Which of the resorts in Spain for a holiday with two 4-6 year old children in October?

Sea and festivals

In the autumn all over the world it is time to start festivals: and have time to take a dip in the sea, and the festival there.

In order to economize, Preparing for the trip in advance: tickets to festivals cheaper to buy in the past month and a half before the event. At the same time it is better to book hotels and flights. Fly to the sea now: take on all apartment or house - will be released on 20-40% cheaper.


It would be desirable exotics - fly to Morocco. It is quite another level of relaxation - on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, in the fabulous Eastern country. In October, a vacation more pleasant, than ever: Coast Air Temperature + 30 ° C, water - about + 20 ° C. Very warm water - in Casablanca and Rabat (to +23).

Be sure to look at the ancient Marrakech - eastern town market with colorful stalls, beautiful Medina and snake charmers on the street. If you have time, Go to the Sahara Desert, in the city of Fez and Tangier.

Djemaa el Fna - the liveliest place in Marrakech. Day here selling fruit, spices, national dress, and in the evening heard tambourines and tested performances.

If the autumn is rainy, then with dip can not carry out the cold water and strong waves. Sun weather in October is perfect, but it is better to choose hotels with swimming pool.

Flights to Morocco will cost 40 000–45 000 rubles per roundtrip. Calve in Agadir - from 1199 rub. / night for two people.


In Batumi in October still is warm weather - you can swim and sunbathe. Water temperature does not fall below +23, the air is heated to + 25 ° C. In the Batumi good free pebbly beaches, which in October is already empty. And yet it is in this month to the shores dolphins often swim.

October - the most generous in the holiday month of Georgians. Held in Batumi festival of Georgian culture "Chveneburebi" with free views, traditional dancing, songs, wine, Hinkali and hachapuri more Adjarian.

Bury rent a car or send them with a guide to the capital. Do not miss the traditional "Tbilisoba" (this year October 7-8) - a large-scale city day. The street is fried skewers, prepare churchkhela, selling fruit and cheese. The central event - the crush grapes in wooden vats in the traditional way, legs. You can even participate, if you're lucky - only to have to wear rubber boots.

A huge plus to rest in Georgia in the fall - it saves. Country and so affordable for tourists, but for the second month of autumn the prices decrease even more. Nice apartment or a hotel room can be rented for 1500 rubles per day.

If you want to lie on the beach and catch the exciting events, Plan a vacation until mid-October. Thereafter it becomes colder until +12 - take an umbrella and warm clothes.

Flights from Moscow to Batumi will cost 10 000–12 000 rubles per person in both directions. Hotels in Batumi - 1199 from rubles. / night for two people.

North Goa, India

In October, India's dry and sunny, open beach Shaki (kafeshki) and trans-runner seasons Times. On the beaches of little people - tourists only come to the end of the month. Merchants maximum helpful and welcoming. Arabian sea is calm and quiet, but a few days of the month are the waves. The water temperature is + 28 ° C, air - about + 31 ° C day.

With spending on holiday in India can meet the 50 000 rubles, if you go one-on-two weeks. The most expensive part - flights. In October, India once again begin to fly charters, so there is a chance to fly cheap. Accommodation can be removed at a price off-season - they were in November, will grow by 20-30%.

In North Goa whole life is on the beach - here swimming and sunbathing, dine in coastal shekah, talk in a juice centers and come off on the trans-parties.

If the flight 2 October, popadosh birthday of Mahatma Gandhi in Old Goa, when the whole city is filled with garlands of flowers. At the end of the month there is a chance to capture the celebration of Diwali. It is the festival of lights, which is celebrated 7-11 November. Hindus praise the Goddess Lakshmi, lighting candles.

Keep in mind, during local festivals to visitors attention: everyone wants to be photographed with you, or at least touch.

Flights from Moscow to Goa will cost 30 000–40 000 rubles per roundtrip. Hotels in North Goa - from 999 rub. / night for two people.

Weather in Spain in October – features

so, why we recommend that you consider the country to travel in October?

If left, so your holiday fell exactly on autumn, then go ahead and buy
Spain Tour.
For people craving a beach relaxation in October, sea ​​in some parts of the country still warm, and a huge number of water parks and entertainment centers, such
as, eg, izvestneshy family
amusement park Port Aventura, will be more comfortable to stay there, due to the lack of queues.
Starting in October, to rest on one of the
resorts in Spain,
please bring all beach accessories, and do not forget to put in the suitcase a couple of warm clothes, If your plans include visiting the mountain
Spain or evening walks along the sea.

Let be, for Spain in October is warm enough, yet the sea is not warming up already so well, to fully enjoy long swims, more
breaks down heavy wind and rain also increases the likelihood of, However, for people ready to see all the treasures of Spain will not be a hindrance rainy days in October.
Holidays are suitable, for a romantic trip of a young couple, and for families of people, preferring comfort without fuss.

resorts t Wed afternoon, oC t Wed night, oC t of water cf., oC Number of rainy days, cf.
Alicante +23 +17 +22 2
Barcelona +23 +17 +22 3
Valencia +23 +27 +22 4
Gran-Canaria +27 +23 +24
Girona +22 +13 +20 3
Ibiza +25 +22 +23 3
Costa Blanca +25 +21 +23 1
Costa Brava +22 +16 +19 4
Costa Dorada +22 +16 +20 4
Madrid +21 +13 4
Mallorca +25 +19 +24 2
Salou +24 +17 +22 2
Sevilla +27 +18 +21 3
Tenerife +25 +20 +24 3

Why buy souvenirs and gifts? What to bring from Spain in October?

  • Memory. Many tourists buy any favorite item to keep the memory of a wonderful trip.
  • Collecting. Many travelers go around the world and collect certain items, let souvenirs hedgehogs or rabbits, plates, mugs, hats, etc.. And so on the shelf is going to a whole collection of hedgehogs from different countries. Many collect bill, coins, etc..
  • unusual souvenirs. acquire the, they can not buy at home. This can be wine, utensil, machinery, etc..
  • Handmade gifts. Things, who never buy, except here. Many appreciate the personality and flavor of the country and buy handmade gifts.
  • Value. Each country has its own values. For example, in Belgium the most delicious chocolate, in China or Vietnam – tea and so on. In any case, you will understand, what to bring from Spain.

Always there will be gifts for even the most demanding travelers.

Map of low prices for flights in October

October has something to love. Autumn is in full swing. Trees shed their decoration, and fallen leaves littered the streets of the red and yellow carpets cities. like leaves, tore off branches, many tourists, well-rested in the summer, en masse to leave the beach resort towns and European capitals, which makes this particular month period certain "prime time" for off-season travel.
Although the tour at the beginning of the month favored by very few factors, we will tell you about places, which offers vacation, which is suitable for anyone - whether a budget option for recreation, holiday for those, who crave the exotic or just would like somewhere to briefly escape from the monotony of everyday life. so, not postponing it indefinitely: here's a list of a variety of locations around the world, where you can relax in October.

October Spain: heat, low prices, relaxing stay

I do not like chilly, crude fall, just in Moscow on October just such. I wanted to extend the summer, for this reason I chose Spain. by the way, in October, the country's tourist season ends, which also was the reason. Really, in Spain in October, significantly warmer, rather than in the central part of Russia. daytime temperature reaches 21-24 degrees, night + 13-16. I advise you to fly to the beginning of the month, from the middle when temperatures, more rain falls, after 10-th of rains, winds blew. swim really, Water has not had time to cool, the average temperature of + 20-24, warmest in Malaga, Tenerife, And will be. On the beach a little holidaymakers, but people bathed, Zagora.

I traveled around the country, studied the local attractions, acquainted with the life, culture, since October promotes a long walk. My advice: please be waterproof shoes, raincoat, windproof windbreaker, They will be useful to me in the second half of rest.

I am so happy, I am taking the time this trip. plus the weight:

Tips and advice of experienced backpackers and travelers

Before the trip to the colorful and vibrant country tourist has little to learn the rules and traditions of the locals.

Important! Here it is impossible to come to the beach with animals, swim without swimwear on public beaches, when meeting locals do not shake hands, a kiss on the cheek, at farewell repeat this procedure. The most useful tips from experienced travelers:

The most useful tips from experienced travelers:

  • In the cities of the gun thieves and pickpockets, so better to keep personal belongings close to you, backpack draped on the stomach. It is not necessary to get money on the street, a purse and credit card is necessary to hide deeper in the bag.
  • Tipping in the country is not required, but desirable, You can leave 2 ... 10 % an employee at the restaurant, hotel or taxi. Sometimes the institution can incorporate into check, it should be checked carefully.
  • Entrance to the clubs and bars paid for almost all, the girls rarely make allowances, but sometimes carry out the action and give one drink free.
  • On the streets except the thieves can find beggars, with some cunning, ask for help, and while distracted tourist, partner beggars steal personal belongings.
  • Admission to many museums and points of interest paid, but there are days, when you can get there for free, We need to clarify the official sites of cultural objects.
  • in many cities public transport cheaper, even in Barcelona for travel tourist will pay no more 2 euro, thus no conductors and turnstiles, you can ride for free, but you need to understand, that during this imposed a heavy fine on 500 euro.
  • It is understood, Spaniards - the people are friendly and open, they are always happy to help tourists, so even if the traveler does not speak Spanish, it will try to understand sign language. Only costs to be polite with the local population, smile more, do not be rude and do not break the rules.

Barcelona in October

Spain is ready to meet the tourists in any month, whether it's August or December. The climate is mild, Hot summer, dry, winters are mild, almost no rain and snow. In this country, you can find a holiday to suit all tastes: beachfront, sightseeing, active and so on. Here, excellent cuisine, interesting traditions and holidays. Spain skillfully combines nature and architecture, the traveler can see everything at once: Gaudí, sea, the mountains, luxury shops and restaurants, underwater world, unique fauna and culture. In October, tourists can count on tours and trips at reduced prices, and in the streets will not meet crowds of tourists. The beaches are empty, only a few people are willing to swim in the sea at + 18 ... 20, but the island of the country, even in the middle of autumn are ready to welcome all guests.

Choose the tour to rest in October

With this widget you can find the best deals from tour operators. Enter the departure city and country, you would like to visit. To go to the tour description, click on a specific price.

Interested in the latest offerings?

look, What options are there on your dates. Website Monitoring proposals 120 firms. There is a convenient system for searching and filtering of proposals. All prices are final. Travel and accommodation are included. Prices start from 6 000 rubles per person.

For readers LHTravel site has tips.

P.S.Esli important you have a minute, look, How's our move to the United States and adaptation to the new location.

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Holidays in Morocco in October

Kingdom of Morocco - a popular African destination for Russians. In the country you can travel all year round, and October is perfect for a beach holiday.

The country is extremely bright and colorful. Each camper will find a fun. In between relaxing on the beach, Tourists usually visit the orange and tangerine groves, go for a walk or run hither across the Sahara in search of attractions in the old town.

Visa to Morocco

Visa-free regime. Tourists can stay in the country to 90 days. Entry and exit stamp in the passport put.

Weather in October in Morocco

Comfortable time for a beach holiday feel autumn months. In October, the temperature rises to + 30C. The peculiarity of the Atlantic coast - the water warms up slowly and reaches + 20C. This contrasts with the air invigorating. With regard to the Mediterranean coast, there the water is warmer.

Where to go in Morocco in October

Popular resort of Agadir with white sand beaches. He will especially enjoy the experienced surfers. The resort is suitable for those Casablanca, who prefer to combine a beach and city holidays. In between a dip in the Atlantic Ocean, tourists will visit with a guided tour of beautiful locations. In Marocco, by the way, filming Game of Thrones.

Interesting: Cities and resorts Morocco

Pros trip to Morocco:

  • Rich excursion program for diverse attractions. Some of them are protected by UNESCO;
  • Sandy beaches are suitable for families with children;
  • There are two coasts with different specificity: Mediterranean and Atlantic;
  • developed ecotourism;
  • There are conditions for surfing;
  • It operates many thalassotherapy centers, where they treat seawater tourists, air with a high iodine content and oxygen.

Cons trip to Morocco:

  • There is a language barrier. The hotel staff does not speak Russian, and speaks English poorly. In everyday use French. This is a legacy of the colonial era;
  • To the hotel beaches are not attached. Sunbeds and umbrellas need to rent;
  • High levels of crime. For valuables and documents safe use;
  • The local cuisine is not suitable for tourists - it is very urgent;
  • In the trade area sellers compulsively stick to tourists.

The cost of holidays in Morocco in October for two:

  • Agadir from 54 000 rub. - flight with a connection in Casablanca + 4* near the sea hotel;
  • Tangier from 55 000 rub. - flight with a connection in Lisbon + 4* next to the beach hotel;
  • Casablanca from 63 000 rub. - flight with a connection in Rome + 4* next to the beach hotel;
  • You can find a tour much cheaper, If follow the blazing tours.

If you do not want to take a tour, then look airfare to the country.

USA: harvest of pumpkins and apples

Going to New York for a couple of days or a couple of weeks - it does not matter - in the Big Apple there is always something to do and see. for instance, hits for the holiday Halloween in Greenwich

It is the largest parade in honor of Halloween in the United States, which annually brings together about two million people in witch costume, mages, vampires, werewolves and other magical characters. Add to that the presentation of puppet theaters, musical performances, artists and dancers - and you can understand, why New York has earned a reputation as one of those places, where people can see the night life and enjoy it in all its diversity. If you visit New York in early October - you can browse the shops and boutiques, pre-buy gifts for Christmas, enjoying the coolness of autumn.



It is the third largest city in Spain with a rich culture, architecture and history. Scenic science park also has much to offer. In late September, the average temperature here is about 20 °C, but can also be very warm or colder days. The sun shines no less 6 hours a day, climate thanks to the sea nice and soft.

Walk along the old cathedral of Valencia to the XIII century., the old silk exchange in the XV. and arenas, where bullfights are held - are just some of the major attractions of the historic city center. Valencia is great for all, who are interested in architecture and the natural sciences. They have to visit the local City of Arts and Sciences.

The surrounding area is worth visiting Valencia on the Costa del Azahar, as well as in such ancient towns, Gandhi, Peñíscola or Cullera with lock in X. There are many beautiful beaches. More active guests can climb the rock of Calpe (it's too hot to climb in the summer).

The average temperature in Valencia from September to November is 14-23 ° C, and water - 17-23 ° C.

What is the weather in Spain in October 2018

Weather in Spain in October, depending on the region. But almost all of Spain during this month is coming to the end of the beach season. Velvet fall gradually replaced by rainy days, the average temperature drops a few degrees.

Weather Map in July


North and north-west of the country are the coolest regions, in October, the maximum temperature may rise to +20, night thermometer will show up +12, at the end of the month is greater than rainy and cloudy days.


In the central part of the country in early October temperature is kept at around +20, but closer to November falls on 4-5 degrees. In the capital, Madrid, It gets more rain, amplifies the wind.


Southern regions almost like autumn. It's getting colder, average thermometer +25, but sunny days, than nationwide, the past month only 1 ... 3 days can be rainy. Night bar is lowered to +15, but in Seville, eg, even at night the street is warm enough.


Island regions of the country, too, almost did not change the weather,, temperature is kept at around + 20 ... 25, even in the middle of the month you can still swim in the sea, rainfall is only 1 ... 2 days.

October - a great time to travel to Spain, you can visit several regions, because sudden changes in temperature across the country no. The coolness is felt only at night and in the mountainous regions of the country, but in the south and south-east is still a warm, while tourists becomes a fraction.

Autumn in Spain

On the beach holiday in Spain

The most popular places for beach holidays are:

  • Costa Brava. IN 60 kilometers from the coast of Barcelona is a clean and pleasant beaches. Strip-long 200 km includes the best beaches, hotels and towns. Guests can relax on the beach of Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar, in many places a tourist can find active fun, parties and excursions.
  • Nerja. The beaches in this area covers approximately 8 kilometers. Previously, there was a small fishing village, but now it is a popular place for recreation. Here, the perfect combination of mountains and crystal clear sea.
  • Tenerife. Do not forget, that Spain owns several islands. Canary Islands - a territory, which is far enough away from Europe. Vacationing there is better in the winter. Landscapes are stunning, a lot of steep promontories, mountains, and the waves are favorable for surfing.
  • Mallorca. Another part of the island in Spain. Where you can find both calm quiet holiday, and youth. The most popular beach of the island - a Magaluf, In general, many beaches are white, clean sand and clear sea. Vacationing there can be all year round.
  • Ibiza. The famous island, where the most noisy and cheerful partying. But at the same time then you can find a quiet place. Many tourists prefer to take a trip on a boat and come to Ibiza for one day, to see the nature of the island.

The Costa Brava.

Normally, the beach season lasts from May to October. In the North-East Coast, where the Costa Brava, the temperature during summer is kept at +25-30, sea ​​warms up +28. In the south, summers are hot and dry, temperature is kept at around +35, rainfall is very little. North of the country is not so much fries, the average July temperature +25.

August the weather like in July, These two months are the peak season, but tourists are advised to visit on holiday in Spain in the autumn. September - beginning of October - a velvet season, temperature is reduced to +28 in the east, to +32 on South, to +22 in the north. Tourists in the early fall is greatly reduced, Sea still does not cool, little rain falls and the cooled surface, but the rain will not spoil the rest. Spain in October and beautiful. No hellish heat, you can even combine a beach and sightseeing holidays, very few tourists.

note! Prices on tours and all tourist services are beginning to fall in late September, so you can buy a tour at a good price


Salou - also called the Russian resort, since from May to October you can hear Russian speech. Here and is the most popular family-friendly resort - Costa Daurada.

Costa Dorada for a family and active recreation. clean beach, sandy bottom of the mild climate - here attract large number of tourists. Here you can see the most important attractions of the park Aventura. For outdoor activities there is everything: windsurfing, horse rides, golf and fishing.

Salou: Weather in October 2020 of the year

If you choose to relax in Spain , then you should get acquainted with the weather conditions of the area in October and prices. Weather in October 2020 Year composed on summary data from previous years.

air day
October +25.5°C +22.2°C

Salou: prices on vacation in October 2020 of the year

Prices for holidays in Spain in the month of October are as follows. You can read the Privacy Policy of hotels, select and book a room in a pleasing hotel. All information provided by partners,.

The capital of Spain – Madrid city

From the point of view of tourism Madrid is considered one of the best cities in the country, because there are many museums, palaces and ancient fortresses, parks, Each tourist can select hundreds of different stages in the outskirts of the city. Weather in October in Madrid great, The average temperature is +20 °C, and the days are sunny (falls just a week around 50 mm of rain).

Moreover, in the Spanish capital developed transport infrastructure, get from one point to another city not be easy. You can move by bus or subway, which are cheap means of transportation. As for taxis, in Madrid travel to them is cheaper, than in most other cities in the developed European countries.

note, that the majority of tourists visit Madrid in the summer, therefore, food prices and the fall in housing here is much lower. We note the following best, according to the feedback from visitors, cheap and the price in rubles per room per night in them for two adults:

  • House 18 (1600);
  • Hostel Era (1800);
  • Woohoo Hostal Madrid (1900);
  • Pil Pil Hostel Madrid (2000);
  • Hostal Tijcal I (2100).

On holiday in Madrid in October, tourists respond positively, with an emphasis on the, that time flies very quickly, when you get acquainted with the beauty and culture of the Spanish capital.

October holidays

The main event of autumn - Día de la Hispanidad - Fiesta Hispanidad. The most important national holiday of all Spanish regions (except Catalonia) mark 12 October. This dual event - the official and religious: Spanish Catholics celebrate Our Lady of Pilar.

by city 12 the number of military parades. It is best to go on holiday to Madrid - where you can see the king, Greetings to participants of procession. Special atmosphere greets tourists Zaragoza, where the most colorful festival of Fiestas del Pilar with massive parades, theatrical performances, a parade of huge puppets. 24 of Cordova St. Raphael celebrates Day. The festival program includes worship San Rafael, concerts, festivities.

Earlier this month completed Flamenco Festival, held every two years in all the Seville tablao. Barcelona, Sitges, San Sebastian and Valencia carried out the October themed film festivals.

Japan: compose haiku in Hokkaido

Cool autumn - the perfect time to visit Japan. Soak up the stunning views, sounds and smells of Tokyo, visit the temples of Kyoto, Kanazawa gardens and shrines in Nikko - historical monuments, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Do not forget about - the second largest port of the Nordic countries, known for its festival of cherry blossoms, held here in the spring, autumn invites you to enjoy the splendor of yellow, red and orange hues in the beginning of October , and later, to the middle of the month, see all the diversity of the autumn palette, and in the vicinity of the many hot springs.

Search for flights to Sapporo

Canary Islands

On the Canary Islands you can come all year round, but the Atlantic Ocean is much warmer in the fall, than in the winter or spring. Therefore, those, who wish to swim, You should plan a beach holiday in Spain in September, not later than.

In the Canary Islands there are fantastic beaches - from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote for surfing the Papagayo or Tamar. In Fuerteventura there are kilometers of sandy beach of Corralejo and the small. La-Grasioza.

As for walking tours on tropical islands, then the best option offers Tenerife with stunning mountains Anaga, La Gomera and La Palma.

Wishes to climb the highest peak in Spain convinced, that this is best done in autumn. At this time, the volcano Teide, Located on the largest of the Canary Islands Tenerife, not covered with snow or too warm afternoon sun. To get to the Teide National Park is by cable car, which will take it to the top at a height 3555 m. For adults the price is a trip 27 euro, for children - 9,50 euro. they, who want to climb to the highest point, must agree in advance with the National Park Authority. Otherwise it will be possible just to wander through the cableway station, For further access is allowed to a limited number of visitors.

The average temperature in the Canary Islands from September to November is 18-30 ° C, and water - 20,4-21 ° C.

How to get to Spain?

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The price depends on the day, time and month of departure. Many of us have experienced a real joy, when at long searches and comparisons, finally I found the so desired cheap ticket. This is a very time-consuming process.

Much depends not only on the distance, but also on the popularity of the route, weekday departure, the duration of the flight, etc.. Moreover, There is always hot offer, which help us to get cheap tickets to Spain in October.

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What to take?

Preparing for travel


What to bring?

Holidays and festivals

on Ibiza, as everybody knows, there are no shortage of entertainment. In addition to parties and open-air discos, there still are a variety of concerts and festivals. 4 October inhabitants of the island commemorates the patron saint of Ibiza – Karla.A 12 On October Ibiza double celebration: Feast of the Holy Virgin of Pilar and the Spanish National Day – Ispanidad. Music, dancing, entertainment, treats and much more await you on this day. And this is a great opportunity to see the traditional costumes, folk dances and learn about historical events, which relate to this date. it is more for me one more reason to touch people's culture, very informative, interesting and fun. A lot of impressions. In the evening, the traditional fireworks!!!

Andalusia - hot autumn

This Spanish region, I decided to visit two Rezonit: visit the birthplace of Picasso and sunbathe on the beaches there the, the benefit of the proximity to the equator allows it even later than October. The province consists of eight districts, I chose Malaga, t. to. there is an exit to the warm Mediterranean. Spain met me wonderfully hot weather for the Mid-Autumn Festival: standard +27 in the afternoon, +23 at night. A sea water warmed up strongly over the summer and were in no hurry to cool - stable +25 degrees.

  • Lezhakam.
  • shower cabin.
  • sports court.
  • Cafes and small restaurants shore.

I note, no cons is not particularly notice. It is worth mentioning: October holiday in Malaga is not considered a travel period, because of what the beach is enough free space. A finely-soft sand he tells play beach football or volleyball. I suspect, at the height of the tourist season on the beaches of the large empty sites for such games are not found.

My main purpose was to visit the Picasso Foundation - the city's main attractions. properly, it was created to perpetuate the memory of their great compatriot. The entire collection consists of about his 300 paintings, donated by relatives of the artist.

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