Where to stay nearby Barcelona

From Barcelona to the south, in the direction of Costa Dorada (Golden Coast, Golden Coast)

Sitges, Costa del Garraf

Costa del Garraf (Costa del Garraf)

From Barcelona to the south first goes to the port industrial zone, then airport, then near the countryside begins, which is included even in the urban transport in Barcelona area - a town of Gava (when) and just behind Gavoi - Castelldefels (Castelldefels).
Castelldefels - a convenient place for those, who want to combine a beach vacation with frequent visits to Barcelona. Good to have a rental car, but can also be used by public transport. From Castelldefels to Barcelona Airport 10-15 minutes by car, to the outskirts of Barcelona 20-30 minutes (looks like there traffic jams), the center of 40 min. and more, we'll see how it goes. According kilometers closer, of course, but really jams on entry and exit..
In the off-season, when swimming in the sea is cold, in Castelldefels, especially with nothing to do. Just walk along the boardwalk. Downtown, where there is a historic castle with a park, playgrounds, It is not at sea, minutes to go by car 10. The Olympic channel located Castelldefels, where boating and similar sports.
Since the airport is very close, in Castelldefels sometimes noisy aircraft.
For Castelldefels Garraf Massif begins (Garraf), which is a national park and to the sea beyond the rocks, it is a fairly large. Through it prodolblen tunnel for trains and cars too. But it is possible to pass through the Garraf and through the beautiful mountain road.
Immediately Garraf Sitges is located (Sitges) - considered, that is the closest to Barcelona's biggest resort. Google gives distance from Sitges to Barcelona Aquarium 42-58 km and time 43-55 min.
Sitges - a town, the center of which is the interlacing of narrow streets, there is a promenade, have pseudo-part (structure 19-20 century, the buildings look as if they were built in the 15-16m century) - beautifully, but few. Sitges is known for Tango Festival, which is held here annually in the height of summer. This is a rave adult resort more focused on "creative people". Holidays with children - it, perhaps, we must go further.
Sitges is located behind Vilanova and Geltru (Vilanova i la Geltru): small and not very resort town. There is a small promenade and a small yacht harbor. The main attraction of Vilanova - locomotives Museum.

Costa Dorada

Next to Tarragona (Tarragona) each other are a few towns kurotnyh: Calafell (Calafell), coma Ruga (Coma Ruga) etc. They are arranged in much the same, like Castelldefels: long beaches with promenade, in a lively season, and in the off-season life on the coast freezes. there are hotels, there are apartments, It has a garden (villas).
Then Tarragona - big old town to the port, beautiful cathedral, pedestrian streets in the center of, shops, etc..
And just behind Tarragona begin going great and popular resorts - La Pineda (La Pineda), Salou (Salou), Cambrils (Cambrils). They are in fact a single resort area. Cambrils - more quiet and respectable place. Here and more expensive hotels. La Pineda has a reputation for quiet family resort, and Salou - family resort livelier. Perhaps, here it makes sense to go to the "non-resort time": hotels operate, They have pools, restaurants operate, playgrounds and everything else, too, in the presence of.
Salou is a famous amusement park - Port Aventura (Port aventura).
Then - a few small resorts.

Additionally Barcelona Airport, Costa Dorada can be (and more convenient) to get from Reus Airport (Reus).

Nearest resorts south: Costa del Garraf

For the port area, situated south of Barcelona, Gava is a small town, and behind him the resort town of Castelldefels. It can be considered one of the most convenient option, for a combination of relaxing on the beach, and frequent visits to Barcelona. The optimal solution would be to take the car in hire, then the road to Barcelona takes about 20-30 minutes to the outskirts and around 40 min to the center, Although cork can increase travel time. But you can get to the city and public transport. A nice plus is that, that Castelldefels is located very close to the airport of Barcelona, go before him in the whole car 10-15 minutes.
Castelldefels is for Garraf, Massif National Park. Through the mountain range road and rail tunnel was laid, so get to the next resort (Sitges) without problems.
Sitges is considered to be closest to the largest resort Barcelona. From Sitges to Barcelona Aquarium can be reached in the middle of 45 minutes – time. Sitges streets are narrow and intertwining. The town also has buildings, built in the 19-20 centuries, which look much older, if they were built in 15-16 centuries. Also in Sitges annual tango festival is held in summer. This resort is more suitable for adults. If you are going on vacation with children, it is better to go to more distant from Barcelona resorts.
One of the most popular tourist resorts in the whole of southern Spain is considered La Geltru and Vilanova. These cities are located between Barcelona and Tarragona, two historical and great cultural centers of the country. Despite the double name – this is one city, but in the past there were two separate field, wine region of the country. After the unification of the town became a major center of the fishing industry and an important exporter of fish in the Mediterranean state.
Today, the town has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. It likes to relax European bohemians, often hosts various festivals and art festivals. In the city there are wonderful examples of architecture, There are places with ancient Roman excavations, as well as a villa in the neoclassical style, which fully reflects the ancient history of the area.
Also, the resort has an abundance of golf courses, comfortable and luxurious hotels and many tourist excursion routes.
One of the main attractions of Vilanova i la Geltru – This locomotive museum, where the visitor view various exhibits appear different eras, by steam locomotives of last century to the future train. Such a museum in Europe no longer exists.
Those villas and residences, that it is located near the waterfront area of ​​the city, refer to the elite buildings of the Costa del Garraf. Clean golden beaches, beautiful ecological environment, an abundance of plants and greenery, as well as plenty of entertainment for golf and yachting, make this resort a great place to stay.
From Barcelona to Vilanova i la Geltru to go just about half an hour, and from the International Airport El Prat or Reus – near 15 minutes.
The following extraordinary resorts – This Castelldefels and Kubelyas. They are slightly inferior to the popular tourist resorts of other known, but also have their advantages. One of these advantages – low property prices.
Castelldefels – This Catalan town twenty kilometers from Barcelona, It is known for the largest port in Spain. There are excellent fish restaurants, bars and nightclubs, as well as six kilometers of beautiful beaches. Proximity to Barcelona attracts many people, who want to relax from the city noise, because here and settle the stars and celebrities.

The best beaches near Barcelona

Resting only a short time in a year, but from the good memories it is easier to move a long time work. Spain - the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday, where a lot of beautiful corners for a smooth Mediterranean tan and new experiences. A good example of this can serve resorts near Barcelona. The province can be happy to have a rest in the cities, from which you can reach in a short time to the capital. But at the same time to experience all the delights of nemnogolyudnyh streets, peace of solitude and tranquility.

  • Salou - in 10 km from Tarragona and just 92 - Barcelona, the capital of the Costa Dorada, one of the largest Spanish seaside resorts, with its long and endlessly interesting history, fame old Greek port and refuge of pirates a little later, a huge amusement park, to visit one day is not enough.
  • Cambrils, with the length of the beach in 10 km, and only 100 km from Barcelona, famous for its chamber-like, endless convenience, lots of handy little things - hotels, souvenir shops and fish, Sentry and Port Tower, castle Vilafortuny, Dating back to the 12th century.
  • Tossa de Mar, in 104 km from Barcelona, where you can not only relax on comfortable beach, but also to enjoy a relaxing holiday in a secluded cove, watching the beauty of the tide, and at the same time explore castle Villa Vella and villas of the ancient Romans.

Determine a holiday destination in Barcelona, ​​the province or the autonomous community of Catalonia, it is impossible to make a wrong choice. Here, all located nearby and can be visited if you want more, but also to enjoy the holiday in full.

Salou (more)

Barcelona city separates 110 kilometers. The resort is known for its well-kept beaches, numerous restaurants, cafes and hotels. All local beach area designated Blue Flag. Here you can visit the amusement park "Port Aventura" with various attractions and themed areas - Polynesia, Mexico, Sesame street, Wild West and China. Moreover, Salou you can go shopping. The main attractions of the city - Old Tower, Catalan manor and castle Torre Vella. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the singing fountains, Crackers have fun at the fountain and take a stroll along the boulevard James I.

Costa Brava

As I mentioned, This coastal area is located entirely in the province of Gerona. Leisure suit here the, who have not found a suitable option closer. Most of the beaches on this coast awarded a blue flag, Water different crystal clarity. Appreciated this region appreciate those, who love picturesque sea bay, amazing natural landscapes and exquisite holiday. Jewels of the Costa Brava are the resorts of Lloret de Mar and Blanes, which are also closest to Barcelona. But tourists, nevertheless ventured into hour journey on public transport, could look to other cities on the coast.

Malgrat de Mar

Prior to this resort on the Catalan capital can be reached in half an hour. Go there trains and buses. TO Malgrat de maru is a railway line P1. You need to take the train at the station of Sants, and a bus - bus station Estació del Nord.

The resort is characterized by a calm sea and golden sand on the beach. It's suitable for families with children and has a wide beaches, which stretched to the nearby resort. come here, to have a picnic on the coast, walk by the sea, swim and have a sunbath. Malgrat de Mar is popular with holidaymakers, and the season lasts until October. This month, staying here football fans, who compete for the cup of the Costa Brava.

Tarragona (more)

The main city of Catalonia is located on the resort, 98 kilometers. It consists of two parts - the lower quarter with a venue for concerts and exhibitions, and the Upper quarter with numerous nightclubs. In February here can visit the carnival. April is known for Dixieland Festival and the day of St. George, May - the Day, associated with the Roman culture and traditions, June - the day of St. Joan, July - fireworks competition, and September - the day of St. Thecla. Beach resort area stretches for fifteen kilometers. It is equipped with restaurants and bars. Here you can rent water equipment, sunbeds and umbrellas. Quite a lot of the beaches awarded the Blue Flag of Tarragona. Active guests come here, to go diving and surfing. This city is also called "Spanish Rome". Here you can take a tour of the abbey Pobleet, Jewish quarter, Cathedral, the palace of the Roman governor, aqueduct, amphitheater, Roman circus and the "Balcony of the Mediterranean" on the hill. The Tarragona work museum, which presents contemporary art, things, associated with the Roman period in the history of the city, and archaeological finds.


The resort occupies the southern part of the tourist area of ​​Costa Brava. Blanes is one of the oldest Coastal cities in Spain. Местные пляжи Бланеса невероятно живописны и окружены скалистой местностью, которая поросла соснами.

The main beach of Cala Bona resort every year awarded EEC Blue Flag for cleanliness and equipped.

Here tourists will not find a large number of attractions, although also there in Blanes on what to see. for instance, Castle of San Juan, which stands on one of the local rocks. Architectural building was erected in 16 century. It offers a delightful panoramic view of the city and the sea.

It is also interesting and a local botanical garden Marimurta, which shows the varied vegetation, and reacheth colorful view of the coast.

Besides, at Blanes there is an ancient Gothic monastery, the ruins of the palace of the Viscount of Cabrera, and more.

this quiet, cozy town with comfortable beaches, hotels and scenic views of the ideal suitable for holiday the whole family.

La Pineda

La Pineda is located a hundred kilometers from Barcelona. It is ideal for family holidays. Pools in local hotels have a small depth, Kids have fun with animators, a restaurants and cafes They offer a large selection of dishes from the children's menu. The resort has a beach area, which can smoothly enter into the water. Four local beach equipped cafe, restaurants and playgrounds. rental of umbrellas and sun beds where you work. In the city you can spend time in the center of "Pineda Drink" with nightclubs, tourist complex "Eurosport" and the water park "Aquapolis". July and August - the time of the numerous celebrations, during which serve local and visiting musical groups, are carnival processions and horse competitions. In the territory of La Pineda are unique attractions - the monument of the Mediterranean pines, Chapel of the Virgin Mary and the ancient town of "Vila-seca".

Costa Brava.

Costa Brava attracts tourists with cheaper prices and treasure collections of Salvador Dali.

Beach life in the Costa Brava resort starts at Palamos.

The best beach resorts on the Costa Brava near Barcelona:

  • Lloret de Mar (Lloret de Mar) - Youth beach resort and bustling Water World Adventure Park;
  • Tossa de Mar (Tossa de Mar). Batlló Palace (Municipal Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art) and the medieval walled city of Vila Velha (XI–XII век) - the main attractions of the resort;
  • Playa d'Aro (Beach d'Aro) - a sign of beaches Blue Flag for cleanliness of coastal waters, resort with a water park "Akvadiver" and chic disco;
  • Blanes (Blanes) - resort town, divided by steep cliffs into two parts.

The northern part of Blanes - port and residential areas. The southern part of Blanes - hotels, shopping and entertainment. Blanes presents its main attractions for tourists: XI century castle, Church of the XIV century, 3000 species of plants in the Botanical Garden, Gothic fountain at Carne Ample street, Marinlandiya fun water park in the town Palafoye.

However, not all travelers know, that most closely located to Barcelona beach resorts are less well known tourist resort areas Spanish Catalonia, which are considered the best resorts in Barcelona:

  • Costa del Garraf (north-east of the Costa Daurada);
  • Delio Costa Maresme (south of the Costa Brava).

Beach vacation at the best resorts in Spain Barcelona starts in June and lasts until the end of October.

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Cambrils resort for many years struck the hearts of tourists with its magnificence. Once this resort town near Barcelona (about 118 km) It was just a fishing village, but today he proudly welcomes its guests. Cambrils skillfully combines gold sand beach and turquoise ocean waves with the splendor of the architectural monuments in the local parks and chic modern tourist attractions. One of the areas of the city is preserved in the form of old - at home, which I have experienced many years of style, please tourists extraordinary atmosphere while walking. In Cambrils has all conditions for comfortable rest.

When is it best to rest in Barcelona?

One of the best moments, on tourist canons, is the time from the beginning of June until the end of August. However, it was then that the waves rushes largest flow of tourists, and the locals go on vacation. The May visit, despite the cool spring, and still not quite warm sea, It is attractive. Almost no one will, beach season in Barcelona will help.

Since the beginning of September the flow of tourists droops, but a lot of sun - head to Barcelona at this time is more than justified. Beach vacation in Barcelona in September, will be no worse than the summer months. We can not advise uniquely October, since it is possible to catch good weather, and it is possible to come, and when the sea is no longer swim, and sunbathing will not work, and walk around the city can be stopped rain falls. In winter, the trip is suitable only for a specific celebration, eg, Christmas Eve.

Weather in Barcelona by month

The average temperature by monthWater temperatureRainfall for monthThe average daily number of hours of sunshine

Tossa de Mar, Costa Brava

Costa Brava, a real jewel of the Mediterranean coast of Spain. This coastal area with the best resorts close to Barcelona, is located to the north of the Catalan capital - the water in the sea is warming up for longer, What the Costa Dorada, and entering the water depth differs sharply. There are no huge amusement parks, and a highlight of this part of Spain is a small resort town, scattered all along the coast, framed by the beautiful coastal scenery, small coves, surrounded by rocks, and beaches with coarse sand or fine gravel.

One of such places - Tossa de Mar, a fine example of a resort on the Costa Brava.

The proximity of the resort to Barcelona

Tossa is located 110 km from Barcelona. Distance

neblizkaya, but it is available, if there is a direct connection between the two cities. Unfortunately, in Tossa there is no train station, and the bus only goes to the nearby Lloret de Mar., who also can not boast of direct transport links with the capital of Catalonia. From Lloret you will need to take the bus to Blanes, from where trains run to Barcelona.

Путь довольно тернист. В качестве альтернативы, вы можете отправиться из Тоссы до Бланеса по морю – прекрасная морская прогулка на катере займет около часа, but be sure to plan your route in advance, to catch the train to Barcelona.


Tossa town chamber, where you can feel the true spirit of European Middle Ages. Despite, that tourists love this resort, find solitude in it is fairly easy – in the narrow streets, that meander around an ancient fortress, central attractions Tossa, or deleted in one of the plurality of bays charming, scattered on both sides of the central beach.

Yes, people are less, by virtue of the size of the town. However, due to the same modest size, feeling, that you are not in Tossa, and in Barcelona will occur quite often you.

Tourist infrastructure

Tossa - a quiet family resort, where have all the necessary, to enjoy the wonderful sea holiday. Lovers of nightlife and bustling entertainment is boring here - in Tossa you will find amusement parks and nightclubs, to make frequent trips to Barcelona will be uncomfortable. The beauty of relaxing in this town – walking through the quiet winding streets, in the study of ancient fortress, to visit interesting museums, one of which you can admire a masterpiece even by Marc Chagall.

More and nature

The city is located in a very scenic location. The central beach is located at the foot of the fortress of the XII century, which frame it like a rock. With central Bay City like climbing in the mountains, beautiful views on the roofs of the city, and seascapes.

The sea is quite deep, compared to the resorts of Costa Dorada, but because, the beach is in the bay, the water warms up very well.

The only drawback is the small size of the beach. In high season, the sea harbor is limited to swimmers due to maritime transport, moored in the middle of the beach.

On a 5-point scale Tossa receives the following estimates:

The proximity of the resort to Barcelona - 2/5

crowded – 3/5

Tourist infrastructure - 4/5

More and nature - 4/5

The best beaches of Barcelona and the surrounding area

And then we come to the main thing - relax in warm water or at the beach line. Which of beaches to choose? La Barceloneta is recommended for walks and cycling trips, and most of the rest, undoubtedly, elated to be hiking in the surrounding shops, Cafe, when podnadoest already lying in the sun. Nearby similar establishments weight!


the, anyone interested in Barcelona's best beaches with white sand, simply can not ignore Bogatell Beach. Connoisseurs praise for the width of an object, comparative emptiness even in the season and, of course, pure water

Some just recommend it for family leisure.

Platja de la Nova Icaria manages, however, get around his opponent - visitors are much more likely to put him positive marks. The more that the same children have something to do in the sports and playground.

As you can see, one of the key regions of Spain offers leisure travelers the most diverse leisure. And now you're guaranteed to be able to use them to their advantage!

Nova Icaria Beach

About Barcelona, as a place of resort and beach holiday

Barcelona - the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia, recently famous for its desire to become an independent state. Catalonia autonomous, but includes part of Spain. Barcelona province, part of the autonomous community of Catalonia, although it takes the 33rd place on the territory of, but the second highest number of population among all 50 Spanish provinces.

Additional Information! Recently, in 2017-m, Barcelona received a certificate and responsible tourism has been recognized as a Biosphere direction. The popularity of the resort area of ​​Barcelona and resorts on the beach says a consistently high flow of tourists. Last year, here came a little less tourists, what is the total number of local residents, live here permanently.

The Catalan autonomous community of resort towns a great many: settlements areas of the Costa del Garraf, User - an expensive and noisy, Costa del Maresme - "fruit coast" and Costa Brava, where the most popular ones are close to the city of Barcelona - Lloret de Mar and Blanes.

Resorts near Barcelona - a scattering of pearls, among which, in expensive necklace, difficult to choose the most beautiful. Barcelona - the city of fairy tale, which I heard every person on Earth, with unforgettable sights and unique flavor.

Beach holiday in Spain

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