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Parks and gardens

Botanical Garden

The Barcelona Botanical Garden is especially delightful for tourists. This gem of the city is located on the Montjuic mountain, next to the fortress and the Olympic stadium. Oasis landscapes stretch to 14 ha. Rare samples of Spanish nature and views of the Yobregat River will leave the brightest and most vivid memories of Spain. Visit a picturesque corner, without paying a cent, can be on the first Sunday of the month.

To complement the journey through the garden, it is better to climb Montjuïc, from the top of which a wonderful panorama of the central streets and squares opens.

Citadel Park

This park became the first green area within the city. It is located in the northeastern part of Old Barcelona and has 3 alleys: Lipova, Poplar and Elm. The territory of the park is decorated with monuments, fountains, sculptures of animals and palm trees. You will be able to travel along its alleys every day at any time.. Из платных развлечений здесь можно заглянуть в зоопарк или покататься на лодке по озеру.

Labyrinth Middle Park

Remember the film "Perfume: the story of one killer "? Now you will know, that some of his scenes were filmed in Orth's Labyrinth. It is located on the side of Mount Collserola and is free to enter on Wednesdays and Sundays. Walking the well-groomed alleys, you will see a huge number of exotic plants: strawberry trees, irises, african lilies. On the territory of the corner of nature, there are also original architectural structures: houses, made in arabic style, statues and towers. But the outstanding feature of the park is the cypress maze.. be careful, it is not so easy to find a way out of it!


This city is an important seaport in the north of the country.. However, in the nineties, this city became more popular due to the fact, that at that time the Guggenheim Museum was erected there, who made known the locality from the new side. Since then, the county capital has boomed in tourism., which positively influenced economic growth and the emergence of a large number of new opportunities for this city.

Thanks to its rapid development and growth, today the city of Bilbao is one of the most interesting places in Spain. Where to go in July to this country? Visit exactly Bilbao, because here you will like it at any time of the year!

by the way, prices are reasonable, so you can safely come here for a breathtaking vacation!

Montserrat Monastery

This monastery is at a height 725 m above sea level. It got its name from the mountainous area, which is called Montserrat. It is located in 50 km from the major city of Barcelona. In a small area, there are limestone rocks of a bizarre shape. Montserrat Monastery is considered the main center of pilgrimage among Catholics. It is here that the statue of the black Madonna is kept. It is believed, that the black Madonna always helps those women, who want to find happiness in motherhood. This statue is worshiped not only by the fair sex, but also young couples, those who want to be happy in the family.

If you get to this temple early enough, then you should definitely listen to the boys' choir, who study at a music school, organized by the monastery. Considering that, where to go in Spain, first of all, you must visit this monastery. It will be especially interesting for those tourists., who are interested in history and religion.

Water park "Aqualandia"

  • Water park "Aqualandia"
  • Occupies an area of ​​about 150 thousand. quarter. m. since 1985 of the year
  • Tourists are attracted not so much by the scale, how many different attractions

Spain's water miracle covers an area of ​​about 150 thousand. quarter. m. since 1985 of the year. Tourists are attracted not so much by the scale of the action, how many different attractions:

slow-flowing river;
pool with artificial sea waves;
free fall roller coaster;
closed slides, which should be rafted in absolute darkness;
highest capsule slide;

The ticket is given for the whole day, also comes in conjunction with tickets to Terra Mitica and Mundomar.

beach holidays

Locals are justly proud of their well-groomed and well-maintained beaches with golden fine sand. All of them were awarded the Blue Flag - a special award, which is designated by the European Union as the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in Europe:

  • Levante Beach - the largest and most popular in the resort, it stretches along the main city street, Boulevard King Jaime. Here you can have a great rest with children, with a company or together, any attractions are available, sports equipment, but diving here is not very interesting: the seabed is absolutely clean in every way.
  • Playa Ponente beach is slightly less popular. But here you can meet the most beautiful girls resting: in the old days, men and women were not allowed to swim together, because the ladies came here. The ban has long been out of date, but according to the old habit, Playa Ponente is still called the women's beach, respectively, ladies love to come here. In addition, the best nightclubs open here in the evening., discos and bars in the city.

My favorite places in Barcelona

I start any walk around this city from Plaza Catalunya. In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful and festive. The area is especially nice in summer, when all the numerous flower beds begin to bloom. I also love those people there, who blow huge bubbles on the square. Immediately this feeling, that got into a fairy tale. And if you add to this golden sculptures and huge fountains… All, take me to Barcelona!

After Plaza Catalunya, the list of my favorite places looks like this:

  • Barcelona old port. There I always go to feed the seagulls. Arrogant, but funny birds. 🙂 By the way, it is in the port that the cheapest magnets in all of Barça – Total 1,5 euros per share.
  • Gothic Quarter. Every house – creation. When you walk there, be sure to look up. Local balconies are incredibly beautiful.
  • Camp Nou. Even though I'm rooting for “Real Madrid”, nevertheless entered the enemy's lair. 🙂 Well, very impressive. Especially the collection of awards.
  • My favorite is La Rambla. The best street in the world. hope, she has already recovered from the notorious incident and by summer will sparkle and smell.

But I didn't really like the famous Cathedral of the Holy Family. Can, this is because, that I was looking for him for more than 3 hours and got lost several times. Or maybe, because I never got inside (thanks to the chinese tourists for this).


Traveling around the world, everyone wants to bring a special thing from any country, which would keep pleasant memories of the rest. Once in Salou, be sure to buy some – then a little thing for memory. But before you start shopping, we want to tell you a little, what shopping in Salou is like., be sure to buy the following items:

  • wine products. Wine – it is a must purchase in Spain. For such purposes, it will only be enough to allocate ten to fifteen euros from your budget.. The most important thing – buy local wine and the purchased product will definitely delight you. Bring home non-bottled wine to preserve the spirit of Spain, and in a real leather wineskin. You can buy it in special wine shops;
  • jamon is a real Spanish delicacy, dry-cured pork leg. It comes in two types: jamon serrano and higher value - jamon Iberico, or pata negro. To make jamon, meat should be soaked in salt for twenty one days, then hang and hold for about eighteen months in a dry and cool place. For long-term storage, ready-made hams are poured with wax. Such a delicacy is extremely tasty., but very heavy and impressive dimensions;
  • clothes and shoes. Because Salou is a resort town, you can find many summer beachwear in the local markets and shops. On average, such a product will cost from five to seven euros per unit., you can also find a product cheaper. And if you are lucky enough to get on promotions and discounts, you can buy more, than planned;
  • souvenirs. Bull figurines – these are the most common souvenirs in all of Spain, because it is considered a symbol of the country. Figures come in different sizes, as well as from various materials. In the souvenir shop, be sure to buy castanets - this is a national percussion musical instrument, which will remind you of flamenco rhythms. The best and highest quality castanets are made from hardwood. It is also worth buying a fan - a must-have accessory for every noble Spanish woman.. Fans are made of various sizes of wood, plastic, paper, very beautiful lace products.

Amusement Park PortAventura

Talking about, where to go in Salou in Spain, worth mentioning, that in this city you should definitely visit PortAventura. No wonder this place is the most visited among all parks in Spain. Everything is done here, so that tourists can not only relax, but also have fun. There are also all the necessary conditions for families with children..

There are several hotels nearby, as well as a water park. Therefore, outdoor enthusiasts can have a great time in this place..

The park itself is divided into six zones, where any guest can find something for their soul. You can admire the landscapes of the Wild West in the park, plunge into the world of China, Mexico or Polynesia. And the smallest guests should visit Sesame, where are the attractions for children.

Ignore free events

Barcelonians can hardly be called couch potatoes, they enjoy spending time outside the home. At the same time going to the cinema, theater or museum they prefer free events, which take place throughout the city almost every week.

It can be like one day of fun (concerts, dancing, exhibitions in central squares), as well as larger district festivals - fiestas de barrio. They last up to two weeks and include a wide variety of activities for all ages..

One of the famous spectacles - human castles, or castles. Several teams from different districts or cities of Catalonia gather in the squares. Their task is to build the tallest pyramid of people. The pyramid is considered complete, only if the team has successfully assembled and sorted out. At the same time, a little girl should climb to the very top and give the go-ahead to the rest of the participants, that the structure is completely built.

Where to go on the island on your own by car

You can see any attraction on your own by car, except for Es Vedra island, of course. The tourist chooses the right route and the right time for himself. The advantages of this method of transportation are that you can see a huge number of attractions in one day, rather than walking.

One of the beaches in Ibiza

tourists, who travel by car, mostly choose the most popular attractions, and go round in one day. Oddly enough - the old town of Ibiza, Puch de Molins necropolis, Cathedral of the Virgin Mary of the Snow, Ibiza Castle - those places, to which tourists primarily go by car.

Beach party on the island

In general - they speak positively about the rest in Ibiza. This is such a place, where you can find something to do for any person of any age, gender and with different interests. Here you can get rich culturally, visiting a museum of modern art or cathedral. You can relax in one of the best nightclubs in Ibiza and feel the heat of the party. Thanks to this, you can make many interesting acquaintances.. Or you can rest your body and soul at once, going to one of the local famous beaches. But in high season, many are unhappy with the queues and unfairly and unreasonably high prices..

The famous Ushuaia club is ready to welcome guests

There are no direct flights from Russia to the island, necessarily docking takes place in one of the cities of Spain. Most often, the transfer is done in Madrid or Barcelona.. However, there is a ferry from Valencia to the island, true this journey will take you about 8 hours. After enjoying the party life and nightclubs in Ibiza, I advise you to relax in a calm place and get to know Spain deeper, посетив такие города как Севилья и Бильбао. Если хочется спокойного пляжного отдыха и посмотреть на исторические достопримечательности страны то отправляйтесь в Жирону, Tarragona or Tossa de Mar.

We go on our own or buy a tour?

This question is asked by residents of different countries of the world.. Quite often, the services of tour operators are somewhat cheaper., what would you spend, if we went on vacation on our own. For example, in 2014 year you could fly to Spain in just 16 000 rub. from one person. At the same time, independent travel was somewhat more expensive..

If you want to buy a tour to Spain at an affordable price, you will have to put in some effort. You must choose the perfect tour operator, which provides quality services at an affordable price. Remember, that today there are a lot of Internet resources, who deceive residents of Russia and other countries. Be sure to buy tours only from trusted tour operators, which guarantee the quality of services provided and decency.

by the way, don't forget to take some extra money with you to, to buy souvenirs for your family and friends, such as magnets, football paraphernalia, the same, olive oil and more. trifle, and they will be pleased!

Buy tickets on the spot

Don't forget to download the free audio guide

Going to the Sagrada Familia, download the audio guide from izi.TRAVEL - it is more complete, than the official version, as it includes not only stories about the Sagrada, but also several additional locations. The audio guide is free and works offline - just install the app, when will you be at the hotel, download the guide you need and go on an excursion.

Search for traditional Spanish entertainment

Most of us have a stereotype about Spain: flamenco, tapas, korrida, paella, sangria. Однако мы забываем, that these phenomena are not typical for every region. Barcelona is just such a case. For example, the tradition of serving snacks for free with the drink - tapas - is characteristic of the south of Spain, and paella is typical of Valencia. In Barcelona, ​​I advise you to try the butifarra pork sausage, vegetable side dish escalivada or kalsots - grilled young onions.

Corrida, another stereotype, generally banned in Catalonia (region, whose capital is Barcelona). The extinction of this tradition went gradually, and 2012 the year parliament, with the active support of the Catalans, finally banned this entertainment.

Ignore free events

Barcelonians can hardly be called couch potatoes, they enjoy spending time outside the home. At the same time going to the cinema, theater or museum they prefer free events, which take place throughout the city almost every week.

It can be like one day of fun (concerts, dancing, exhibitions in central squares), as well as larger district festivals - fiestas de barrio. They last up to two weeks and include a wide variety of activities for all ages..

One of the famous spectacles - human castles, or castles. Several teams from different districts or cities of Catalonia gather in the squares. Their task is to build the tallest pyramid of people. The pyramid is considered complete, only if the team has successfully assembled and sorted out. At the same time, a little girl should climb to the very top and give the go-ahead to the rest of the participants, that the structure is completely built.

Neglect electric trains

Best to explore Barcelona on foot, but if necessary, take a train ride - this is a very convenient form of public transport. Sometimes moving around this way is much faster., than by metro or bus. By trains you can see the suburbs and get to the beaches. Ticket for ten trips T-10 is suitable for both buses and metro, and for electric trains within the first zone. for comparison: from Sants station to Plaza Catalunya by train - one stop and five minutes, by metro - seven to eight stops and already a quarter of an hour.

Sunbathe on the nearest beaches

Of course, There is nothing wrong, if you squash a couple of feet on a too crowded beach or spend an hour in line. But still, nicely, when the vacation goes smoothly and you know in advance, that in Barcelona one should not eat paella, and the escalivade; go not to flamenco, and on the Catalan rumba; not ride the subway, but by train. With a calm heart, we let you go to Barcelona.

Barcelona to the maximum

Before heading to one of Spain's top treasures, I recommend planning your trip in advance. At all, I want to say, that it's a pretty budget city. I was able to live here a week in 400 euro. And this is taking into account travel and accommodation. I have identified the places, who wanted to visit, in advance. This list must include the "big five":

  • собор Sagrada Familia;
  • Boulevard La Rambla;
  • Park Guell;
  • Boqueria market;
  • Camp Nou Stadium.

Although this "five" can be supplemented endlessly. I decided to visit Park Guell early in the morning. At such a time, there is not a large influx of tourists and there is no need to queue for hours, to see the creations of the great Antonio. The ticket costs 8 euro, and miracles begin at the entrance.

From the park I went to the city center - to Rambla. If you walk through it to the end, then you get to the monument to Christopher Columbus. And there is already the sea nearby. Parallel to the main street of the city is the avenue, where you can see another fantastic work of Gaudí - La Pedrera. I was still not very tired, so I went through La Rambla to the Old Town and the Gothic Quarter.

And from there to Plaza Catalunya, just a stone's throw. In addition to the grandiose National Museum of Catalonia, singing fountains are installed here, which every evening delight tourists and locals with their performance. I just had time before the show began.

Choose cafes and restaurants on the Rambla

"Don't eat on the Rambla" is one of the first tips, which you will get. Many Barcelona people bleed, when they see, how tourists taste seafood with inspiration, paella or tapas, unaware, that all these dishes were just warmed up in the microwave, but prepared three days ago.

Locals appreciate freshly prepared food, and you don't need to pay fabulous money for it. Unfortunately, it's hard to find a place with such an approach to food on the Rambla. If hunger caught off guard in the Old City, do not be lazy to delve a little deeper into the areas of Gothic, Raval or Born. It is especially beneficial to take something for lunch., what is called the "menu of the day" - something like our business lunch.

Let's summarize

In this short article, we talked about beach Spain, where to go is simply necessary for those, who wants to have a great time. We also talked about the best cities in this country., which are recommended to visit, shared a lot of other useful information.

Moreover, this article gave advice about money in Spain, as well as other popular topics. Now you need to choose the most interesting resorts for you and go on a breathtaking journey, which you will remember for many years. Great mood and pleasant stay in the picturesque Spain, time spent where you will definitely like!

Interesting places in Barcelona

This city is just filled with sights. it seems, you can just walk along any street and enjoy that, what do you see. I'll try to tell you about the most interesting, in my opinion, tourist spots, and then about those, less known to the general public.

Popular places

Another great place is the singing fountains. properly, I don't like the fountains themselves so much, how beautiful is the building of the Museum of National Art of Catalonia.

Little known places

Because I was lucky enough to see Barcelona through the eyes of a local, I can recommend a few attractions, not so popular with tourists, where you can retire. For me it:

  • Ciutadella Park;
  • Bunker del Carmel;
  • Gothic Quarter;
  • Mount Tibidabo.

Ciutadella Park is very cozy, green, with a huge lake. Part of it is occupied by the zoo, and there is also such a funny elephant, with which you can take a picture, hanging on his trunk. 🙂

Bunker del Carmel - one of the observation decks in Barcelona, where mostly locals hang out. To get there, have to sweat, but the view from there is simply amazing.

Gothic Quarter - the historic district of the city. Here you can find real medieval streets, building, church, which is so unlike the modern dynamic Barcelona.

Tibidabo is one of the highest observation decks. Unlike the Bunker, you can get there by car. There is also a carousel, hanging over an abyss - for little extreme.

Where to go in Barcelona and what to see in the city

Initially, you should consider the list of main attractions, with acquaintance with which the journey through the city of most tourists begins, this is:

  • The Ramblas is the most famous street in the whole country. Some celebrations and celebrations are constantly held here.. The central part of the boulevard is pedestrian;
  • Gothic Quarter - judging by the name you can tell, that the architectural sights of the city are concentrated here. These are medieval buildings, surprising with their facades and interiors;
  • Casa Batlló is one of the most famous mansions in the city. It surprises with its architecture and interior, reveals to the guests many secrets from a long history;
  • Mila's house is a residential building, listed building. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • Cathedral - located near the Gothic Quarter, is of great value to Spain. This is a stately building, made in the old architectural style, having an interesting and mysterious history;
  • War Museum - many examples of weapons can be seen here, Knight armour, vintage maps and uniforms. A visit to the museum will leave a lot of vivid impressions;
  • Palace of Catalan Music - this is where to go in Barcelona. Its building was built in the Art Nouveau style, but includes many elements from other architectural styles. The palace is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List;
  • Egyptian Museum - the exposition includes about 600 valuable exhibits, among which you can see household items and cult, sarcophagi, writing objects.

The list of attractions goes on. But, thinking, where to go in Barcelona, other options should be considered, which will help to make your vacation interesting and varied.

We rest with children

If you are in town with a child, he will be bored of going to museums, view ancient buildings and monuments. It is necessary to think about entertainment for him.. Start with a city aquarium. It is included in the list of world centers for the study and conservation of the underwater fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The entire exposition includes 14 individual ecosystems. Here are the big and small aquariums, where you can easily see the inhabitants of the underwater world

It is recommended to pay special attention to small aquariums. Shown here are seahorses, microscopic fish and other inhabitants, which are difficult to look at in a large volume of water.

Tibidabo Park is another place, where to go with children in Barcelona. It is at the highest point in the city. The park is very old, the first rides were installed in 1921 year. But they work fine, systematically undergo maintenance and repair, therefore they are just as popular, like new designs, which were installed much later. The park will be interesting for children too, and adults, here you will find entertainment for every taste, that's why you shouldn't think about, where to go in Barcelona in Spain with a child, but immediately you need to go on a short trip through its territory.

Port Aventura is another amusement park, a must visit with your family. It is considered one of the best in Europe, located right on the coast. There are attractions for children of different ages and adults. The whole territory is divided into thematic zones:

  • aquapark;
  • Mediterranean;
  • Wild West;
  • China;
  • Mexico;
  • Polynesia;
  • Sesame venture;
  • Anakor.

To make your vacation even more exciting, the park hosts numerous shows. They are so colorful and vibrant, which does not leave indifferent any visitor. In summer, at the end of the entertainment program, guests of the park can watch a grandiose fireworks.

Zoo - another tip for travelers, thinking, where to go and what to see in Barcelona. Its total area is over 14 ha, and a zoo was founded in 1892 year. Not only are there many different types of animals, including, disappearing, but also educational programs are systematically conducted, giving a deeper understanding of the animal world. At the zoo, children will see monkeys, dolphins, pink flamingos, tropical birds and other inhabitants.

Where to go in Barcelona

Arriving in Barcelona, first miracle, which I saw here, was the Olympic Park located on Montjuïc Mountain. A 136-meter TV tower rises above it – Olympiad symbol 1992 of the year. As conceived by the architect, this is an athlete, who holds the Olympic flame in his hand. From the park you can go to the National Palace, which houses the museum and art center of Catalonia. Here you can see an exhibition of Catalan artists. Also from here you can enjoy the amazing view of the city. Coming down, you can go to the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, which was opened in 1929 year. And in 1992 music was added. See this miracle in all its glory, possible from Thursday to Sunday from 21.00 by 23.30. 47-meter-high Venetian columns are located in the Plaza de España at the foot of the mountain, and next – idle bullfighting arena, as bullfights are no longer held in Catalonia since 2012 of the year.

City of wonders

One of Barcelona's incredible wonders is the Cathedral of St.. Cross and St.. Evlalia. You can look at it, visiting the Gothic Quarter, which began to be built back in 13 century. There is a patio, where thirteen white geese live. They symbolize the purity of Saint Eulalia. The quarter also houses the Royal Square, which displays directly to the main (and unique) the street of Barcelona – La Rambla. And from here you can get, wherever you want. For example:

  • Park Guell;
  • Guell Palace;
  • Citadel Park;
  • La Pedrera;
  • Sagrada Familia;
  • Casa Batllo;
  • Palace of Catalan Music;
  • Barcelona Aquarium;
  • Mount Tibidabo.
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