Port Aventura restrictions on growth

Thematic zone "Mexico"

Next thematic zone, you are invited to visit to Port Aventura theme park , - "Mexico". Every detail here resembles a colonial country: appropriate vegetation, Mayan ruins and pyramids, as well as Mexican music.

One of the best and most unforgettable attractions in Mexico is the Condor Flight Free Fall, which will provide the most vivid impressions for vacationers from a hundred meter height.

The next entertainment structure, called "Mine Train", is very similar to a roller coaster. The trailers move through the abandoned, dilapidated mines. The route is quite interesting and long, but there are no sharp changes, breathtaking.

Carousel "Yucatan" is made in the form of a dragon's head with rotating blades. It can be visited as adults, so are children with taller growth 110 centimeters.

The next attraction "Feathered Serpent" is an image of a mythical monster in the form of a Serpent with hands, which push boats with passengers off the ground.

On the territory of "Mexico" there is a labyrinth called "Temple of Fire". Viewers who reach the center of the labyrinth will see a fascinating and action-packed show with falling ceilings, crumbling floor and many other extreme special effects.

Thematic zone "Wild West"

Next thematic zone, which offers to visit the amusement park PortAventura - "Wild West".

The atmosphere of this place is imbued with a cowboy spirit, which is supported by the local scenery, rides and even music.

Guests can visit the cowboy saloon here, shooting range, where the opportunity to shoot pistols is provided.

"Wild West" is primarily famous for its unique and the only attraction in the world "Stampida Port Aventure", train-like. A train with colored wagons moves on wooden rails. Visitors will get a lot of impressions, breathtaking, from sharp rises, descents and coups during a short train journey. There are also restrictions on growth.: only visitors of at least 120 centimeters.

"Tomahawk" is similar to "Stampida PortAventure" and is intended for younger guests. It can be visited by children from 1 meters tall, but only accompanied by adults.

The next attraction, called Silver River, is a log raft, which will take everyone along a mountain river with steep drops. Can swim in water transport as adults, and children. The only limitation is growth at least 1 m.

The next water attraction "Rafting on the Grand Canyon" offers a journey along a fast mountain river on a huge balloon. Holidaymakers from 1,3 m.

Classic attraction with an unpretentious name "Carousel", equipped with beautiful lighting for the evening, waiting for guests from 120 centimeters.

But the next carousel called Volpaiute has more interest., due to its eccentric appearance. It is a rotating apartment. Unusual sensations from Volpaiute are provided to visitors.

Rodeo is a cowboy ride for children, who are fans of cowboys and westerns. It is intended for small visitors at least 140 centimeters. Adults will find similar entertainment here for themselves., if you visit Wild Buffalo.

Thematic zone "China"

The following PortAventura attractions are located in the "China" zone. This is one of the most striking and impressive places in the park..

Thrill-seekers will find the 76-meter roller coaster "Shambhala", which are the highest in Europe. Trains accelerating 134m / h will provide vacationers with an unforgettable experience with a free fall into the distance 78 m. This is one of the youngest and most expensive rides in the park..

Dragon Khan is the most visited in this area and is a roller coaster in the Chinese style.. The attraction is able to pick up speed up to 110 km / h and will take tourists along interesting routes.

One of the most unique attractions, presented here, is "Fumanchu" in the form of flying chairs. Those wishing to ride the chairs must be at least 110 centimeters.

Another unusual carousel "Tea Cups" is capable of picking up a fairly high speed. Cup-shaped booths can be controlled and set the direction of travel. Minors can only ride the attraction with adults.

There is a Chinese restaurant in the territorial zone, where you can taste national Chinese delicacies.

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