In Cappadocia independently from Moscow

How long does it, to visit Cappadocia?

Let's planning an independent trip to Cappadocia to remember, that ubiquitous Mini Bus available is not always and not everywhere, and they do not run every five minutes. therefore, if you do not plan to rent a car and want at least a couple of times to go hiking, I highly recommend, make realistic travel plan.

So, we had no car rental, two - three hiking. Taking into account the movement of buses and we can not plan for extended visits to the standard physically do everything in three days. I think, in this case, 5-6 days is the optimal solution.

Must also take into account the, it is important not to rush to get around as much as possible objects. It is important to stop in time and find time to admire this unique lunar landscape, and not just to celebrate the next items on the list of binding sites overview

Renting a car is definitely facilitate the movement and save a lot of time, and then three days may be enough. Bicycling is also not a bad option. Everywhere, where I went on foot, the roads were very wide and mostly empty, so I think, that the bike will be just.

In this journey I, probably, most he missed his trekking boots. They can definitely ease my foot movement. I had sneakers, I did not prepare for difficult transitions, but if you plan a long walk, pack trekking boots in a travel bag - useful.

Yes, and there is definitely no place for fancy or trendy sandals slippers.

And how ballooning?

Someone may ask,, about the flight to the famous balloons. It's really one of the main historical attractions are not the modern Cappadocia, to which I have not touched. I did not forget about the balls.

Early in the morning a lot of multi-colored balloons dot the sky ancient Cappadocia

I just put it off until the next time an event, due to its minimum value 165 euro. To this I did not expect. Moreover, I had to get up before sunrise to watch 5 in the morning to be ready for departure, waiting minivan excursion. It was the second reason, why I refused this really attractive ideas.

However, If you have a desire to fly in a balloon over Cappadocia, in Göreme, almost every corner you will find a travel agency, where you can buy such a trip.

Fifth day trip

Collect your bags and release the number. Things reserve hotel, tk. until the evening of the bus we still have a half-day. The first half of the day lazily explore Göreme under the scorching sun. After a short siesta for apple tea we decide again to test themselves on the quad. Offer them on every corner, so bargain and you will be a good discount! This time our way to view point near Open air museum. Steep climb and a spectacular panorama of Goreme - a descent and turn right to the asphalt, moving in an unknown direction. However, intuition, and this time did not disappoint - through 500 m. rolled to the present obstacle - that's really where the freedom for riders, son took the soul! Well, I enjoy the process, scenery and happy for his son. At this point we have not stopped. Quick change of scenery and we are already at a local water park. Yes, there is also a. And the body is experiencing delight again! We return to the hotel, where guest take shower (it was very useful to +35) and slowly, We head to the night bus. The tickets were purchased in advance , I could not get more , but discount. The bus was late for half an hour, that none of the waiting passengers were not surprised. That's the end of our stay in Cappadocia - a country of beautiful horses, where I found something, I was looking for - with nothing comparable to the state of merging with nature, with the universe , with his inner self. Further our path lay on the Mediterranean coast, Oludeniz town. But that is another, very beautiful story ...

Here, in Cappadocia, I gained self-confidence, in his plans and happy to invite you to a journey through the mysterious land of horses. We will not just travel, and know yourself, his inner world. I'm sure, You will not remain indifferent. Join now! phone +7(903)1840248 Natalia Once again many thanks to the author of this site for assistance , support and invaluable experience! Natalia A.

Travel to Cappadocia

Review ... have never wrote reviews about travel, of which there were quite a few in my life. Usually returning home, a few days went crowded impressions, new sensations and mild nostalgia for abandoned places. The first few days - it's inevitable need again and again to open the folder with the photos and mentally immerse your whole being in an infinitely bright and vivid moments. Body and soul are asked to return them to the standard state, where they were noticeably comfortable. Gradually, the reality returns you back to the "here and now", you are immersed in the daily concerns, trouble, which inevitably offers society. And that's fine - sated by new, fresh emotions and getting a huge boost of energy can begin to recently left Affairs and conquer new heights ... because every new day is our new lessons, new appointments, in which we know ourselves and the world around us. For me personally it is traveling is the inexhaustible source of strength, energy to move on its way ... At this time I want to share my impressions and, primarily, say thanks to the author of this site, due to which the idea of ​​a trip to Cappadocia. Photo, posted on the website do not just hit the, and zaintrigovali. Resolved - Cappadocia!

Cappadocia - View from Pigeon Valley

Never before in Turkey was not, and even more, I never heard of Cappadocia. At this time, my journey was motivated by the, I was going to lick their wounds ... body asks Sea, and soul, as usual, needed beauty, fabulous scenery and adventure. And so it was formed the route Istanbul - Göreme -Oludeniz - Istanbul. Start and finish in Moscow. All about everything nine days.

How to get to Cappadocia?

No matter what part of Turkey you would not have been - the plane most convenient and fast option. Two nearby airports are in Kayseri and Nevsehir. You can go there by bus, from Istanbul, Antalya, side, Kemer, or you can consider the option of air travel.

Here is an example of the way from Antalya. The road from Antalya to Nevsehir is around 530 km. The bus ride costs around 15 USD, and the travel time is about 10 hours. A plane ticket from Antalya to Kayseri usually costs around 100 USD, but almost always there are proposals in the area 50 USD and often pop up very very interesting proposals in the area 30 USD round - trip. So choose your option focusing on budget and time.

EXAMPLE cheaper flight bid with Antalya Kayseri

I flew from Istanbul and the entire flight took a little over an hour. I have paid 28 USD for my flight «Pegasus» airline both ways. In general, depending on the season, the airline and, of course, good luck, Prices can vary greatly. I recommend that you also look at flights «Turkish Airlines», because there you can also find the best price on the internal peroloty.

EXAMPLE cheap bid flight Istanbul Kayseri

By the way airfare from Moscow to Kayseri from the same «Pegasus» airlines may be about 130 — 150 USD round - trip. So aviasales in your hands ...

How to get from Kayseri or Nevsehir to Goreme and Urgup

Now I will explain where do Goreme and Urgup. Flight or transfer to Kayseri or Nevsehir - it's not all the way to the final destination. You need to decide in advance the place of stay in Cappadocia. As the most appropriate options, consider Goreme and Urgup (Ugryup).

General view Goreme with upland

These are the two most popular tourist attraction among independent travelers and packet. Goreme - a village, Located in the heart of Cappadocia, stop here and most of the tourists. I also booked a room there, and I think, it's a great base and starting point for exploring Cappadocia.

From airports in these settlements can be reached:

  1. Taxi - Private Transfers. for instance, the cost of a taxi from the airport to the Cappadocia Kayseri - 90 USD, and from Nevsehir airport - 75 USD;
  2. На минибасе — Shared Airport Shuttle Services. This type of transport runs regularly from, and the fare is from 7 to 9 USD;
  3. A rental car, If you decide to rent it, and are willing to pay from 25 USD per night for his rent plus the cost of fuel.

Remember, Cappadocia is no bus routes from airports. The cheapest option - Mini Bus. Taxis take passengers to the hotel, as well as pick up passengers on the way back from it well. In principle, also a taxi, but it is much cheaper.

I would recommend that you reserve a seat in a minibus before arrival. You can do this on booking site, eg, or negotiate this with the hotel, in which you plan to stop. They organize transport you to a, I did it on the way back. At the airport in the arrival hall you will have to wait for the driver with the name on your card.

Why should I book a place in advance Mini Bus?

Pre-booking seats in the bus gives confidence in the administration of the airport immediately upon arrival. That is, you definitely uedite first shuttle. Before my trip, I did not pay much attention to this part of the route and thought continue their journey to the airport by public bus.

I was lucky, my flight was early. The airport was not crowded and I was able to quickly find the bus driver, which still remains empty seat in a minibus. But after talking to other tourists, I realized, that sometimes you have to wait on arrival a free minibus, if you have no prior booking.

About Hotel Cappadocia: the cost and location

In Cappadocia very common cave hotels. The hotel that I booked was cheap and had no fancy design. But you can type in a search engine «cappadocia cave hotel» and, looking pictures on request, get an idea, how beautifully decorated rooms of some hotels.

The terrace for breakfast in the hotel for 20 USD offers a great view of the nearby mountains

Equity, on the same Buckingham, you can book a double room with breakfast for 20 USD per number. And if you are a tourist loner, no major complaints, or your company consists of four, Book 4-bed room from 10 USD per person.

However, if desired, and the financial opportunities, you can pick up something suitable for you, because prices for the hotel room can be up to 1000 USD per night :))

Why choose independent travel Cappadocia

In general, the choice of method depends on Cappadocia inspection tour plan, ie those attractions, you would like to see and the time, that you plan to take it.

Wherever I looked for information on guided tours of Cappadocia, I always saw such proposals: "Cappadocia for 3 day ", so I decided, that three days of independent travel will also be enough. In principle, this is true, but in the end came out of it read on.

when round, bought in the agency, you go to an organized trip, visit certain places, where you have a clear amount of time for their inspection. If you like this kind of historical tourism, where you do not need to organize anything and everything is predetermined unambiguously, then this trip is for you.

There are many tour operators and travel agencies, offering organized two or three-day trip to the "moon valley". But this form of organizing tours to Cappadocia has a few in my opinion significant shortcomings.

Disadvantages when choosing an organized tour to Cappadocia:

  • The need to visit tourist sites, you, perhaps, would not be included in your personal tour plan. Honestly, is the lesser of all the evils of organized tour. Almost all the objects worthy of attention;
  • The absence of an organized tour of interest, Seen that it would not be superfluous and certainly informative;
  • The high cost of an organized tour, which in addition to direct costs and costs of a travel agent, It includes his profit.

It is for these reasons, I would definitely recommend you go to Cappadocia yourself. This decision was somewhat, probably, more difficult, but certainly richer and more productively.

Unfortunately, during their stay at this fabulous ground I could not see all the planned space for inspection. The result of this is mainly, It was the lack of sufficient information about the, you can visit, how to organize the best route, in general, navigate in the region and the banal lack of time.

Therefore, in this article I will share with you my personal experiences and tell, how to efficiently and effectively organize an independent trip to Cappadocia, without spending hundreds of dollars on organized trips.

The fourth day of the trip

Kaymaklы: a long-awaited trip to the son of the underground city. Yes, and I myself in this first. Inside the cool and dark. But we are not afraid, contact an experienced guide. This whole world - several residential levels, warehousing, labyrinths, churches. Even the wine cellars - well, as without fault then escape from the invaders ... Seriously - scale human activities affect - everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the amount of work done can not be measured, describing and understanding. And so far excavated and not all facilities are open to tourists there are conducted. we, by the way, looked into a couple of corners - there was a moment, when thinking, that I was lost and wanted to get back to the light. Despite all the exoticism of the situation in a long time to be impossible - you start to freeze and feel prisoner dungeon.

  • Ventilation shaft of the underground city
  • Shared kitchen underground city Kaymakli

Back in Göreme. Again, lunar landscapes, exotic mushrooms, cave, iridescent colors. And so we came with a huge horse on a hillside - is part of an exhibition of sculptural park "Time and Space". they say , that can see the whole park from a height of a hot air balloon flight, if you're lucky with the weather and the pilot.

  • Cappadocia horse sculpture park "Time and Space"
  • Cappadocia horse

moving on, it is not clear where, but intuition tells, that is the culmination of the day . Words to describe what he saw this is to say nothing. I understood for what I was doing here, and what she wanted my soul - the valley of love, all at a glance. Nobody around but us. Vozduh clear and transparent. No fuss, no sounds. It's just you and nature and nothing can stop here for our silent dialogue. This is a magical place, where you can be yourself, not pulling on their masks and roles. Energy space envelops you softly and penetrates into every cell of the body. Here I caught a sense of harmony, ease, weightlessness ... I know, I'll be back there again.

  • Valley of Love
  • Valley of Love (Love Valley)
  • Unknown plant in the Valley of Love
  • Man and nature - a silent dialogue
  • Night Göreme cozy, quiet and safe
  • Minaret in Goreme
  • Another minaret in Goreme

valley Cappadocia

Trekking and walking in the valley of Cappadocia - a, properly, the, for what it is worth to stay.

Rose Valley - one of the most popular hiking trails Cappadocia. The name of the valley has received thanks to the pink color of the rocks and stone formations, are particularly fascinating look at sunset. Almost all the local Guest-House offers 3-hour evening track into the valley accompanied by guides, but, basically, Göreme from here you can reach on foot. In the valley of magical creatures (Devrent Valley) rock took the form of various animals. This valley stretches along the route Urgup - Avanos and is only available when there is transport. In the desert and desolate valley of Monasteries can find interesting buildings early Christian period. Well, the, perhaps, underrated Valley Cappadocia - charming Poplar Creek Valley, (Zemi Valley).

Pigeon Valley

Pigeon Valley (Pigeon Valley) shocked the imagination. Very well site was selected for review - a small cafe which overlooks the many rock formations inside with dovecotes. true, pigeons here is long gone. But if you use your imagination and imagine pigeon flocks, the valley comes to life ... I want to look at this infinitely mysterious landscape. And to represent fairy tales - whenever you see new characters , which created the nature-Zateinitsa. colors change every second, there are new and shadows, conversely, illuminated sun new facets of this fabulous picture.

Pigeon Valley (Pigeon Valley)

Pigeon Valley (Pigeon Valley) shocked the imagination. Very well site was selected for review - a small cafe which overlooks the many rock formations inside with dovecotes. true, pigeons here is long gone. But if you use your imagination and imagine pigeon flocks, the valley comes to life ... I want to look at this infinitely mysterious landscape. And to represent fairy tales - whenever you see new characters , which created the nature-Zateinitsa. colors change every second, there are new and shadows, conversely, illuminated sun new facets of this fabulous picture.

Apricots in Cappadocia

We stopped several times to sample the local apricots, that grow here everywhere. ~ Locked, to collect a couple of kilos and cook one evening, homemade jam and day acquainted with the local cuisine. Son tasted testi kebab - meat and vegetables in a pot, cooked in tandoor (stove). Before serving hot pot is divided in half. This ritual is further fuels the appetite. I was impressed Airan - local dairy drink. In Moscow, so tasty I did not try. Next, on the road from afar saw Uhchisar fortress - a wonderful creation of nature, people adapted to fit your needs.

Day Three - Flight on the ball

  • already flying
  • View of sunrise from the balloon
  • Goreme with balloon
  • Balls at the start
  • Ready to fly balls

Easy Turkish breakfast on the veranda of the hotel and started towards new experiences. The open air museum in Göreme - it is huge and you can walk on it for half a day. numerous churches, chapel in the rocks. Everywhere you can go, climb and listen to their feelings - they are different.

valley Pashabag

Valley Pashabag - even more bizarre stone mushrooms, than in other valleys. And a lot of tourists, but still not as many as fungi. Then he visited the hot springs Bayramhadzhi - I have to get pulled back in Moscow, or rather my body. Of the tourists we were there alone, other local. But they did not have much. Very friendly host, which the, Unfortunately, not speak English. But even so, it is clear - a dressing room, towel, pool. water +40 , air same! Warmed up and healed in hot water can smoothly move to the neighboring cool pool with the same curative water. On the way to the source could not stop - offers incredible views of the reservoir. The complete absence of signs of life around and unearthly beauty landscape excites and attracts. Here it is - the grandeur of nature in all its glory.

  • View of the reservoir with hot source Bayramhadzhi
  • The reservoir the hot source

Vessels for tears in pottery

Avanos - the town of the two crafts - pottery and carpet weaving. We visit one of the many potteries see the process of making pots and incredible beauty of handmade products - color and form fascinate. And for a snack, we were shown the museum ... .volos. To my mind, He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Mixed feeling ... Try it yourself!

Dervent Valley ... Wonder - Valley, freedom for your imagination. Whatever rock, an animal or a bizarre creature. A haven for artists. This place is so much includes the right hemisphere, that he surprised his inner reserves - and where it is taken. I would like to stay there and take a walk among the camels, fur seals, walruses, dragons, матрёшек ...

  • Stone seal in Cappadocia
  • crocodile
  • valley Dervent

Next stop - near Ortahisar - the rock fortress. Again, a cozy cafe, welcome shade, most delicious apple tea and a beautiful view of the castle. She, too, like a living, but lonely.

Scale - "muraveynik" - Ortahisar

Stopped at Turasan - winery: There you can taste and buy your local wine. I was impressed with the pink. But there I bought apple tea, not wine. The day ended with a trip to Mustafapasa - sparsely populated, semi-abandoned town, which seems, you're on a film set amidst scenery. This is his color. From all seen the most in per capita sank Madrasah gates (secondary and higher Islamic schools) today it is the University of Cappadocia - look at them and hang out somewhere between the ages ... When entering the city again surveyed the extraordinary beauty of the local valleys. Freedom and the feeling of space ... would be a bird - flew!

  • Gates Shakira Pasha Madrasah
  • Gate madrassas Seljuk period
  • Valley near the village of Mustafapasa

On the way back to Göreme we stopped at the observation deck, which offers a picturesque view of the surrounding valley. A crown of beauty - three stone beauty - Chatalkayya. They can pofotkatsya, but you can talk - they are after all so much to see and know ... cleared evening nature - lightning, thunder, wind, dozhdina - all at once. A cozy little town of Göreme seemed very safe haven from the elements.

Three stone beauty - Chatalkayya

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