How to get from Moscow to Alicante

we eat train

We offer two of the most convenient and cheapest route.

option №1. It takes 2 day and 3 o'clock. The cost of the route 460-600 euro.

  • At the station Belorusskaya Moscow, take a train to Strasbourg. He goes twice a week, Time travel - 35 hours.
  • Strasbourg station are transferring to a train Tgv (He runs every day). Time on the road 5 hours. Exit need to stop Montpellier Saint-Roch.
  • Change to the TGV train to Barcelona Barcelona Sants. The trip will take 3 o'clock.
  • At the station in Barcelona, ​​take the train Em carrier RENFE and through 5 hourly output per Alacant-Terminal.

variant №2. It takes 2 day and 16 hours. The cost of the route 420-580 euro.

  • At the station Belorusskaya Moscow, take the train D. The path will spend 2 day. Come out to the Nice Ville station.
  • The Nice-Ville, take the SNCF train to the station in Marseilles St-Charles. In some ways 3 hours.
  • At Marseille Gare Saint-Charles take the train Ave, which runs every day. The road will take almost 5 hours. Exit the station need to Barcelona.
  • There are transferring to a train Em carrier RENFE and through 5 hours leave the station in Alicante.

Who fly - Airlines and prices

Alicante performs only company
Vueling. The distance between the small cities,
the flight lasts only 1 time 10 minutes. Much
More carriers offer to fly
in transit, with a connection in Madrid,
Palma de Mallorca, Amsterdam, etc.. d.
Variants of such flights
there is
the companies:

  • Air

  • KLM;

  • Transavia;

  • TAP

flight with low-cost airlines Vueling

Vueling flies to budget carrier
Alicante quickly and cheaply.
How I told before, The flight takes a little
over an hour. timetable
- depart
2-5 times a day.

offers three tariff:

  1. Basic
    - the cheapest,
    It includes hand luggage in 10 kg,
    free online registration (for 7
    days before departure). For site selection, change
    the date you need to pay extra;

  2. Optima
    - it allows you to carry a suitcase up 25 kg, selection
    seats, registration (online or at
    airport) free, but the change
    pay reservation. flight cancellation
    not allowed;

  3. TimeFlex
    - luggage weight is limited in 10 kg. But
    can be free to change the time or date

will have to pay extra baggage:
from 17 € (1200 ₽) for 15 kg 44 € (3000 ₽) for 30
kg. If you buy
next week, it will not cost
smaller 60 € (4000 ₽). When booking for
7-10 days before departure, you can fly over 30
€ (2000 ₽) with hand luggage, or 54 € (4000
₽) with luggage up 25 kg.

economical issue tickets
4-5 months, then you can find flight
minimum cost
— 25
€ (1800 ₽). Plus this option, many
- there is no direct, aircraft
daily, convenient schedule,
no night flights
you can leave the airport only
taxi), flexible rates. But the flight from loukost
- it is simply a transfer from one city
in another, and storage, more comfortable
a seat in, food has to pay extra.

Flights from Barcelona to Alicante

the company made through Madrid
or Palma de Mallorca.
planes fly
4-5 times a day. minimal
docking duration - 40 minutes,
so that the entire flight
will last
2,5 o'clock. The cheapest tickets cost
Low season - from November to March. for 2
weeks before the flight can be purchased
56 € (3800 ₽) with hand luggage on 10 kg or
86 € (6000 ₽) with things on 23 kg.

beach season (June - September) you
will give a minimum 112 € (8000 ₽). Purchase
back appreciable savings gives. carriers
fly through Amsterdam.
On the day of the flight 2-4.
The shortest docked - 1,5 o'clock.
To buy tickets
the next 2-3 weeks I do not advise: you
overpay 7-10 thousand. most reasonable
book a flight
1-2 months, then the light will cost flight
approximately 7000-9000 ₽, and with luggage up 23 kg -
about 11000-12000 ₽.

in business class costs about 37000 ₽. how
view, prices
so it makes sense to pay retroactive
way. Whereas air travel in both
sides (baggage included) will cost
15000–16000 ₽.

Another good suggestion from
Portuguese national airline.
Depending on the season the day is done
5-10 flights
docking in Lisbon.
In low season, you can purchase a ticket
6000 ₽, if you fly with a travel bag
on 8 kg. A flight with the suitcase to 23 kg
It costs 7-8 thousand ₽.

cost of
air travel
in the summer months more: without things from
9000 ₽, and with things - from 10500 ₽. Business Class
costs 27000-30000 ₽.

We flew by plane from Moscow

From Moscow to Alicante Airport there are direct flights from the companies:

  • S7
  • Vueling
  • aeroflot

Departures are scheduled from 2 to 7 once a week depending on the season. In summer you can fly charter with Transaero - this company is well-proven in this area.

Low fares as usual increase of 3 months before the start of the high season. If you plan to fly with Vueling, consider, they do not include the cost of luggage, for it will have to pay extra. And feed on board the airline you will not, Although this is a traditional practice for loukost.

Can get to Alicante and with transfers:

  • Czech Airlines or Aeroflot to Madrid, here - by train 2,5 hours to Alicante
  • Vueling to Barcelona, and then - by train 5,5 hours

A popular option the flight with a connection in Madrid offers airline Iberia. The main advantages of this choice: fast docking (about the time), affordable price, two flights - morning and evening.

From Barcelona to Alicante by bus

Bus - not the most profitable option for the ratio of the ticket price and travel time. Yes, he follows the direct route and very comfortable, but to get on it for about 3-4 hours longer, than by train. And the cost is even higher.

However, ALSA carrier there are night flights, so this option is for those, who plan to travel late at night and in the morning come.

ALSA bus

Daily bus company ALSA is done quite a lot of direct flights on this route. So, The first bus has already sent in 7.00 morning, and the last - in 01.00 night.

Conveniently, that part of the flight is carried out from the main station, and some - from the North Station. You can choose the bus stop, that is closest to your hotel.

A photo: Ekaterina Ivanova

So, from the train station Barcelona Sants bus leaves at 7.15 morning and 18.20 evening. A train station Nord - in 7.00, 9.00, 10.00, 12.00, 18.00, 19.00, 22.00, 01.11. Flights are operated direct with a total travel time of about 7-8 hours.

If you go last night bus, in Alicante will be 9.20 morning. This is a good opportunity to save on hotel, If you're ready for a night journey.

Ticket price for ALSA bus starts from 47 euro.

ALSA bus ride from Barcelona Airport

Good news for those, who arrives in Barcelona's El Prat Airport and plans to immediately go to Alicante: in this area direct bus ALSA. The duration of the trip - about 7 hours 30 minutes.

Low performed by terminal T1 10.25 morning and 01.25 night. So that, Even arriving late at night, you can easily get to your destination.

The ticket price for the bus from the airport also starts from 47 euro.

Buy ticket for the Barcelona Bus - Alicante online

If you want to see the schedule and buy tickets on the ALSA bus in Russian, you can do it at a convenient site There, set the options on the time of departure, ticket price and find the right flight at a bargain price, comparing the bus departure at once with trains.

I bought a ticket to come to you via e-mail. It will only print out and come in to land, showing the ticket to the driver. Usually, ticket prices below, if you take them in advance - for 1-2 of the month.

Direct Flights Barcelona - Alicante, Schedule and prices

flight sortie on my way arrival departure days
Vueling airlines (YOU 1302)Airbus A320 06:45Barcelona (BCN) 1 no. 10 min 07:55Alicante (ALC) 27, 28 February, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26 Martha, …
Vueling airlines (YOU 1302)Airbus А320 06:45Barcelona (BCN) 1 no. 10 min 07:55Alicante (ALC) daily, except Tue, entirely with 26.10 by 30.11
Vueling airlines (YOU 1302)Airbus A320 06:50Barcelona (BCN) 1 no. 10 min 08:00Alicante (ALC) only 19, 26 February, 4, 11, 18, 25 Martha
Vueling airlines (YOU 1306)Airbus A320 08:25Barcelona (BCN) 1 no. 10 min 09:35Alicante (ALC) only 12 April
Vueling airlines (YOU 1312)Airbus А320 08:55Barcelona (BCN) 1 no. 10 min 10:05Alicante (ALC) daily 28.03

show all (20)

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Find biletot 2 082 ₽

Helpful information

  • Alicante is located in Spain
  • Code IATA: ALC
  • continent: Europe
  • Currency: euro (EUR) (Course: 1 EUR = 70.46 RUB)
  • present time: 16:11 (GMT+1)
  • The current date: 27.02.2020

Flights to Alicante: cheap, quickly, comfortable - all on site You will easily find our scheduled flights, budget and charter airlines. We offer the best prices for any class of service for flights to Alicante. Leave the question of the cost of the tickets to us to decide, you can only pack the luggage and inform friends about the journey!

For many, the name "Alicante" is associated exclusively with the airport, from where you can reach the beaches of Benidorm. But for knowledgeable people, this city is connected with fascinating excursions on land and at sea, and incendiary club party. Book flights to Alicante on today and enjoy the charming atmosphere of the Spanish Costa Blanca.

Alicante - what to do?

Alicante can be divided into three parts: Esplanada de Espana (Esplanada de Espana), – palm alley along the Mediterranean coast (many consider it the most beautiful promenade in Spain), The old quarter of Santa Cruz, west limited Rambla de Méndez Núnez, and the ancient castle of Santa Barbara (Castle Santa Barbara) on top of the 160-meter-high white cliffs (Benancatil). The castle can be reached by cable car. There opened a small museum and arranged a viewing platform, which offers a magnificent view of the whole city and the sea.

The oldest building in the city is located at the castle hill - is the church of Santa Maria. During the XVIII century Baroque façade hides Gothic walls. Another noteworthy church since the Renaissance is located in the center of Santa Cruz Quarter, in the weave of narrow pedestrian streets, – is the Cathedral of San Nicolas.

Worthy of attention and is located in a former hospital Museum of Archeology (Museo Arqueologico), Here you can learn about the history of Spain, almost all, from the Stone Age.

Tired of wandering around the city? Go to the beach, to the azure waters of the Costa Blanca, where you can rent diving equipment and enjoy the life of sea creatures, or arrange an excursion to the island of Tabarka, in the marine reserve.

The night life of Alicante also abounds. The bulk of the party-goers in the contracted area of ​​the old town and harbor, where every summer the beach bars (çiringito) grandiose party.

Shopping in Alicante

Alicante will be enjoyed by the most notorious shopaholic - there are also exclusive boutiques, and natural markets, and ordered shopping malls. Souvenirs and traditional handicrafts - ornaments, handbags, shoes - can be found in the historic quarter of El Barrio. In the shopping center Gran Via more than one hundred boutiques, and Panoramis complex can, except for purchases, also enjoy a magnificent view of the bay.

Local cuisine Alicante

traditional tapas (tapas) - first choice of travelers in Alicante. Going from one tapas bar to another, you can try all options in the menu: olives, prawns with chilli and garlic (the so-called gambas pil pil), snails, mussels and much more. However, the most popular dish in the city, which is served at any restaurant - Paella (paella), rice with saffron, chicken, shrimp and red pepper, be sure to try it out before you leave town.

Calendar of low prices on airline tickets Alicante - Germany

Cheap flights Alicante - Germany (ALC - DE) find you the cheapest flights to Alicante - Germany, Compare the cost of a ticket to Germany 45 agencies, 5 reservation systems and 728 airlines. Exactly where to buy airline tickets Alicante - Germany - the choice is yours.

It is worth noting, that the direction of Alicante - Germany is the most popular in January, September and November.
During this period, the average cost of a ticket is

9 953₽

The most popular destinations on the route Alicante - Germany are:

  • Alicante - Berlin
  • Alicante - Cologne
  • Alicante - Dusseldorf

In the low season - in March, June and August

price on flights falls to an average of

9 087₽

Direct flights from Alicante to Germany

The easiest way to be at the destination - a direct flight. Direct flights from Alicante to Germany perform airlines:

  • Air Berlin
    in Berlin (1 day a week, flight AB2595), in Munich (1 day a week, flight AB2093), Dusseldorf (5 days a week, flight AB2547)
  • Norwegian Air International
    Hamburg (2 days a week, flight D85508), in Munich (2 days a week, flight D85464)
  • Ryanair
    Karlsruhe (2 days a week, flight FR9054), Cologne (2 days a week, flight FR1356), Hamburg (2 days a week, flight FR4025), Bremen (2 days a week, flight FR9056), in Frankfurt (2 days a week, flight FR7321), in Berlin (3 days a week, flight FR159), Dusseldorf (4 days a week, flight FR6213)

Getting from Alicante to Germany with change, you can make the trip even more interesting, after docking may be carried out in:

  • Lisbon

    (WI1123 flight Alicante - Berlin Airline TAP Portugal)

  • (LS1412 flight Alicante - Munich Airline

This is a great chance to get to know these cities, after the transplant is usually not less than 6 hours.

must be considered, that depending on the number of days, remaining before departure, the price of a plane ticket Alicante - Germany may change more than doubled. advises to buy airline tickets Alicante - Germany advance, then you can choose the flight conditions, focusing on their needs and financial capabilities.


flight prices from Alicante to Germany

The best prices for tickets Alicante - Germany, Point of our visitors over the past 48 hours *:

Route One way Roundtrip
Alicante - Berlin


20.03 – 22.03.2020

Alicante - Munich


12.03 – 15.03.2020

Alicante - Dusseldorf


05.03 – 12.03.2020

Alicante - Frankfurt


07.04 – 19.04.2020

Alicante - Hamburg


26.04 – 10.05.2020

Alicante - Cologne


02.04 – 06.04.2020

Alicante - Memmingen


13.03 – 15.03.2020

Alicante - Dortmund


05.03 – 12.03.2020

Cheapest flights from Alicante to Germany, found by our users in the last 48 hours:


in the direction of Alicante - Berlin

by OpenSkies airline

with departure 25.04.2020 and cost

2 195 rubles

The fastest ticket from Alicante to Germany:


in the direction of Alicante - Munich

on Air Berlin airline

with the closest departure 01.03.2020 and flight duration
2h 25min.

airlines, flying from Alicante to Germany

  • Air Berlin

  • Brussels Airlines

  • Vueling

  • Ryanair

  • Flybe

  • Aer Lingus

  • Norwegian Air International

  • Jetairfly

Direct Flights Alicante - Germany

Flight from whence sortie On my way Arrival days of departure

Air Berlin



Dusseldorf 12:45 2h 40m 15:25

Mon, cf., Thurs, Fri, Sat.




Dusseldorf 10:35 2h 45 m 13:20

Mon, cf., Fri, vs




Berlin 19:50 3Three 0m 22:50

cf., Fri, vs




Cologne 06:45 2h 35 m 09:20

Mon, Fri

Norwegian Air International



Hamburg 17:05 2h 55 m 20:00

Mon, Fri




Hamburg 16:45 3h 15 m 20:00

Mon, Thurs




Bremen 19:25 3Three 0m 22:25

Mon, Fri




Karlsruhe 20:00 2h 30 m 22:30

Tue, Sat.

Norwegian Air International



Munich 07:35 2h 35 m 10:10

Thurs, vs




Frankfurt am Main 08:25 2h 40m 11:05

cf., vs

Airports, serving the direction of Alicante - Germany

Airports Alicante, of which offers flights to Germany:

Alicante (ALC)

Most popular airports, serving the direction of Alicante - Germany:

Alicante (ALC)

Bremen (BRE)

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