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Саграда Фамилия, Барселона: цены

За проход в Храм Святого Семейства берут оплату. Чтобы понять, сколько будут стоить в Саграда Фамилия билеты, вам надо будет конкретно напрячь мозговые клетки по причине значительного числа вариантов осмотра данного архитектурного памятника. Однако, мы все же попытаемся прояснить это в более простом изложении.

Имеются 2 варианта осмотра храма:

  • Проход в здание Саграды Фамилии без подъема на лифте. Расценки – 15€ без аудиогида и 20€(Взрослый до 30 лет) с аудиогидом и 22€(Взрослый 30+) с аудиогидом.
  • Проход в здание Саграда Фамилии и подъем на лифте на обзорные площадки. Расценки – без аудио гида – €19,30, с аудиогидом – €23,80.

Кроме этого, имеется альтернатива приобрести комбинированный билет с визитом в музей Гауди, располагающийся в Парке Гуеля, однако, это обосновано лишь если вы намереваетесь туда пойти. Парк Гуэля располагается не близко от Саграда Фамилия, потому не нужно опрометчиво оплачивать этот вариант.

Билеты для детей до 9 лет- дешевле, для детей 10 – 17 лет расценки на билеты также дешевле.

Для того, чтобы избежать больших очередей при покупке билетов в Саграда Фамилия, покупаем билеты заранее через Интернет здесь.


Непременно приобретайте в Саграда Фамилия билеты с аудиогидом на русском языке. Аудиогид крайне качественный (программа – примерно 1 час) и без него у вас не получится ощутить величественность данного строения. Вы можете подобрать степень углубленности аудиогида, подходящего вам. Для детей от 4 лет и старше, к примеру, также имеются специальные аудиогиды на русском языке.


This grand church has been under construction for over a hundred years. The commission has passed from architect to architect, beginning with Paula del Villar, who began work on the church in 1882. By the next year, it was passed to Antoni Gaudí, who continued with the church until 1926, when he passed away.

It is his vision and design that has been under construction for the last hundred years, though Gaudí himself claimed that the church was designed by the spirit of the people. The ongoing construction of the Sagrada Familia church has always been paid for by donations from its patrons, and though it has not been completed, people journey from all over the world to bask in the beauty of the architecture and to worship in the chapel.

Since Gaudí’s death, seven different architects have taken charge of the project, the most recent in 2012. The first section of the church was completed only after Gaudí’s death, in 1930, but during the Spanish Civil War, most of the completed portions were burnt and destroyed, along with Gaudí’s original plans. The design, however, has been preserved and carried on by all the architects that followed him. Not only is the current building a beautiful church and monument to Gaudí as an architect, it also has an impressive and interesting history, with plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. The fascinating design of the building intrigues people of all ages, inspiring wonder and reverence in all who see it.

What to see and do

Sagrada Familia tickets give you access to the following areas:

The Basilica

The central nave is magnificent to behold. Ornately decorated, it is hard to find straight lines anywhere in it due to Gaudí’s preference for organic forms, inspired by nature.

The richness and intricacy of the decorations is enhanced even further by the bright colored light that streams through the elaborate stained glass panels at each end.

The Towers

The Sagrada Familia is a great place to get a panoramic view of Barcelona. Gaudí’s design called for 18 towers, of which 8 have been built so far, and which fortunately allow visitors. The view from the top is spectacular — as long as you don’t suffer from vertigo!

The Museum

The Sagrada Familia museum can be found in the semi-basement under the Passion facade, it occupies the space Gaudí’s old workshop and contains a collection of drawings, plaster models, and plans for the construction of the temple. An interesting look into the origins of the Sagrada Familia.

The Shop

After exploring the magnificent temple, pause for a moment at the shop if you want to take home a memento. You’ll find all the typical items as well as some more interesting ones like prints of Gaudí’s design sketches and books on the temple and on Gaudí’s architecture.

Tickets & Prices

Choose your ticket in the table below and click on the link. This will take you to a new page with a booking form to complete your reservation.

Choose your ticket: Skip the line Audioguide Towers Price
yes no no €17.00
yes yes no €25.00
yes yes yes €32.00
yes no no €34.50

The Sagrada Famila is Barcelona’s most visited tourist attraction: over 3 million people visit the famous temple every year.

Sagrada Familia tickets come in four different variants: adults, teens, children and pensioners/seniors. Child tickets are the cheapest, followed by teens. Children under the age of 7 have free access.

The audioguides are in English. For the guided tour you won’t need an audioguide.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable.

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