. terminals 1 and 2, operated up to this point, completely closed.

Characteristics of the new passenger terminal:

  • Area - 333,5 thousand. quarter. m (which is more than 6 times the total area of ​​terminals 1 and 2);
  • Check-in counters - 96;
  • Boarding gates (gates) – 40, of them 15 with telescopic ladders for easy work;
  • Luggage carousels - 16;
  • Etc.

It is also divided into 4 floors:

  1. Level P-2 for land transport (buses, cars, etc.. P) and meeting points for people with special needs;
  2. P0 level for domestic and international flights, guard, car rental and people with special needs;
  3. P2 level for departures. Equipped with check-in counters, including automatic ones from Iberia;
  4. P3 level, as a waiting area (VIP rooms and conference rooms).

In addition, the passenger terminal has:

  • Several restaurants and cafes;
  • A large number of souvenir shops and other shops;
  • Free Wireless Internet - Wi-Fi.
  • Currency exchange offices;
  • Bank branches and ATMs;
  • Meeting Rooms;
  • VIP lounges;
  • Medical assistance and pharmacy;
  • Help for people with special needs;
  • Duty Free;
  • Tax-free;
  • And other.


Tax-free is a VAT refund option after a purchase of an amount higher 90,15 euro in one check. This requires the Global Blue form to be stamped, which was given to you in the store, on the ground floor in the VAT Refund office. After that, you need to contact the Global Exchange on the second level, next to gate 49. This office works with 7:00 to 24:00.

The refund amount may be slightly more 15%.

This video gives a short video overview of the internal infrastructure of Alicante airport and everything, what's inside.

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