Онлайн табло аэропорта малага

Meeting Points & Shops

As you collect your Baggage there is a small last minute Duty Free Shop. This is open from 7am to 10pm Monday to Friday, Saturdays 7am to 11pm and Sundays 7am to 12.30am.  There is also a Currency Exchange desk here too.  Times are correct at writing, it is possible for them to close earlier.

Just before going through the doors into the Arrivals Hall, there are numerous cash machines and also a desk where you can buy/rent Sim Cards and WIFI Routers.

If you are on a Golfing Holiday and want to hire or collect some equipment then Clubs To Hire can be found in the Public Arrivals Area. Tots Store is no longer inside Malaga Airport, however they do have an Airport collection service.

If you are meeting someone at the airport either meet in the arrivals hall or if you have arranged to meet outside, there is a signed meeting point as you leave the Arrivals Hall just by  Caffe Di Fiore.


Официальное онлайн-табло вылета и прилета в аэропорту Малага (Malaga) на сегодня

На онлайн-табло прилетов и вылетов самолетов аэропорта Малага представлены электронные данные в режиме реального времени.

Табло вылета
Табло прилета
* Время прилета и вылетов самолетов в аэропорту Малага указано местное.

Дополнительные данные об аэропорте Малага (Малага)

Дополнительные сведения об аэропорте «Малага» включают в себя уникальные идентификаторы, присваиваемый аэропортам международными и местными ассосациями авиации. Посмотрите, где находится на карте. Представлена метеорологическая сводка – погода на сегодня.

Год открытия1919

Часовой пояс (зима/лето) +1/+2


ICAO-код аэропорта МалагаLEMG

Базовые авиакомпанииEnter Air, Europe Airpost, Evelop Airlines, Finnair, Flybe, Gulf Air, Iberia Express, Iberia Regional,



Погода в аэропорту Малага

Температура: 22 °CДавление: 1020 мм.рт.ст.Влажность: 31 %Ветер: 8 м/с

Расписание аэропорта Малага: номера рейсов и время вылета/прилета самолетов

* В расписании рейсов воздушных судов в аэропорту Малага показаны запланированные на сегодня и завтра полеты с действующими статусами.

Ниже можно оставить объективный отзыв об аэропорте Малага по качеству обслуживания.


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Baggage Reclaim

Once you have gone through passport control you need to take the escalators down to the baggage reclaim hall where there are 11 baggage reclaim carousels in Terminal 2.  In Terminal 3 there are 7 Carousels for European Union, 4 for Non EU and 1 for special baggage.

Note:  If you have been on a NON EU Flight or a connecting flight from outside the EU via Madrid or any other Internal Airport, your luggage will be on the Carousel for Non EU Flights which is in a box area where you will collect your luggage and then go through customs.  You will be asked if you have anything you need to declare.   If you are arriving on an Internal Flight you will pass through the shops in the Departure Lounge and follow signs for Baggage Reclaim.

Do make sure you follow the signs even if you only have hand luggage as this the way out for everyone. Many passengers travel hand luggage only nowadays, so generally your luggage comes through pretty quick.

If you have young kids take care and don’t let them climb up onto the carousel.  Also, do keep an eye on all your bags and belongings at this point.  Its so easy to leave your trolley and bag to grab your suitcase coming around on the carousel.  Last thing….be sure you have the right case!

Transport Options On Offer

Car Hire at Malaga Arrivals

If you have hired a car  from one of the car hire companies within Malaga AirportTerminal, as you collect your bags you need to head downstairs to the car hire desks.

Malaga Airport Car Hire Off Site

If you chose an Off Site Malaga Car Hire Company, then you will be given instructions on where to meet them at the time of booking and will probably be collected by one of their Shuttle Buses.

Where do you get the Shuttle Bus?  As you leave Malaga Arrivals, turn right and follow the pavement around and you will come to the tunnel where all Car Parking & Car Hire Shuttles have their collection points.  Keep an eye out for the Company vehicle!  The same applies if using off site Car Parking.

Booked a Private Transfer?

If you have arranged a private transfer or being met by someone, continue to the Arrivals Hall where all friends and family will be waiting, along with the Private Drivers holding signs with your names on.  They may also arrange to meet you at the cafe inside (walk straight ahead) or outside Caffe Di Fiore which is outside.  There is also

Catching a Taxi?

If you’re taking a taxi to your destination, as you leave the Arrivals Hall, you will see Taxis  to the right, just after Caffe Di Fiore. For all estimated prices to various destinations, just go to our Taxis page.  Taxis do have meters now, so you can clearly see the prices. We also have UBER now.

Taking the Bus from Malaga Arrivals?

As you leave the Arrivals Hall,  you will see the Ticket Office and just behind here are the Buses.  There are 3 stops, one local bus to take you into Malaga City, the Direct Airport Bus to take you to Marbella, Estepona, Algeciras & La Linea and the final one is for other destinations.    Click the Buses link for more information about where you can travel by bus directly from Malaga Airport.  Service from the Airport is limited so do check from Malaga Bus Station too.

Taking the Train from Malaga Arrivals?

The train station is just a couple of minutes walk away.  As you leave the Arrivals Hall (T3), walk straight ahead, passing the ticket office through the pedestrianised forecourt and Malaga Airport Train Station is right there.  This is the Malaga Cercanias (Local Malaga Line) which takes you as far North as Álora or as far South to Fuengirola.  You can also take the train into Maria Zambrano which is the main Train & Bus Station for all other destinations like Madrid.

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