Distance from Toledo to Madrid

helpful hints: Madrid Toledo how to get

the distance between the two capitals - 70 km;
if you're Spanish is not quite familiar, then come to the point of departure is better to. Probably, it will take time to "understand, what is what";
better to book a ticket online or over the phone, then the station will be able to just buy them in the machine. If this is not done - in cash. large queue, therefore, not a fact, that will leave immediately. In order not to waste time on idle, take care of the travel documents before the trip.
Toledo just buy a card (2 euro). Independently explore the city is quite real. Go immediately to the mountain by bus and from there begin acquaintance with the historical values

Since the journey will be less exhausting;
it is important not only to get, but also to choose the day. Weekends - packed with tourists, Monday - closed in museums, better days - Tuesday to Friday;
traveling in the summer, always take with water

Otherwise the risk to spend on the purchase of bottled water a fortune.

From Madrid to Toledo by train

Trains from the railway station PUERTA DE ATOCHA each hour. Serves train AVANT passengers. Trains into 22 pm. You get to Toledo for 33 minutes.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the checkout station PUERTA DE ATOCHA or book online: https://venta.renfe.com/vol/ho…. However, after booking tickets to be printed from the machine, where special fields will need to enter the promotional code, which is given on the website after booking. If you want to buy a ticket to Kaas I advise you to come to the station, about an hour before departure and take their turn in the international box office.

Photos train:

where to eat: cafes and restaurants of Toledo

All you can eat modestly: sandwich in the park with coffee. But you can go to cool places.

  1. Selling Aires. This restaurant More 100 years, it is worth to try stewed partridge. average check: 25 euro. Address: Walk Circo Romano 35.
  2. There Ludeña. Try carcamusas (stew lean pork with tomatoes, all sorts of different vegetables and beans). Address: Plaza Horno de La Magdalena 10. average check: very hearty meal will be released in 15 euro.
  3. Meson El Cuchifrito. Try here cochifrito (crisp and incredibly tasty pork, cut into cubes and fried in oil with garlic clove). Address: Paris street 7. average check: 15 euro.


One of the most accessible forms of transport is the railway, because he and the budget, and comfortable, and fast, because the route ply basically train category AVANT, More details about them can be read here. Thus the drive to the Spanish capital just polchasa.Zheleznodorozhnaya station Toledo, hence the dispatch of trains, located at Paseo de La Rosa, s/n. The first train is available in 06.25, and the last – in 21.30. Transport runs with an interval of thirty – forty minutes. Usually, morning and afternoon trains longer, evening flights have less available. I recommend to view the train schedule to themselves traveling on the site of the carrier Renfre.V Madrid train arriving at Atocha railway station (Plaza Emperor Charles V).

Where to buy tickets

Buy tickets for train travel on this route are three easy ways:

  • if there is access to the Internet, the advance can take care of the ticket, I bought it on the site of the carrier. But such travel it is necessary to print out before planting;
  • if this is not possible, you can use “classical” option and ask the cashier railway station;
  • if the cashier suddenly do not work, then you can arrange your own travel to a special terminal, which is located in the premises of the station.

From Madrid to Toledo by bus

The cheapest way to get to Toledo from the Spanish capital - the bus ALSA. Ticket price is approximately two times lower, than in the case of a train!

On the other hand, trip will be longer time: You get on the bus for about an hour, when on the train you can do it in half an hour.

ALSA bus

Most often in this field busses carrier ALSA: per day performed a huge number of flights from the 15-30-minute intervals. The first bus was sent to 6.00 morning, the most recent - in 00.00.

All direct routes, carried direct from Madrid Plaza Eliptica stop to the bus station Estación de Autobuses Toledo.

A photo: Ekaterina Ivanova

be careful: the duration of the trip varies depending on the time of departure. there are flights, which links to the city of destination 1 time, and there are variations over time in the way 1 time 30 minutes.

Pay attention to it at the ticket booking, to spend less time on the road.

The ticket price is only 5 euro.

Bus Jimenez

Another option to get to Toledo direct - bus Jimenez. He goes from the Plaza de España every day 9.00, 10.30 and 12.00.

It comes to a stop Parada para autobuses, Avenida de Castilla-La Mancha (Round the Granadal) within 50 minutes! It is even faster, than by bus ALSA.

true, a ticket for the bus is more expensive - about 12 euro.

Buy a bus ticket Madrid - Toledo online

View the exact bus schedules ALSA and Jimenez, as well as the travel time of each flight, conveniently in advance on the Russian site www.omio.ru. There you can easily choose the option with minimal travel time and save not only time, and money. After all, closer to the administration of the prices may be higher, and on the desired flight seats can not stay.

After buying a ticket to come to your email: print it out and bring it to the driver when boarding. So you will avoid unnecessary queues, Search cash and need to spend more time on the road, if you do not take care of choosing the right flight in advance.

bus Samar

Moreover, in the given direction by bus Samar. He leaves every 20 minutes: first flight 6.45, last - in 22.00. On the road, you will spend more time, than in the case of bus ALSA, — 2 o'clock 15 minutes.

Departs from the southern bus terminal Estacion sur, along the way makes about 13 stops.

Ticket price is slightly higher, than a bus ALSA, and it is about 7 euro. View the exact schedule and purchase tickets on the site samar.es.

5 advice, how to have a great 1 day in Toledo

  1. Try to arrive as early as possible (to 9 morning, if possible) and go back later. Toledo - very popular destination, so buy tickets in advance.
  2. Before planning a day trip to Toledo, keep in mind, that some attractions are closed on Mondays.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes. There are many upgrades, consider.
  4. Optional visit each museum or go to church every. Just take a walk through the streets, admiring architecture.
  5. Try Toledo marzipan.

On a trip to Toledo from Madrid in the end we spent about 40 euros for two (the road, entrances to museums and meals).

We did not stay for the night, but if you want to spend a few days in Toledo, then book the hotel I give you a discount 2100 p. - Catch DISCOUNT

Castles in Toledo: Alcázar de Toledo and San Servando

What the Middle Ages without imposing castles? In Toledo, there are two locks, worth seeing: San Servando and Alcazar.

El Alcázar de Toledo (or Toledo Fortress) - a massive castle on the hill of the city. How do you look at it - always see Alcazar. Many people do not like the military museum, but I spent about an hour there, it was interesting to me, but for an amateur, of course.

input: 3 euro. Address: Union Street, S / N

San Servando is located on a hill above the bridge of Alcantara, Castle was originally a monastery, built in the VII century. Then it was occupied by the Templars, and later he became a national monument. Now the hotel is located here, therefore, within the fortress can walk only guests. The rest of the tour remains to be content with a view from the side.

Address: Rise of San Servando.

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